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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. Jack-A
    Waiting for my LCD-2Cs to arrive next week. Is it a good idea to get the Schiit Magni 3 for $99? It puts out freaking 1.3 watts @ 50 ohms, that should be well enough. I could add a DAC later(I have a Sabaj DA2 which is fine for me at the moment) maybe a Modi 2. What about Vali 2? This on wputs out 650mW @ 50 ohms. I really don't want to spend like 500 or 1000 bucks right now. These are gonna be my first REAL headphones ever, I've mostly owned IEM's only(well Meze 99 Classics that I have doesen't really require an amplifier, because of their efficiency)
  2. isoa4k
    I went for the AudioGD R2R11 dac/amp combo because in the end i realized that going with the magni modi stack was almost the same price but a quality downgrade. Next week i will get my brand new LCD2s and on day 22nd my R2R.
  3. LightBlue77
    Does anyone know if an integrated full speakers amp like marantz pm7005 would work great with lcd2f?
    i'm undecided between this and burson soloist mkii. i know burson is great but it's amp only, whereas marantz has usb dac and is speakers amp too.
    i know there's always the question if headphone output of an integrated amp uses same amplification circuit as for speakers or not. How may i find if the headphone output is properly amplified? besides actually listening to it :) i assume i would need to see the blueprint but only a specialist could tell.
  4. capetownwatches
    So what do you reckon now about the R2R-11 / LCD-2 combo, Good Sir...? :wink:

    From my side, NFB-11.32 (Special Edition) plus LCD-2.2F plus just about any recording you care to listen to = AUDIOVANA!
    I have a serious problem...
  5. gLer
    I don't see it as a problem, it's the solution! :p

    R2R-11 with the LCD-2F is insane; likewise with the Atticus. Probably the best all-in-one I've heard to date; the amp and dac are worth the asking price on their own. Currently no desire to look further; I'd have to spend well over $1,000 to get better, possibly, and even then I don't know if I could justify the expense.
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  6. isoa4k
    Thats good to hear. Ive just purchased a brand new pair of LCD2F latest rev. It arrives next wednesday :) Also i pulled the trigger on a R2R11 delivered locally in Beijing and being brought to me on day 24th. Final cost was 285 euros so its unbeliavable worthy. I come from an German Maestro 8.35D with nonbetter amp than my meizu's pro5 one ( and hey, killer portable combo, i must say). So reading your impressions my hype skyrockets! Its gonna be a huge jump from my previous gear. Thanks!
  7. gLer
    You're going to love it. That's an end-game-worthy combination of gear. Enjoy!
  8. pantsdeamor
    Has anyone here tried vintage receivers with their LCD-2? So far, out of the Lyr, various Fiio amp/dacs, and the Cavali Liquid Fire, my Pioneer SX-850 has paired the best with my LCD-2f.
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  9. wellers73
    I have a Sansui G-3500 as a backup amp, and it drives my LCD2s like a champ! It's a bit noisy (it's been a while since it was cleaned up), but sounds like it's putting a lot of power into them. I can't find any specs about the headphone output, but it must be considerable.
  10. oqvist
    Is a Yamaha rds-440 vintage?
  11. bboris77
    I just got a Burson Soloist SL Mk2 to use with my Audeze LCD2C. I upgraded from the Magni 3 which is a great entry-level amp, but the Soloist is just unreal. The biggest difference is the soundstage which is vastly more spacious on the Soloist. Burson is definitely a more neutral-sounding amp compared to the Magni 3 which is slightly warm and a bit more closed-in sounding. I have also tried the LCD2C with my Valhalla 2 and it was pretty good in terms of timbre and soundstage (better than the Magni 3), but it simply does not have the slam and the power of the Soloist.
    In conclusion, the Soloist has fantastic synergy with the LCD2C and I cannot recommend it high enough.
  12. exsomnis
    If you can only find reviews for it on audioreview.com, then yes.

    They really don't make headphone sections in integrated amps like they used to. I think it has to do with designing a separate headphone output stage from the gain stage, going to the headphones instead of the speakers - it's cheaper these days to just have a separate tack on headphone amp section, I suppose.
  13. pantsdeamor
    Well, I bit the bullet and bought a Jotunheim (mostly for the sake of future headphone purchases, as my Pioneer SX850 is plenty for the LCD-2). The Jot certainly ranks in the top 3 for amps I've tried with the LCD-2, among the WA6-SE and the SX850. I liked all three of these even better than the Chord Dave (crazy, right?).

    The Jotunheim seems to widen the soundstage of the LCD-2 substantially, but you pay for it with nearly too-sharp treble on songs with already high peaks. The sound is extremely clear and crisp, but lacks in overall dynamics compared to the WA6 or SX850. The bass is a real treat on the Jot; it's impactful and crisp - even more-so than it already is on the LCD-2.

    One thing I will recommend, is that if you decide to buy a Jot (and don't already own a DAC), buy one with the DAC module. It makes a huge difference compared to listening to the Jot on its own.
  14. cirodts
    I have AR M2 is enough to drive lcd2?
  15. FrostyP
    How does the HeadAmp Gilmore mk2 pair with the LCD2 and the Classic
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