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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    So any news of new firmware, ha ha. Oh Kenneth.....
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  2. AndySocial
    Oh, you're such a kidder!
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  3. gazzington
    So is this player worth buying or am I better off with a fiio m6?
  4. okinear
    Depends on your needs: if wifi and bluetooth (including aptX HD) are important... the m6. As a standalone wired player, this one fills my needs. [But as written above we are still waiting for an updated FW!]
  5. titanquests69
    Just received my red AP80 yesterday and oh boy, I made a complete 180 here! All my frustrations with Hidizs vanished as I used the AP80. I was sure before that I would sell it once it arrived due to several posts talking about hardware issued but I just couldn't resist opening it. I took the risk and I think it paid off.

    It was really smaller than what I expected. All buttons are fine with my unit. My only complaint is the scroll wheel is too sensitive and a bit too loose, but I don't see it breaking any time soon, at least for now. That leather case tho, It was a waste of money if not for the armband included. Such poor fit and quality. We should be compensated for this or at least given a better quality replacement.

    It's really fun to play with the MSEB cos it's really responsive just don't overdo it. I just wished it could've used a + or - signs for adjusting everything in the UI that uses a sideways slider because it's really hard to adjust the slider precisely with that small screen. What do you guys think? Now, this would be a complete product for me once the support for podcasts and audiobooks arrives (hopefully).

    And the DAC function works perfectly as well, it's just plug-and-play for me.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  6. mono-type
    You're better off with a Fiio M6 if you don't want to regret later. Yes, the M6 is a bit expensive than the AP80, but you'll definitely get your money's worth with M6, given Fiio's track record.
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  7. Dobrescu George
    I have AP80 and am currently waiting on M6. If M6 is anything like M7, I would also lean towards the FiiO, but it depends on the usage scenario, as well as the price difference. AP80 is a very potent little DAP, and for its size, it is more o an iPod Shuffle sized DAP that you can clip and to jogging with than a typical sized DAP.
  8. geagle
    Very much +1 on the leather case :)

    As for the MSEB, I like it quite a lot too, and yeah, it's a bit hard to use the sliders... one possible little help (which you might already be aware of, though), is the possibility of fiddling in the settings on how large the sliders are - you can select +/- 20, +/40, +/- 100. On 100, it's really a bit tough to fine tune. On 20 or 40 it's easier. Ofc, if you want to finetune above 40, there's nothing much you can do, apart from wishing from smaller fingers :) (or maybe use a touch pen)
  9. okinear
    As noted by @titanquests69 and in earlier posts, rather big fingers here for the small screen and controls. The touch pen is definitively a more precise way to adjust the sliders, and other control items.
  10. mono-type
    Yeah, for a DAP of such a size, AP80 is almost perfect; sound and screen quality, and like you mentioned, portability are great. I've said "almost" because of the firmware issues that needed to be addressed in a future update and Hidizs' spotty after-sales service and lack of communication to their customers. If he have a bit more money to spare, then he should save himself from disappointment and settle for M6.

    Just my suggestion, as someone who also used AP80 for two months. I'm kinda contemplating on selling my AP80 and then buy the M6. I'm still waiting for Hidizs to release a proper firmware update with most of the issues that are reported in this thread finally addressed, and no, ver. 1.0.1 beta doesn't count, as the only significant fix in that update was the LDAC support (and even then, it still has issues).
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
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  11. AudioBear
    Ever Wonder Why You Didn't Receive a Tracking # ?

    I received my red AP80 in Dec. I never was asked if I wanted to change colors or wait for red, and I never received a tracking number. It just showed up one day in the PO. All is good with it, I like it.

    Then on Jan 5 I received a notice that my AP80 had been shipped. The e-mail had my correct address and Kickstarter #. I was supplied a tracking number by Aftership that showed my AP80 had been shipped on Dec. 12. Today it was delivered to a hopefully happy user in Palm Coast Florida. I'll bet he was surprised because he didn't receive his tracking #, I did.
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  12. GuywhoLikesHIFI
    I must say that I'm very happy with almost everything about my unit. I hope others are too, and that those who don't have theirs get them soon.
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  13. fiercekid84
    i was until the touch screen messes up.
  14. titanquests69
    Any one experiencing quick battery discharge?
  15. Dobrescu George
    I agree that it isn't perfect though, and can really see your points :)

    Let's hope @kenloveme comes back to this thread so people can feel like HIDIZS is standing well behind their products!

    Such a small display will be problematic, but that is an inherent thing with a DAP this size, my fingers also have a hard time sometimes with the display of Shanling M0, because my thumb is as wide as almost half of the display :)

    Not at all, that would call for a warranty claim, if it is a really quick one
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