1. KT88

    The "ultimate" modification for the AKG K340?

    Hello everyone,   I have this idea sitting in the back of my head for a long time, and didn't follow up mainly due to the lack of time as I'm preoccupied with other projects (some of which are related to stereo/headphones as well). Eventually I've decided to share it with this forum and see...
  2. TempleOfEar

    imperfections on HD600 driver?

    hi, i just received my hd600 that i bought from ebay for $212. seeing how cheap it was New, i didn't bother to ask any questions. but now i'm thinking may i should have. cuz when i took out the earpads to inspect the drivers i saw that there was a rather noticeble nail mark on one of the clear...
  3. jezz

    Another AKG K271 MKII Review

    Why the AKG K271 MKII is an exceptional safe-lab headphone: The Short Version™ Comfortable enough that I can wear them for a long time Isolating enough that you won’t hear the drone around you Ugly enough that they won’t be stolen Cheap enough that they can be stolen Nice looking enough...
  4. holland

    AKG K271 Pads on K240 Sextett

    Are these pads the same? Are the part numbers the same? My Sextett pads aren't bad a bit aged but not in horrible condition and still compresses well. When I put the K271 pleather pads on, the bass became quite emphasized, almost boomy.
  5. das_bill

    Liquid midrange headphones. 100-300$

    I am looking for a good set of very "liquid" or "musical" headphones. I really like the sound of my ATH A500s but I also love the sound of my etys. I liked both sennheisers and grados when I listened to them but the lower end grados seem to be a little harsh. With that said what are some good...
  6. foet

    K340 electrett died?

    I recently bought another pair of K340's for a little mod project. The owner sold the pair mentioning one side had a lower volume, so thinking it was most likely a broken cable or solder joint, I took them. Now, first I re-cabled them using some canare mini starquad and did the default PCB...
  7. jkh13

    Repairing broken IEMs

    I now have three IEMs that have the same problem... one of the buds has stopped working leaving me only with either the left or right audio. I haven't got any spares anymore and I don't have the money to buy another pair so was wondering how easy it is to fix this problem?   The pair I most...
  8. flargosa

    Why no multi-driver headphones?

    Guys, why are there no multi-driver headphones?  It seems to work well with speakers, and IEM's.  Why don't headphone companies adapt this design?
  9. Warbeast

    Brand new AKG K340

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum.   I just inherited an AKG K340 in an unopened box. Just opened it first time, and it's a very beutiful vintage headphone I think. I plugged it in my Yamaha Amp, and the sound was very poor and crappy, like very old and small pc speakers or similar. What...
  10. dazedbus

    Recommendations for Balanced K340 Amp

    I am currently running my modded K340s directly out of a buffalo 32s which seem to have enough power to reasonably power the k340s to reasonable levels at half power.  The current sound has great instrument separation with excellent detail from bass to treble.  I'm looking to power the K340s...
  11. sk3ptik


    Hello everyone, I've spented about a week of searching and reading, and I've already collected a lot of usefull information for a starter like me. But i really need a hand form some experienced peeps. This is going to be a step to High Quality Sound for me. I know I know, its just the...
  12. dazedbus

    K340 mirrored passive radiators

    I'm wondering if any of you K340 owners have noticed it.  I found it odd to be hearing a sound at the back of my left ear as almost a resonance to some music, and looked at the passive radiators.  For the left side, my pcb is in the front and for the right my pcb is in the back which seems to be...
  13. -=Germania=-

    Pioneer se-505, Another Golden Oldie + a funny advert from the 70's

    Hey guys, I just wanted to mention one headphone I managed to get pretty cheap that is easily worth the price of entry. The Pioneer SE-505 (dated 1973). They weigh a tone because they are pretty much 100% metal and leather. They clamp with authority, but really are not horrible...
  14. homeros8000

    AKG K340 VS $1000 Headphones?

    I'm curious to know how does the vintage K340 compare to the top of the line Headphones? I'm curious because I acquired the bass heavy version on Ebay for a good price and compared to both my K702 and Sennheiser HD600, the K340 were much much better. The sounds were more life like, with very...
  15. HiFlight

    Virtue Audio Sensation M451 Review

      Below is my review of the Virtue Audio Sensation M451 as a possible amplification source for difficult-to-drive BALANCED headphones.  This review is only the headphone part of a comprehensive 2-part review that is scheduled for later publication.  The speaker portion of the review was done...
  16. dogwan

    Feelin' guilty, enjoying K-401's more than K-701's

    I just spent a good 3 hours with my AKG K-401's powered by the ASL MG Head-OTL. Bottom line....I liked them better than the 701's.   Normally I use the 401's with my portable rig. I don't know why it took me so long to A/B against the 701's in the main system. I guess I just assumed they...
  17. Portioli

    Is a Portable Headphone Amp Overkill for my IEMs?

  18. bookkeepers_son

    MS-2 (MS-2i) appreciation thread

    MS-2 fanboys, now is the time! I still love my K340s, but the head-fi collective wisdom is right, they do need recabling unless you're perfectly happy with an "espresso" kind of sound. I do think I've found my headphones, with the MS-2s. I have them hooked up to a recapped Naim Nait2 (through...
  19. HiFlight

    Scherzo Audio Andante revisited

    It has been about a year since I purchased the Scherzo Audio Andante.  As this turned out to be a review sample misrepresented as a member-owned amplifier, I subsequently returned it to its rightful owner, Mr Gontran Durocher, owner of Scherzo Audio and builder of the Andante.   My previous...
  20. astroid

    Yesterday i bought a pair of Beats Solo HD .....

    Before i get bombarded with "could have got better" or "Uh Monster" or "Bass , Muddy, overpriced" , i will just say this......I like them.         I have seen a few threads on here about Beats and how they "suck" but i couldnt find anyone who had the new HD version of the Solos. I...
  21. 00940

    Slowly worrying about a replacement for my good old AKG K340

    No, I'm not about to ditch my K340 to the dustbin quite yet. However:   - With my 30-years birthday getting closer, some friends asked me if I'd welcome a new pair of headphones; - I've got the feeling that the highest frequencies of my K340 aren't exactly what they once were. After 8...
  22. Wildstar

    Portable <$100 with good sub-bass

    Hi guys, Short story: I'd like a K81 with a sub-bass hump instead of its mid-bass hump. Any suggestions? Long story: I'm searching for a "fun" (ie. bass heavy) portable, mostly for casual home use and the occasional commute. The K81 would be perfect, heard it a couple of times, I love its...
  23. forsberg

    What are your top 5 headphones for classical music?

    Aside from Stax and other high-end stuff, what are your top 5 headphones for classical music? No preference for open/closed.
  24. KT88

    K340 KT88 mod guide :)

    After getting the DV 336i upgraded I turned to my K340's. During my first mod attempt I broke one part of the headphones. Since I had to order the parts from AKG in Germany, I bought a few extra parts for modding. Before the package from AKG arrived I tweaked the elastics so the can will...
  25. MDR30

    AKG K340 in Africa

    A most extraordinary thing happened the other day. It was my uncle’s birthday and I browsed through one of his old photo albums. He used to be a radio operator in the merchant fleet before retirement. One photo especially attracted my attention as I saw a man with a pair of headphones. It was...