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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. Monstieur
    The entry level FiiO Q1 can drive the current LCD-2 / LCD2C models to a sustained peak of 115 dB. They only need around 25 mW at 1.33 Vrms.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  2. gLer
    Don’t make the mistake of confusing volume for control. The LCDs are easy to drive loud, but much harder to drive well.
  3. Monstieur
    The Q1 does not distort even at 150 ohms and can supply much more power than 25 mW. No meaningful improvement can be had over this. If it sounds different, the amp is coloured / defective.

    It will distort if the audio peaks at 120 dB SPL, which the Q1 cannot do on the LCD-2.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  4. gLer
    If that’s what you believe, that’s great. You’ll save yourself a lot of money.
  5. Monstieur
    Given the age of the thread, many here probably have the earlier LCD-2 models with efficiencies as low as 93 dB / mW. Those literally require 10x the power (250 mW) to hit 115 dB SPL. I'm only talking about the current LCD-2 and LCD2C.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
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  6. gLer
    I had the LCD-2F (2016) for quite a while. My advice stands. You don’t have to break the bank either; my $350 Audio-Gd R2R-11 (and it’s sibling the NFB-11) have beautiful synergy with the LCD-2 (and LCD-3 for that matter).
  7. Monstieur
    Which amp failed to drive it properly?
  8. gLer
    I’m not pointing fingers at any specific amps. My only point is that you can’t equate volume with control when it comes to current-hungry planars like the LCDs. That’s all. The Fiio might do a very good job indeed. I have no idea. The only point I was making is that adequate volume is not the only measure of how suitable an amp is for a given headphone. If that was the case there’d be no market for anything other than very basic amps. And it has nothing to do with colour - the very best high end amps add zero colour to the sound of a headphone. In fact that transparency is why they’re so highly valued.
  9. Monstieur
    They are not current hungry anymore. The peak draw is ~20 mA at 115 dB SPL - well within the limits of most entry level amps. I agree on the colouration part, but an amp has to measure really bad on paper for it to even be audible.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  10. spacequeen7
    It's about tonality,it's like changing density ,volume have nothing to do with it
    On high gain LCD-.. just sound better and you can tell the difference ..yes you need good amp or you can toss in pre-amp
  11. cirodts
    a chord mojo is enough for lcd2c?
  12. oqvist
    Interesting so the new lcd-2 classic is easier to drive then the old one? My old lcd 2 pre fazor has always faired better on the power houses then supposedly more higher end amps. And very low end entry level Yamaha receiver beats them all from the speakers plugs. Very inconvenient space occupying solution I am trying the massdrop thx 789 aaa amplifier and hope I can remove it from service.

    Excuse the spelling my phone has some virus I believe.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  13. LightBlue77
    I have lcd2 fazor edition. I drive them with a burson soloist mkii and i really wonder if it is necessary. I plug the headphones directly to lg v20 and i feel there is no audible degradation in sound quality. Maybe there is, but after a quick session i was pleased about the sound produced by v20. I also have fiio x5iii but i like more sound signature of v20. I plan to try it using a mojo with and without burson. Maybe it's the cable between v20 and burson, a ~12 euro gold plated hama cable, who knows. I also am in pursuit of a good dac for lcds, either portable or desktop but until then i think that indeed new lcds are way easier to drive then previous versions.
    Until recently i had a ifi micro ican amp, which is way smaller but still very powerfull and transparent.
    How do i test that the amp is doing what is suppose to? Beside talking to an sound/electronic engineer that might take a look and measure it just to be sure burson has no hidden flaws.
    Last edited: May 19, 2018
  14. cirodts
    I have the v20 and the sound is very good but, as soon as I have connected to the mojo the sound is exceptional, it also exceeds the sound of my AR M2.
  15. LightBlue77
    Well, it's supposed to sound better, mojo is dedicated dac and amp at around same price as v20. I listened to it once for a few minutes and remember it was very good but i was testing the ifi amp, was more focussed on the ability of it to power lcds.
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