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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Sven2015
    Okay. Now I have my new AP80. Very cute and great build.
    First check:

    * 512 GB Micro SD card Samsung - formatted with exFAT - working fine
    * FLAC / MP3 / DSD files - working without any problems
    * Replaygain - working fine
    * Gapless playback FLAC - working fine
    * LDAC BT - working fine
    * EQ via BT (LDAC) - working fine
    * Display / screen - good, but the touch screen...but the touch screen in combination with this. GUI.... :frowning2:
    * GREAT sound via BT LDAC - my Sony headphones are working very fine with this device

    * File limitation = 20.000 for data base - NOT fine -> please increase the amount -> 1 TB storage is waiting for more music....
    -> I cannot store my whole CD stock (mostly FLAC files) to the SD card -> a file limitation in 2019 is.....
    * Cover re-construction every time - NOT fine -> please store a / the cache to the SD Card
    * Genre scan every time - NOT fine -> I have many albums in several genres -> for the first genre scan, the device crashed.... for all other genres the time to display the albums is too large
    the data base engine is not very good in this case, pls store a / the cache to the SD card
    -> in addition -> pls introduce genre such Genre -> Artist -> Album
    * Description for several system settings are not visible -> I cannot read the whole information, cause there is no scrolling (English / small font)
    * Balance setting BT - not existing - NOT fine, I don't know, where the problem is to install a balance setting for BT devices, in my mind it's the same issue like "non existing EQ for BT" in many cases....
    * missing pre-gain for DSD files (-3 / -6dB)
    pls implent this feature, cause DSD files have another gain / dynamic range!
    (it's the same issue @M7 / M9 FiiO)

    * silicone case -> sorry, this case is a joke... :D... handmade? ^^

    In summary. A good player with basic / standard issues and a big failure -> file limitation -> pls stop this behaviour in 2019! it was standard in ~2000....

    and I have a question:
    How can the device playing different albums without selection through the database? Play through folder / album is ON
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  2. Santojob
    @kenloveme I have left a personal message to see if you can help me with my problem in my AP80, since the technical service of HIDIZS is missing to assist me in my problem. I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a simple answer & resolution to the problem.
  3. dnaimad
    My AP80 arrived. Firmware 1.0.1beta.

    It sounds a bit harsh on the treble and a bit lacking in bass... So MSEB and equaliser are NOT working for 24bit 192kHz FLACs? I haven't heard this mentioned before.
  4. LDouglasLJr
    If you get a reply from him I'll be shocked. I don't believe he's made an appearance since December when this all blew up.
  5. Sven2015
    in my mind the EQ is never active while playing HiRes file..it's a normal behaviour = pure mode. :wink:
    What kind of headphones do you have?
  6. dnaimad
    Hifi Walker A7. Triple drivers, 1 dynamic and dual BA.


    I'm used to a warmer, slightly more bass heavy sound with my other DAP, the Hifi Walker HS, with it's "velvet sound" AK4376 DAC.

    Can't believe 192kHz FLACS can be EQ'd, and no-one in 178 pages of this thread mentioned this! It works fine with 24bit 96kHz!
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  7. Santojob
    @LDouglasLJr Thanks for answering, I find it regrettable what is happening with HIDIZS. I bought my AP80 through Kickstarter and they have left us literally thrown to many clients that we are having several problems with the equipment. No one from HIDIZS answers or they give you long and they pass us completely.

    HIDIZS does not correctly take care of our purchase guarantees through KickStarter.

    Warned you remain as customers and you know what you are exposed to if you buy in this company.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  8. Sven2015
    This is curious. I ordered mine @Amazon...first distributors then backers?
  9. Sven2015
    "works as designed". Every hardware AMP (Yamaha etc. pp) has a "pure mode" for listening HiRes files without any sound settings like EQ...
    192 KHz FLAC = HiRes file without EQ etc., this is a normal behaviour for the most devices of different manufact.
    The other way is to correct the dynamic range of a DSD for example....
  10. CactusPete23
    Not saying this is right... But, Ken's title (in his head-fi signature) is Marketing Manager. So the marketing phase for this product ended; and so it seems his participation on this site. Not sure Hidizs ever had a "Customer Service" person/manager ever post here... And surprised that a Marketing Manager would not want to know customer feedback; and want to keep customers happy with the Brand Name for their "next" new DAP or device. That is a part of marketing too. But I don't have an MBA, so what do I know. Maybe todays marketing does not care about maintaining customers?
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  11. dnaimad
    Weird because MSEB (but not EQ) IS working for DSD files. I may have to re-encode my 192kHz FLACs to 96kHz so I can MSEB them then.
  12. Santojob
    @CactusPete23 I agree with your comments. I see that the company HIDIZS is focused on promoting its products, but it has an almost absolute contempt for the customers who have bought their products. I do not want any client to go through what I'm going through, bad times and anger. I just want to wake up the conscience of someone responsible for the company and that they attend me correctly and solve my problem with my AP80, because right now my AP80 is a beautiful and small paperweight (of a few hundred €).
  13. LDouglasLJr
    I was going to re-sell mine once it finally arrived about the middle of last month but I didn't. I actually didn't want to pass this thing off to someone who didn't know the history and what Hidizs is all about as a company. So I did open it and used for for a few days, it's now back in it's box along with other gadgets I've purchased over the years that just didn't live up to my expectations in one way or another.

    This one, while it sounds fine I just have no faith that if it encounters an issue that it will be fixed or that any of the Kickstarter promised items will be implemented. I mean Hidizs won't answer questions or comments. Just look at the Kickerstarter page and what the backers are still saying and still trying to get things fixed. There are some that sound like they have still not received their backed units, that's just sad if true. This is a joke, I had hoped with the way the AP200 launch went that Hidizs would have learned form it but this one is about as bad. It seems like they are only interested in pushing out new products and not supporting products they have already released.

    I'll spend my money elsewhere besides Hidizs, for now I'll continue to use old reliable and look for my next DAP but it won't be anything with Hidizs's name on it.
  14. silverfishla
    Although I like the AP80, HiDizs is dead to me as a company. They will never see a dime of my money go their way in the future. Their lack of customer service is dreadful and their support for their products is equally bad. Ken and company are worthless.
  15. Th3Drizzl3
    yup. i also was thinking about selling mine but i would hate to do that to someone because of the insanely bad support from hidiz. never ever again will i buy anything or support them.
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