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AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdl-speakers, Mar 1, 2009.
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  1. DMax99
    I have just finished ordering a second hand k340 today.... Can't wait to try them! :wink:
  2. DMax99
    They've finally arrived today and I had a quick listen. The vocal sounds very smooth and forward (one of the best vocal phones I've heard).

    But the overall sound is quite warm and thick. Is that the typical k340 sound?
  3. namaiki
    My bass light pair (or at least it has a green dynamic driver housing) is a bit warm sounding, but my bass heavy pair (or at least it has a grey dynamic driver housing) has a bit of glare in the midrange.
    Any clue what type yours are? Only one screw to check and you would have to open it up if you need to replace the elastics (the outer cover screw and the other screw on the headband slider).
  4. westermac
    Recently scored a K340 in great shape and they arrived yesterday. Wow wow wowwow wow. The most lush, full and musical reproduction I have ever heard! The bass is strong, on par with with my MP Sextetts but more defined. The mids - oh my dear gosh the mids - are glorious, warm and full; I can't get over these mids! Vocals and piano are the richest I have yet heard. The highs, contrary to my expectations, are rolled off somewhat; but boy are they great. In spite of the dominant lows and mids every cymbal tap and fretboard squeak comes through with great clarity and realism. 
    The real kicker here? This is all coming from my $180 solid state Aphex Headpod 4 (an amp I would highly recommend for those looking for gobs of clean power on the cheap, treats all of my 600ohm vintage AKGs quite well). I know people have said that K340s are a poor match for solid state, but whoever said that hasn't heard the pair I have! The HD600 has been my can up until this point, and while I appreciate their exceptional soundstage, neutrality and accuracy for reference, my mid junky ears have wanted something warmer for casual listening, so I had been looking at tube amps. But this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I've been through numerous AKGs (K240 Sextett MP and LP, K240M, K240S, K240DF, K141 Silver, K270, K280, K550) and more recently the HD600, and this K340 easily surpasses them all in terms of sheer enjoyment. Granted, it can't compete with the HD600 in terms of soundstage width, but to me it has better separation and results in a more immersive experience (HD600 can almost spread things too thin in my experience). Though I'm sure I will try it, it's hard for me to fathom a tube amp doing anything more wonderful with these headphones (in fact I think anything warmer would push them over the warmness edge). Thank you AKG for some astounding headphones; please take a look back as you move forward and don't forget the wonderful things you have stopped making!
    A few side notes:
    I kept hearing how heavy these are and so was expecting a ton of bricks; they're not that heavy.
    On the other hand I didn't realize how ginormous these are until I first saw them in person, so with a pretty small narrow head I look like a complete doofus with these on. But as much as I enjoy them I could care less.
    I find these to be very comfortable and am able to wear them for long periods without any problems. I do notice my ears getting a bit warm/sweaty as others have mentioned, so I will probably try velour K271 pads in the near future. 
    I'm not sure what version I have; I only know that it is not the bass light version! Once I have some time to crack them open I will let you guys know.
    Back to listening [​IMG]
  5. Natsukawa
    Life is strange , you know. This week i sold 2 of my 4 beloved K340s. 4 were too much, i had to part from some of them. One of them was the bassy version and the other one was a very-good-sommer-cable-recabled balanced one ~ very hard to find such a good one. But I have another 2 balaned 340s , so i thought to myself: 2 are enough! One for listening and the other one as a backup. So i sold 2 of them  . . . and guess what i saw on ebay? And what did i do? I'll show you:
    . . . new, unused k340, directly from the source in austria! You think i can withstand this magic? No, i couldn't resist, so i bought them xD It should arrive in a few days . . . i'm very curious which version it is. Neutral-Version would suck hard. I hope it's the balanced or the bassy one *___*
  6. troymadison
    I personally like the sextett more but the K340 is still one of my favorites
  7. DMax99

    Wow you're so lucky to found a brand new one. Do you mind me asking how much it was? I'm in the process of buying a second pair as a back up from Germany that's how much I love them :wink:

    I guess everyone has different preference. Personally the k340 is my favourite out of all the akg I have atm :wink:
  8. mcteague
    Hmm, I have an old pair of K340s somewhere, without box, What should I sell them for? I only use my HD580s these days.
  9. DMax99

    I'll buy them... I've pmed you :wink:
  10. Natsukawa
    @ DMax99  &  mcteague . . . i was more than lucky. The Seller  started the auction with 120€ I got them for 125€ + 15€ shipping from austria to germany = a total of 140€ That is a very good price for a new K340. New/Boxed K340s go for 250€-300€ these days. Used and without box in mint/like new condition . . . between 100€ ~ 180€. Good Condition for about 60€ ~ 80€. It really depends, i mean today there are very good alternatives for less money. You can get used DT880s/990s edition in mint/like new condition for about 110€ ~ 150€ in Hi-Fi Communitys / Forums etc. You can even get a T90 often for about 300€ in mint condition and a new One for 350€
    So the prices for Vintage AKGs will sink more and more i think. I would love to see a new K340 Version. K341 maybe ;D An Electret-Dynamic System with Tesla-Magnets . . . would be magic  <3 But people like us will always appreciate the old stuff, because its still quality stuff and we grew up with it   ;D
  11. DMax99

    Yeah I second the idea oof reintroducing the k340 :wink:

    That's nice price for a brand new pair, the only downside is can think of is personally if it was me, I'll never use them and always keep them in the box so to preserve it's brand new condition Lol.
  12. Natsukawa
    Naaah, i', veeeery careful with my stuff, so i don't have a problem to use them ;D   If i'm lucky and they're balanced or bassy, i will keep them and sell my other 3 Pairs. Damn . . . think it'll arrive wedneyday or maybe even thursday. Can't wait to sniff them xD The smell of new leather <3
  13. Claritas

    There is the problem of the name because AKG recently reused it for some earbuds, if you can believe it. They could call it K340 Tesla. Sounds very . . . current.
  14. DMax99

    Let me know when you're selling :wink:
  15. DMax99
    Hey Natsukawa,

    Your akg collection is quite impressive. How are the akg k812 and the Superlux? What do they sound like?
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