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AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdl-speakers, Mar 1, 2009.
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  1. Natsukawa
    . . . yeah, isn't it a shame? How disrespectful to the almighty K340 .____.
    @DMax99 . . .  The Superluxes are really good cans, especially for the price! In germany a 681/681-B costs about 19€.  The 681-B kinda sounds like a K240 Sextett, almsot the same. The 681 is the same but harscher highs and mooooore bass. The EVO sounds more like a philips . . . kinda like a X1 but x1 is better in every way (resolution, bass quality, soundstage etc.). The 662s sound kinda like my SHURE SRH440s but with less bass and more neutral. They are all more than woth the money <3
    And the K812 . . . sad story for me xD Many people like these. I like them too . . . but not for its price. Personally i like the T1 , HD800 and even the T90 more than the K812. Soundstage is smaller on the K812 and in terms of details ~ none of them lack in details. The thing is . . . i like my k501 and k400 more than the K812. Because they also give me a bigger soundstage and detail-resolution-wise  the k812 is nothing really new for me. I have awaited way more changes from the "new flagship". Its a big update, if you come from the K7xx series. But not if you're coming from a K400/500/501. I know people will throw stones at me right now (xD) but i'm not the kind of person, who hypes something just only because its new. Especially in AKGs case. They've so dissapointed me with the K7xx series that i had lost my respect. Its not enough to change the looks . . . after so many Versions of the K701 i have awaited something bigger, more different.
    The K812 is not a bad can, by no means ~ but it has to compete with his older brothers! It kinda sounds like a mix between k501, and K601/612. It has similiar magical mids like the k501 but with the amount of bass like a k601. But the soundstage . . . thats, what dissapointed me, its smaller and can't even stand a chance against the T1s or the HD800s soundstage, not even close. Sure, soundstage is not important for everyone and if you wanna use the K812 for editing / work, its maybe the best akg ever. But for listening? As a soundstage-fetishist i need the stage XD Even Sonys MA900 has a bigger stage than the K812.
    The good thing on the K812 is the materials, i absolutely love the look and feel of it. metal, good leather and fine quality material, not much plastic here like the older AKGs. I hope AKG stays on that route ;D I'm just waiting for the next K812 Version, mayber that will be my cup of tea. In my opinion its not worth 1300-1500€. 600-800€ is the price tag whre i see the K812, judging by its sound. Now you can all stone me xD
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  2. Natsukawa
    Soooo, my new boxed K340 arrived on friday and i'm absolutely stunned by them!  I think, that I won't have such an opportunity again, not in this life XD So I feel like the luckiest audiophile in the world now xD Now the veeeeery strange thing . . . is also very frightening at the same time. I had 6 K340's in total. 2 of them were too muddy and bassy, 1 was too neutral without body and bass and the rest of them were the versions I appreciate ~ with good treble, splendid instrument seperation, clarity, fascinating soundstage and good bass. Well, I sold 2 of them together with the 3 other ones I don't like to keep only one for me, because it was in very good shape. All of these good versions were in good shape. The bad soundig ones . . . were very old and used. But I removed the cotton-wool from all of them.
    Now the new one, that came on friday . . . it sounds even better then my favorite Version that I have at home. Out of the box, without even removing the cotton wool or burn-in time! What is that? that made me curious . . . could it be . . . is it possible . . . that all K340s, no matter what driver-color-type is inside . . . sound the same? And the only reason, why they sound so different is because the electrets are wearing out in time and while doing so, they change in their sound? That could be the explanation, why all my K340's, that I didn't liked (the ones beeing muddy & too bassy, thin harsh and bassles etc.) were in bad shape and looked very used. So maybe the electrets were on low-power / slowly dying? Because all my other K340's, which signatures i liked, were all in good shape and not much used, even in the inside. So my theory isn't very unlogical. But now's time to show some pics <3 Please click on the pictures, to enlarge them.
    natsu_K340neu_01.jpg        natsu_K340neu_03.jpg    
      natsu_K340neu_02.jpg      natsu_K340neu_05.jpg
    natsu_K340neu_04.jpg        natsu_K340neu_06.jpg     
    natsu_K340neu_07.jpg       natsu_K340neu_08.jpg

  3. Claritas
    Never seen that balanced out with adapter to 1/4". Very nice option. That's stock?
  4. Natsukawa
    Yeah, it's stock and fresh out of the box. I haven't even removed the cotton wool, because it sounds so fantastic out of the box. Tomorrow I'll open it to see the insides, i'm still curious what driver-version it is. Maybe I'll remove the cotton . . . maybe not, it's perfect as it is. Hell, it sounds better than my T90  x___X 
  5. mr.khali
    The very few who have had the great fortune of finding a K340 in a new/mint condition have all said the same.  The wide difference in sound may all be to age and condition because in new condition they are stunning!  Enjoy and cherish them.  
  6. Natsukawa
    It's so sad because i know . . . she'll die someday ;____;
  7. Claritas
    I think AKG will fix it for you; might sound a little different though.
  8. TimSchirmer

    These are really power hungry, but my Yarland P100 sounds fantastic with them. So did my Geek Out 1000. At the most recent head-fi meet, the Schiit Audio stuff didn't seem to get quite loud enough with them.
  9. mcteague
    I have an old pair of K340s, w/o box. Any idea what I should sell them for?
  10. namaiki
    Basing on eBay prices, about $100-280 depending on condition.
  11. TimSchirmer
    I'd keep them. I've tried both Grado GS1000 and Denon D5000's and prefer the realism of the K340's. The D5000's have more detail but I can't stand closed headphones after like half an hour of listening.
  12. TimSchirmer

    Mine are definitely not terminated with that type of adapter.
  13. namaiki
    Indeed. My AKG K340 bass light almost sounds like vocals come from in-front and they're pretty good as long as the earpads aren't flat. Just purchased some AKG K240 earpads which just fit and they are great.
  14. TimSchirmer
    I'm just amazed that headphone currently going around $200 on eBay sounds more natural to my ears than just about everything else I've heard out there under $600. This includes the venered HD650 and Grado RS-1, PS-1, and even the GS-1000. I gave Denon D5000's a try, and while they had excellent detail, I got listening fatigue after about a half an hour of listening. I guess closed cans just aren't my cup of tea.
    I think they are under-rated for the following reasons:
    1. They sound totally anemic if not properly amped. They won't sound good with amps that don't have gain switches. They did however sound great with the Geek Out 1000. I really think K340's and Geek Out are probably the best price/performance combo I've heard in all of my years in this hobby. However even with the Geek Out 1000 you need to almost maximize the volume.
    2. They need to be playing for about 20 minutes or so before they really start to shine. I think they sound bad at most meets because of this, and therefore people get a sort of negative opinion about them.
  15. pp312
    Venered? Is there a modded 650 I haven't heard about yet?
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