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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. LDouglasLJr
    I agree with this. It's been too little too late for the backers that have been left out in the cold on their orders. Especially when it's available on Amazon and in many colors, all except red. Guess the red color just has a major issues for some reason or another.

    As for podcast support, yeah I doubt that will ever happen. Heck even a new firmware might be a pipe dream anymore.
  2. Zachik
    Totally agree it is "too little too late"!
    It is a shame companies do not understand how hard it is to win customers trust, and how easy it is to lose it by miscommunication...
  3. Zachik
    Unfortunately, you guys are probably right, but hey - maybe Ken would come back from the alternate dimension he was sucked into, and surprise us all with new FW that adds audiobook and podcast support :wink:

    People got good memory - if Hidizs won't deliver promised features, they would lose future customers!
    In recent past, HiBy delivered as promised, and I will buy from them again. Same for FiiO.
    Hidizs - let's see if you get on my "good" list or "naughty" list for future products :darthsmile:
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  4. skeevs
    Hey guys, How do I enable bi-directional bluetooth ? The idea was for me to stream spotify from my phone to the AP80 , then to my bluetooth headphones. I looked around for details in the manual etc and couldn't find anything on how this could work.
  5. Winterheim
    My understanding here is that you want to do this:

    BT Headphones <----BT---- AP80 <----BT---- Smartphone

    That wouldn't work, or at least there is nothing inside the AP80 that allows this to work. First, AP80 doesn't appear to support BT5.0 to allow being able to connect to two devices simultaneously. When you stream media from your smartphone to your AP80, everything else is inaccessible, meaning there's no quick switch between smartphone audio streaming and the built-in Hiby player.

    When Hidizs says bi-directional, they mean you can transmit audio to a bluetooth device like BT speakers or BT headphones, OR receive audio from a smartphone or other device via bluetooth and output to the 3.5mm jack.
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  6. Zeo-Gold92
    Hey all, was wondering if those who use the Seeds or have used them, did you ever have problems with some of the cable unbraiding? On the left side near where it connects to the bud it has a looser braid than on the other side. I've tried twisting it back but when it loops my ear it loosens upagain. I thought about using alittle bit of tape to stop it from going any further. How can it be fixed?
  7. LouisRenault
    It definitely is way too late to try and fix this mess. And my AP80 is pretty useless to me as it doesn't support volume control via in-line remotes. Seems nobody is testing the basics there?
    Maybe a FW update could fix the issue but I'd be more than surprised to see this happen.

    I'll never touch anything by Hidizs again, haha.
  8. Th3Drizzl3
    same here. ive been closely watching hoping for a new firmware but the only one listed is still the beta firmware. i didnt buy this to run beta firmware and be a tester. i would have thought by now they would have released something new. besides NONE of my emails to them have ever been answered to this point. def done with hidiz after all this, and i can say i think i would love this thing if there were not simple stupid things.
  9. echolocati
    In-Line Remote is working fine for me for the headphones I use after activation in settings.
  10. PCgaming4ever
    After seeing all the negativity surrounding this player (rightly so due to the Kickstarter and hardware issues) and since I've had a completely opposite experience I figured I'd post my thoughts. I've been using this for a full day and I'm absolutely loving this dap. So I'll start with the actual sound quality. First power output seems just slightly lower than my m0 but still perfectly fine. I normally listen on volume 14 on my M0 and on this I listen at 17. The sound quality is about the same although I'll have to test them side by side to tell any noticable differences. The one thing I did notice was the soundstage seems bigger. The equilizer is great on this it's nice going from the M0 without anything to the AP80 which has tons of options. This brings me into the software side of things. I would say it's pretty good but has some bugs. The main bug I ran into was when I turned off the equilizer it kept those settings till I rebooted. As for the touchscreen sensitivity issue I see reported alot I would say 1 out of every maybe 20 or 30 times does it not register my input. Which isn't a noticable amount more than my M0 would mess up (more likely that was a small touchscreen big fingers issue) There is however some input lag when opening thet player up but like I said very few instances of it not registering my input at all. Hardware wise mine is solid. Buttons all work well, the spring on the power button is stiff and never turned on in my pocket, and the wheel barely has any woble definitely not enough that it concerns me. Also battery life is absolutely great I used it for about 6 hours today and it's just barely dropped below 75% my M0 would be at like 35 or 40% by now. I just figured since everyone was posting issues about their devices I'd post how mine is fine. It's easy to get lost in post of unhappy people because those people complain the most and rightfully so but it's good to also talk about the good experiences.
  11. Planet_JASE
    Hidizs finally responded to my multiple comments and messages. Took them over three weeks but they did. However, the response was just to send another email to their support. And now they haven't replied to that.
  12. giuppyss
    [QUOTE = "PCgaming4ever, post: 14738148, membro: 501266"]
  13. giuppyss
    quale cuffia mi raccomandi tra quelli testati in tuo possesso. Attualmente ho kz ed16 ma non sono soddisfatto
  14. PCgaming4ever
    Translated: which headphone you recommend to me among those tested in your possession. Currently I have kz ed16 but I'm not satisfied

    First question is what's your budget?
  15. giuppyss
    [QUOTE = "PCgaming4ever, post: 14738586, membro: 501266"] Tradotto: quale cuffia mi raccomandi tra quelli testati in tuo possesso. Attualmente ho kz ed16 ma non sono soddisfatto

    La prima domanda è qual è il tuo budget? [/ QUOTE]
    100 dollars
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