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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Light - Man
    Thanks Pete, I got that sorted!

    I also did a factory reset which seems to have greatly improved the non responsive screen.

    The bluetooth SQ is pretty good and much better than the AP60 Pro (which to me is unusable as it keeps giving a popping/clicking sound ) but even with the AP80, once you go out of range and then back in, it takes quite a while to go back to a listenable sound (i.e. stuttering). Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    (I have two new AP60 pro's, one is dud and the other has the bluetooth problems)

    The build quality of the AP80 is good with no other issues so far.
  2. AndySocial
    BLUE! I voted for blue in the Kickstarter, and ended up with red. *sigh*
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  3. AndySocial
    The only issue I've had with Bluetooth seems to be the fault of one set of headphones. Other phones and speakers work great up to ten feet away, but my Aiwa Arc-1 cans stutter if I move the AP80 into my pants pocket or cover it with my hands. But, when the signal resumes, the audio resumes instantly with no lag or stuttering other than the dropouts during the signal outage.
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  4. PCgaming4ever
    Yeah I'm loving the color it's like sports car blue absolutely gorgeous. But I feel for you man and everyone else that was a backer and got screwed. Personally I never do Kickstarter because it seems the backers always get screwed. I'm happy I got one but if I was a backer I'd be furious people could get them in any color they want before theirs even shipped. I really do feel for y'all guys waiting on yours.
  5. Unolord
    Mine finally showed up today in Toronto. It sat with Canada Post in Richmond BC for 4 days for some reason. I was cleared by customs in a couplem of hours but Canada Post "processed" it 4 times over 4 days.

    The sound is very impressive. The scroll wheel feels very flimsy.

    Hidizs has started to reply to people on Kickstarter. That said, I had a faulty Ap60ii with the runaround from Hidizs and then this painful campaign, so I won't be a future customer. When there are this many options, customer service counts and Hidizs can compete.
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  6. AndySocial
    At least I got mine from the KS campaign on time, unlike literally hundreds of other backers. Seriously, over 500 of the 1700 backers are still missing their devices.
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  7. abitdeef
    Wow that’s more than I thought. Too bad, because the hardware is ok, but you keep customers with good service.

    I have a feeling this is going to be lots of people’s first and last Hidisz purchase.
  8. Unolord
    That complete listing they emailed with all KS orders and their status...

    What a mess.
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  9. Zachik
    Looks like Hidizs finally taking things more seriously.
    Kudos for their transparency (finally!!) and for making a push to satisfy all KS backers!
  10. AndySocial
    Is it too soon to ask about the promised podcast/audiobook support? You can stop laughing now.
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  11. Zachik
    Andy - I am with you on this one! Looking (im)patiently for podcast / audiobook support to be added!
    Since I seriously doubt the software guys are dealing with shipments - those 2 issues are not related... and therefore it is NOT too soon to ask again for what was explicitly promised.
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  12. AndySocial
    I'm pretty sure we won't see Ken or any other Hidizs employee until they start their next KickStarter campaign. They haven't updated the AP60II firmware since June 2018, and that firmware has some pretty simple fixes that they need to do (turning the clock off does not turn the clock off, for example). I expect to never get podcast support.
  13. CactusPete23
    Unfortunately, it may be "too little too late". Asside from other problems, they picked a poor shipper PX4 to deliver their packages. It took 10 days for the package to get on a Plane in HK, 1 Day to get to Newark Airport near New York City, And then 3 weeks to get to me in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.
    Luckily mine arrived last week. I feel bad for the couple 500 still waiting. And feel worse that there are270 folks where Hidizs is "verifying with team..." Really? Don't even know where 277 are? Not contacting shipper, or missing address for those 277? Wow...
  14. Unolord
    I'm ok sticking with my Xiaomi Mi A1 for podcasts since I'm subscribed to about 35 but I really want audiobook support.
  15. CactusPete23
    Sadly, Sounds about right...
    Unless HIBY adds Podcast Support to their HIBY-MUSIC App, there is zero chance of HIDIZS implementing on their own.
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