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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. j4100
    Mine appears to be at a distribution hub. We'll see what happens next. Anyone in the UK NOT have to pay customs fees?
  2. Winterheim
    My smartphone's firmware got updated and all of a sudden, bluetooth streaming wasn't working anymore with the AP80. >_< Trying to fiddle around with bluetooth settings to see how I can get it to work again.

    Headphone --> BT --> AP80 works
    Smartphone via HibyLink --> BT --> AP80 works
    Smartphone Media Audio --> BT --> AP80 no longer works
  3. okinear
    I missed the fact that this player does not recognize mpc (Musepack Compressed Audio file) files. Is it the case?
    Two music folders contain such files and they are empty in the player.
  4. dannytang
    I think it has to do with how you pair the AP80 to your phone... I think you have to find the AP80 on the phone and pair from there (it might be the other way around)... I got it to work at one point, but have since turned it off because as soon as it started working, it wanted to act as a BT receiver for my phone every time I turned it on and required me to exit the BT receiver app manually.
  5. Winterheim
    Unfortunately that still didn't work for me. Unpaired on both ends. Re-paired from S8 to AP80. Didn't work. Repeated process from AP80 to S8. Still didn't work. How they implemented LDAC just messed things up.

    Anyone know how to roll back firmware to version 1?
  6. dannytang
    Weird... Worked for me when I tried it on both Android (OnePlus One running Lineage OS 15) and iOS (iPhone XS Max running 12.1.2)
  7. j4100
    Answering my own question. Looks like fees to pay.

    "Item has been included in a Royal Mail Sales Order."
  8. Winterheim
    Indeed. I don't understand why the BT streaming failed altogether after the Samsung S8 security patch was upgraded. It was working absolutely fine prior to it.

    But then when I use it on a device that doesn't support LDAC, BT streaming works fine.
  9. j4100
    You couldn't make this up. After getting the "select another colour to get your player soon" email at the beginning of December and picking black, the red one was delivered today! I guess the acid test is whether my wife likes it. Ho-hum.
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  10. abitdeef
    Comparison pics with M6.

    FD0FCF22-2FE5-43BD-A430-5C52E3647131.jpeg 8CA20253-267F-45D5-9C63-D8ACA3F43BD2.jpeg 37448E4B-BF7A-4ED2-8C44-6B4C2DA3EE82.jpeg
  11. PCgaming4ever
    Which one do you like better?
  12. abitdeef
    The m6 sounds better- bigger stage, better layering and more detail. And it works much better for me, (very responsive) and it has more features.

    Easy win

    In fact if anyone wants to buy my AP80 for 80 bucks shipped pm me. (US lower 48 only) And mine is mint and the knob is sold and doesn’t wiggle.
  13. PCgaming4ever
    Well that's kinda unfortunate to hear for someone who was looking at both and ended up going with the AP80. Well at least I got a blue one and it's smaller so it will be easier to carry.
  14. abitdeef
    It’s not a bad unit by any means, maybe it’s just mine that has horrible hit box placement/sensitivity. A firmware update could solve that anyways and the sound can be tweaked more on the AP80- I’m referring sound wise to the ‘base’ sound of each unit.

    Frankly I figured the m6 would be nicer, but it is nicer than I imagined. But AP80 isn’t a bad dap at all, in fact if they updated firmware and shored things up it would be one of the best. And lots of people have no problems with having to hit buttons multiple times to get them to respond, so like I said maybe it’s just mine- or maybe my fingers are too big for the smaller screen (more likely). :wink:
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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  15. PCgaming4ever
    I was leaning towards getting the M6 but I carry my dap everywhere (currently have a M0) so I wanted something bigger but not as big as the M6.
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