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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. mono-type
    I think the "volume-gui" @okinear refers to is this:


    What he wants to say is to access this screen even without turning the volume knob (as you could also control the volume in this screen by swiping up/down), as it apparently only shows up when you use the knob.

    The "free rubber" (silicone case) actually is useful, as it makes the AP80 slip resistant (the back of the AP80 has a glossy finish, so there's a chance that it might slip out). I do agree that it's a bit thin, though. About the screen protector, yes, they are inconsistent on how they apply the screen protectors on the units they delivered. Some are applied perfectly, and some aren't, like yours and mine. The red AP80 they delivered to me had two dust bubbles on it, but I managed to remove them with clear tape.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  2. okinear
    Yes @mono-type, this gui.
    I don't have the AP80 yet, but the question has been asked (@djricekcn and maybe others too) so I brought it back :wink:
    Trying to keep the FW stuff updated, but don't know how Hidizs will deal with 'hardware' troubles (mostly the ones affecting the knob, (very) tight leather case)!
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  3. IryxBRO
    Do you have extra sceen protector? If yes - why won't you reaply it?
    The only question of "duild issues" is the wheel, which is sad. If it can be unscrewed - I would unscrew and add a drop of red loctite.
  4. djricekcn

    For leather... Just push it it from the two small opening in the side and push down in the screen while pulling up with the same fingers . After a few of those pull outs should be able to just push on the screen and pull out
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  5. djricekcn
    no. This gui is that one trus takes the whole screen. It looks like waves
  6. mandrake50
    Thanks for the info on FM. I figured it out. The scan got 27 stations. Not bad, but about 40% of what is available locally. This type of device using the headphone cable as an antenna generally does not do that well though, so I am not surprised.

    A thought on the knob. Mine appears to wobble, and it does. But, it looks to me like it does this because it moves in and out for functions like powering on and off. Pressure applied when changing volume on one edge pushes one side of the knob in a bit making it appear to wobble. When gripped equally on two sides, it does not do this. I don't think, on mine anyway, the knob is moving on the threaded shaft. Whether it will unscrew over time remains to be seen. Hopefully that was a one off QC issue. A drop of the correct glue should be just as effective as locktite. If applied correctly.

    I too would like for there to be a way to access the GUI on screen volume control without using the knob. Not sure how that would happen without using one of the hard buttons though, at least when the screen is locked. They would need to leave the touch control active when locked, which would cause other problems. I am sure they could put a shortcut in the GUI for when the screen is active though. If this exists, I have not found it.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  7. abitdeef
    Just got mine earlier today, then a text message came later ha ha. I had to sign for it.

    Quick impressions, the build quality is pretty good ( especially for this price ) screen is really nice and my wheel seems very sturdy and looks like like the pre- production one with a red stripe on the edge. I don’t like how many steps it takes to get to the now playing screen- but the UI reminds me of the early R3 GUI. In other words it’s decent but could be a bit more responsive and smoother.

    But it works. Oh and no bubbles under the screen protectors.

    Sound- pretty damn good, especially for the money. It seems a bit rough and the treble and bass seem a touch boosted, but I have a feeling that will smooth out. The stage is a bit bigger than the M0, but maybe a bit smaller than the R3. Dynamics are really good and you get some nice energy and bass slam when called for. Mids are really nice and pretty neutral, highs are a bit hot at this time but extend well, and though are simplified they sound better than the price suggests.

    Haven’t messed with any dsp effects. I’d say it’s a little better than M0 overall, M0 is a touch bass heavy but smoother. For the price I’m really impressed. Now if you can match your customer service with your hardware and keep updating firmware you will really have a little gem. I hope you release firmware semi regularly and promptly fix people’s issues (like knobs falling off) at no expense to them- that would go a long way!

    Oh and I tried the radio and the scanning was useless, but it picks up as good if not better than my clip+ did. Also silicone case isn’t that great, but it’s bettte than I thought it would be based on comments and it will do for my use.

    Will report on how it works on my vehicles deck with LO to aux- one of the primary points of use for me.

    Edit: Also even thought it shares the same dac/amp with the M0 somehow the AP80 gets WAY louder with the same volume scale.

    Size comparison pics and a couple quick shots.

    4D0D9A8F-632D-4246-9545-DA86D8DEC9BB.jpeg 43B2AF35-1EFD-46AE-BC4F-2D0620C25D94.jpeg E303BAF6-EF08-4C7C-BAF8-1780797CEE4A.jpeg 3E3422E6-EB5F-4FBB-840D-A98030CC773E.jpeg DB9F46B5-FA2B-4B5F-91DC-7AEF07914669.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  8. AndySocial
    I tested the FM scan yesterday. While I'm unlikely to use it (local radio here SUCKS and I mostly use my music player in the car that has a stereo), it actually picked up every station I was aware of locally, and even auto-locked several patched of interference. Deleting auto-scan stations is easy, so it was just a couple minutes before I had it loaded with all the local stations.
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  9. abitdeef
    Yes the scan was useless in my case also.
  10. AndySocial
    Interesting. I wonder why it works well for me and poorly for others. I live in a small city, with some fairly low power stations. I expected it to be awful.
    abitdeef likes this.
  11. abitdeef
    Maybe I have more interference here? Idk but most of the scans were pure static. But - it picks up the the stations I listen to pretty good.
  12. AndySocial
    I tried using the "low sensitivity" mode, and it didn't pick up much of anything. So, I guess you get false positives or nothing.
  13. AudioBear
    I'm getting jealous of all of you that have received your Kickstarter fulfillment AP80. I still have not received an e-mail offering me a change away from Red, nor have I received a pre- (or post) delivery e-mail. Just nothing. One thing I know, when it comes the chances of detecting a radio station are slim to none. None of my other tuners can pick up any stations up here on the outer fringe of the grid.
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  14. mandrake50
    Just about any radio is useless without a proper antenna. I found an app for my Samsung s8 for FM. I compared the stations it gets with the AP80. The AP80 got a couple of more stations. I would not listen to those though because, depending on how I stand (moving the headphone wire "antenna") they are as much noise as anything. I have several purpose built pocket AM/FM radios that use the headphone wire as an antenna, they all suck to various levels on FM.
  15. abitdeef
    A red one will probably ‘just’ show up. I recieved my tracking after I recieved the AP80. Hopefully!
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