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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. j4100
    Didn't work. Well, it did update the database, but the albums tab still only shows 3 albums. Weird.
  2. skeevs
    Hi everyone, my AP80 went dead from it’s initial charge since I received the unit from hidizs. When i turned it back on, it was showing the “Updater v1.1 Insert TF pls” screen. Figured out i’d put the sd card with 1.1 beta f/w update into Ap80.
    The update completed and device restarted itself. But after restart it goes back to auto updating firmware again, and keeps doing this.
    Looks like it’s now stuck in this update f/w loop. If I remove the sd card and delete the file from it, it goes back to the “Updater v1.1 Insert TF pls” screen again.

    Any ideas on what I should do?
  3. cazone
    I checked again. The card is formatted in exFAT.
    And yes, works flawlessly in the AP60...

    Hey @Hidizs Hk could you please help out
  4. silverfishla
    I would create a folder on my desktop, dump all the music on the card in a folder.
    Then I would put the files on the card in smaller groups. Starting with say, your Flac files (or a portion). Then I would insert the card in my AP80 and see if it loads with a small number of files. If it does, continue on with your small batches (checking if loads each time).
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  5. Zeo-Gold92
    It's been awhile since I've been around, what does the 1.0.1 beta do? Is it even worth updating? Also was wondering if anyone had planned to or had used the new Tin Audio T3s with it.
  6. Unolord
    Ordered the leather case off Amazon because I dislike the silicone one that came with it. I don't get why they made a smoke coloured case instead of a clear one to show off the player... Anyway, I knew that the leather case would be snug, but mine was so tight that buttons were constantly being pressed. I would have to fiddle with it to get it to stop doing that.

    Oh, there was the little matter that I could not get ANY sound from the player using wired headphones or IEMs with the leather case on. I tried 4 diff set of headphones and 2 different set of IEMS and I could not hear any music. The display showed the headphone icon in the top right corner but zero sound. The icon showed that it was playing. Switching to BT and the sound worked. As soon as I removed the case the sound came back. I don't get it but that's what happened to me using the leather case.

    Lets not even talk about how difficult it was to just take the player out of the leather case which you need to do if you want to change the SD card...

    I will be returning the case to Amazon.

    I also had the "Updater v1.1" message pop up day ago after waking the player from sleep mode. The only way to get rid of it was a reboot. Add that to the slighlty unresponsive touchscreen and the lack of firmware updates and I think the AP80 might end up in the old junk drawer.
  7. AndySocial
    The case cutouts aren't big enough to accommodate the things that you would use them for. The USB cutout isn't big enough for a typical USB-C cable to seat properly, and the headphone jack isn't big enough for any but the daintiest of connectors to seat solidly in the headphone jack. It's a fairly obvious screwup in design.
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  8. AndySocial
    It enables LDAC transmission and reception, and probably other stuff but there's no changelog and Hidizs has been nearly completely silent since the Kickstarter funded. I did notice one change - it seems to remember the path you took to get to the currently-playing song, so if you swipe to the left you see the playlist or album that you started from, rather than needing to start back at the root. It also starts the player, if there's a track to resume, in the playlist rather than in the Now Playing screen, which is odd. I don't know if that's intentional behavior, because ya know - no changelog or communication.
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  9. Unolord
    The entire existence of the AP80 is a screwup. When you can't even get a carrying case created properly, what chance is there that the firmware will ever be good?

    I can get a Fiio M3K locally. Maybe I should just grab one of those until the M6 is sold locally as well.

    Hidizs should just stick to DACs and IEMs and get out of the DAP market.
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  10. AndySocial
    The hardware seems good, but the firmware and accessories are less consistent. I know that we can blame Hiby for firmware issues as well, but the case being so ill-designed is very odd. The promises before they got our money that they were actively working on firmware with audiobook and podcast support likely convinced some people to risk the campaign as well. Fool me once, etc.
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  11. Zachik
    +1 here.
    Say no more! :angry:
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  12. skeevs
    @Unolord did you reboot that by just a long press of the volume dial to turn off/on? Did you already have an SD card in there too?
  13. Unolord
    I had a card in the player. I removed it, rebooted by pressing the volume button, then put the card back in and did a library scan. I wasn't in the settings menu when it happened so not sure what triggered it and the card I had in there was not the one I had originally used to update the firmware when I first received the player.
  14. gazzington
    I don't have this player but it would interest me but for the fact hidizs are well known for terrible customer service
  15. fish1050
    Yeah I am buying an M6 from a friend in St Louis, hopefully will get it next week. Funnily enough he knows someone with an AP80 that also wants to sell his. He made me deal for both but after getting advice from abitdeef on the AP80 I am taking a hard pass. I will stick to the M6 and likely sell my M0 to someone I know from work. Fiio has a production shortage right now on the M6 so it could be awhile before we see stock.

    Out of curiousity did you ever consider the Fiio M7? There is certainly stock available on that and it is selling on bestbuy.ca for $239.00 CDN right now. So only slightly more costly than the M6. I would have consider it if the deal for the M6 wasn't so good.
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