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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    What kind of sound are you looking for, and what did you not like about KZ ED16?
  2. Winterheim
    Because of the flawed implementation of LDAC support on fw1.0.1, for some reason, after my Galaxy S8 stopped being able to properly stream audio to the AP80. The AP80 keeps forcing LDAC even if I had already turned off LDAC (on the paired devices menu of the S8) and "High Quality" on the AP80 BT settings.

    The ES100 was on the queue of device purchases so this situation fast-tracked my plan to get it. Now, when I want to listen to hi-res audio, I stream audio from AP80 to the ES100, and then when I want to listen to podcasts and Spotify, I can quickly switch to the ES100.

    Podcast support or just the capability to properly determine which ones I've already listened to versus what is still on-queue would be a welcome update to the firmware. I'm not sure how they would implement that on the AP80 given that if you are currently listening to a track on the AP80, even with Resume turned on, the moment you connect your AP80 to your computer to load audio files or connect to another device to utilize BT streaming, it loses the "Resume" information on the file that you were originally listening to on the device.
  3. AudioBear
    The Saga Continues

    I received a second AP80 and leather case in the mail today! Hidizs definitely has had some shipping challenges with the AP-80. I told them to send me a pre-paid shipping label and I would send it back to them, or better still, send it on to some unfortunate customer who hasn't received their long awaited AP80.

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  4. silverfishla
    You’re an honest dude.
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  5. AudioBear
    I only have 2 ears. If I had 4 I could use two AP80s and debate with myself whether to use the same or different headphones. Say one bright, and one bassy.

    Seriously, I was taught to return what isn't yours. I know the world doesn't always work that way but it's what I do. Honest? Not sure. Hmmm, what would I do if it was a $3500 DAP? We'll never know. :beerchug:
  6. silverfishla
    Haha, funny. :) I bet they responded to immediately
  7. AudioBear
    Nothing from them yet but it is the weekend. I'll post what I hear from them.
  8. sly_in_the_sky
    Hello, I received my Ap 80. Very nice sounding dap. I have one question, when I want to play musicby style, for example, Jazz, the player don’t seem to random misic in this stile (like it’s in commin) but open the Jazz files and let you play only the choosen file. Is there a way to play in random mode by style? Thank you.
  9. giuppyss
    [QUOTE = "Dobrescu George, post: 14739158, membro: 170938"] Che tipo di suono stai cercando e cosa non ti è piaciuto di KZ ED16? [/ CITAZIONE]
    Ho trovato un basso volume con poca enfasi sugli alti. Per prima cosa ho avuto un Dodocool di 106 accoppiato con il Kz che mi ha soddisfatto.
    [QUOTE = "Dobrescu George, post: 14739158, membro: 170938"] Che tipo di suono stai cercando e cosa non ti è piaciuto di KZ ED16? [/ QUOTE]
  10. Planet_JASE
    Hidizs support are useless. They finally replied to my email regarding my missing leather case and armband with the request to take a picture of what I received so that they can check their records and see what to do.

    I know what a leather case is, and if I was trying to get a free leather case out of them I would just take a picture of everything apart from a leather case. It proves nothing apart from make this whole process more frustrating and prolonged than it needs to be.

    I’m going to just shout into the void and tag @Hidizs Hk and @kenloveme in this. If one of you accidentally see this and feel like making this process less frustrating and not put the final nail into the coffin of my long running support in your company, you may do so and surprise me.
  11. Hawgfin
    Anybody using the AP 80 also using an older Windows OS like Vista 32 bit or XP? Does the unit work okay with Vista? I have an older computer that serves my basic purposes of emailing, adding music from CDs to an external hard drive, shopping, etc. So far I haven't had a real need to upgrade. However, a need for a better DAP might change that.:)
    HIdizs recommends Windows 7 as oldest to use, but thought I would check to see if someone has any real world experience using with older systems. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  12. oliwek2
    Maybe they just want to see the packaging, you know, more than the device you recieved (maybe they use different packaging with/without the leather case)
  13. djricekcn
    If they didn't ship it directly, how would they know . Still haven't received mind
  14. oliwek2
    If they shipped it in a package where there is no place for the case, they could know.
  15. Planet_JASE
    Thanks for the answers, maybe that’s what they meant but they definitely worded it as them wanting a picture of the items I received. I never kept the box that they sent it in but there was room for a leather case to go into it or even another player, I think.

    Regardless of any resolution it’s going to be a while. Chinese New Year shuts down everywhere for a couple of weeks I’m not aspecting anything until later next month or even March.
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