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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. oliolio
    Same thinking of changing to black. Still wondering why red is available on both sellers in AliExpress.
  2. mandrake50
    I received my AP80 yesterday evening. No tracking email yet. I am in Colorado USA. Backer number somewhere around 1600 if I remember that correctly.
    FM radio works OK on strong stations. But I have not figured out or tried the scan function. How do I do that?

    In fact is there a user guide for navigating the Hiby OS out there anywhere? This device is the first for me with that OS. A guide of some kind would be real helpful.

    I put an old 64 gig card into it. That was scanned in under a minute. Player sounds OK so far, but I have not tried any critical listening or any of my high quality recordings(DSD etc.).
    Anyway it is here. I did not waste any emotional energy while waiting. So it is all good on that front.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  3. prophette
    I got my AP80 on Tuesday but because I'd not received any tracking numbers or any indication that anything had been shipped to me, I didn't notice it until Wednesday when I went out to retrieve another package I'd received that day. Fortunately, no one stole it off my porch. My AP80 is red but I'm backer #78 so I wouldn't have expected any problems getting the color I selected. I would have preferred purple or blue, but clearly was in the minority on that. I've not played around extensively with it because I bought a Hiby R3 when it was on sale for $150. It was originally my intention to give the AP80 to my husband but after playing around with the R3, I realized it would work better for him and bought another one before the sale ended. I was then going to give the AP80 to my brother to replace an old iPod someone else had given him but after reading through this thread, I've changed my mind. He loves music but hates technology and anything with problems of any kind will just reinforce in his mind why he's right about technology. And since he lives 500 miles away and I see him only at Christmas, any problems he encountered means the thing would just end up in a drawer unused at best and in the trash at worst.

    I'd use it in the car but I mainly listen to podcasts in the car and Bluetooth is plenty fine for that. So I guess I'll keep it and see what future updates bring, if anything.
  4. okinear
    Simply easier to deal with the possible issues!
    As written some are less clear: working for some users, trouble for others. Items with bold numbers appear to affect everyone. Will try to update as more users share their findings.
    As you likely noted, there are two questions/comments that came up:
    - Is there a way to reach the volume-gui without touching the knob?
    - A detailed manual would be welcome.
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  5. silverfishla
    Volume is on the swipe up menu, if that’s what you mean.
  6. AndySocial
    Since the only way to wake the screen is by tapping the button/wheel, it seems there is no way to get to the UI without touching the wheel at all. There's unlikely to be any way to change that via software - that's a design choice from the very beginning.
  7. AndySocial
    I did a quick size comparison among the Sansa Clip Zip, Chenfec C50, Ruizu A50, Hidizs AP60II, and Hidizs AP80.
    And here are all but the Sansa showing their album art (poor lighting leads to poor focus, but I think you get the idea). Color quality is actually better than this image appears, on all of them. Well, the Chenfec screen is pretty poor. All but the Chenfec have nice readable fonts. Only the AP80 is a touch screen. Honestly, navigating the Sansa and Chenfec remains easier than any of the more advanced DAPs. The four-way direction pad was a good technology, and the Sansa has acceleration in scrolling to handle moving through long lists, as well as wrapping around so you can move up from A to get to Z.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  8. crezo
    They have yes. I got a shipping notification a few days ago (shipped 24/11) amd landed in the UK at customs yesterday. So I expect it will be around a week to get through customs here and arrive.

    So hopefully yours will be on it's way as well. My notification email only came when it left Hong Kong (but it had been moving for about a week before that).
    j4100 likes this.
  9. ryan11
    From Australia: "Hidizs, where the bloody hell are you?".
  10. Zachik
    Too funny!!! Quick reminder: Yesterday (Friday) morning I got an e-mail asking me to change from red to black, or wait couple extra weeks. I opted to change to black. Again, that was yesterday morning.
    TODAY, I received the red AP80 in the mail :)
    Obviously, red was enroute when they asked me to consider different color....
  11. oliolio
    Well i'll roll the dice and maintain red then haha.
  12. Th3Drizzl3
    a local friend was sent the email asking to change the color from red so he opted for grey and he got the red one literally the same day as the email. and now has a new email tonight with a new tracking number we are wondering if they sent the grey one to him also.

    also i wish i went with red instead of grey after seeing one in person they look amazing in red.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  13. kalibur
    What about the stainless steel versions, anyone receive those yet?
  14. BetterLate
    Push the right pointing double arrow and it almost instantly traverses the scale and builds a list is stations. The list acts like presets, you just touch one and the radio goes to that station
  15. kuki_junior
    Recieved this in the mail yesterday. I got the black version. Sound quality is as described by many reviewer with nice eq options. Scans fast on 128GB card. Touch screen is responsive.

    However, Im deeply disappointed with certain build issues:
    1) The wheel rattles and moves. Its looks like it won't hold long.
    2) Leather pouch is WAY too small. The buttons as the side just cant seem to alight properly. And because its so small its almost impossible to pull out.
    3)The free rubber is so thin, I question its existence.
    4) bubbles in screen protector applied.

    Maybe its me nit picking but given the hype I was expecting a lot more than this... /sad
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