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AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdl-speakers, Mar 1, 2009.
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  1. TimSchirmer
    Oops I meant to write "venerated"
    Was it really worth mentioning? This is why all the posts in head-fi are like 180 pages :p
  2. pp312
    Absolutely. I get paid a lot of money to be resident spelling inspector on Head-Fi. [​IMG]
  3. Natsukawa
    OK guys . . . since i have 2 NOS pairs, I'm selling one right now:
    Usually i wouldn't link to something i sale. But since a NOS K340 is very rare and special, i wanted you guys to know ;D  I paid 320€ for this one and it was worth it <3
  4. TimSchirmer
    Also, if anyone is looking for a quick, cheap way to power AKG K340's, they sound okay with the Geek Out 1000.
  5. Claritas

    It sounds just OK (sort of, barely) with GO + Vali. But it needs the warmth of a real tube amp to integrate the treble properly.
  6. TimSchirmer
    I just got the plush pads from China... they are so comfy and do improve the sound a bit
  7. Claritas

    Really? My K271 velours arrived today too. I've installed them but I haven't listened yet.

    I noticed that the earhole is a little smaller than the stock pleathers; I might try to stretch that without tearing it.
  8. MrPanda
    Anyone tried the AKG K340 with a Schiit Lyr 2?
  9. NU62
    Just received a mint condition K340 from an Ebay seller and did some listening this afternoon using my Kenwood Eleven MkIII receiver and a modified Sony Playstation One.  The Kenwood drives them extremely well, with ample power to spare.  Years ago I had a pair of Martin Logan Sequel II electrostatic speakers; the K340s remind me of the Martin Logans.  Transparent, detailed, quick treble and midrange and slightly slower and recessed bass.  With that said, I can live with the bass - despite their age, the K340s are a great listening experience.
    MrPanda likes this.
  10. interface95
    For one week now I'm also a owner of an K340.
    First to say, I have now velour pads on them and a china tube amp, what is not very bad I think.
    Now the Headphone:
    I was surprised how much bass it has, especially deep bass. (due to tube or velour pads?)
    So I wondered what version it is (grey, black and green)
    But there are red driver in it, like in the sextett.
    Now my problem:
    Sometimes while listening, in fact quite annoying, the highs get stuck.
    So I know that the highs are produced by the electrostatic driver.
    And I have also read that people brighged the low-cut due to the age.
    Does someone has an idea?
  11. Natsukawa
    Open the cups and get aaaall that cotton wool out. In some models there is soooo much, that it sounds extremwly muffled. Once you did that, the sound changes drastically. More air, more instrument seperation, more soundstage and crystal cear sound. Its like night and day , everything improves and if you dont like it, you can put the cotton wool back in. If you do, i would suggest to buy new wool and exchange it.

    I so wanna see your face, when you listen to the k340 without the wool haha ;D
  12. interface95
    Now it's like I want it to be, lovely..
    I got a little smile in my face for the first 5 minutes.
    The bass now is less (as it should be) , but punchier.
    High are clearer now, due to less bass i guess.
    At first I bought this headphone just to try it out, because of the "hype" and everything, and resell it at the end.
    But now I think they will have to stay :wink:
    So now I know that I will not sell them:
    What kind of other little mods are possible?
    I've read about the grill and also something about the crossover inside the headphone.
    And cables ofc.
  13. pcourtney
    a pal at work lent me his Geek Out 1000 to try over the weekend with my AKG-340 cans that I just bought for 200 euros last week direct from Austria, I sold my old pair of 340's a few months ago, and realised that was a big mistake, so I was very pleased to get a new pair in the original box which have never been used before - NOS )  
    his setup at work is MacBook Air > Audirvana > Geek 1000 > AKG-601 
    my setup is a MacBook Pro > Audirvana > Geek 1000 > AKG-340 
    after playing hundreds of .dsf files on both setups the Geek Out 1000 is simply amazing, the 601's sound perfect, but the old 340's have something that I cannot quite put my finger on or explain too well, they seem more real ( if ever that is ever a term one can use to describe listening to music with headphones) , classical music also sounds better with the 340's as well, but I have a soft spot for the much underrated K-601's, so I bought a pair in fantastic condition which should arrive in a few days time. 
    for such a simple rig, I could not be happier and have finally decided after many months of testing lots of DACs  to buy the Geek 1000 on ebay, and sell my Musical Fidelity X-CAN v2 amp to part fund it
    just to say a big thank you to Tim for keeping me on track, my love for DSD64 and playing .dsf files is growing daily :) 
  14. Baycode


    I love the synergy between my GO720 and modded K340. Sounds much better than anything I have tried before with my K340.
  15. Audiogalore
    Another alternative is the SPL Phonitor. Fantastic sound with a real 3D and honest presentation. It is like you have no headphone on and listening to a great speaker setup!
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