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AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jon l, Jun 15, 2007.
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  1. thebrunx
    rocking sextett ep from an 02 amp which is hooked to a firestudio mobile interface, im quite pleased with them overall, I switched the pads with beyer dynamic dt990 pads, i prefer them to the dt990s, t90s, hd600, hd530 akg k500 akg k400, k240 lp, but with most of them its a matter of preference and not superiority, i have the lp also and its lacking the bass, and im just not that type, hope it adds something to someone. God bless. bye
  2. Storydog
    I have Sextett Cardan MP and Beyer DT 990 Pro(old), T 90 and Sennheiser HD 530(II) too.


    With the Sextett it is special sound experience - special 70s I think(dark and relaxed), but which Can of the 70s can nearly hold with younger headphones? In soundstage and satisfying clarity. Of course T 90 is a clearly other league, no doubt.


    The first generation of the AKG K 240 is one of the few, with slightly compromises.
  3. EdenElectronics
    I just found a set of akg k 240 sextett for under 40 bucks. Would this be a fair price? Seem pristine except for a little tape on the 6.35mm connector
  4. Amarphael
    Yes. you bet. Especially if the headband is the original six-hole type.
  5. Thanos916
    a few weeks ago I found those Sextett out of the blue at a second hand store here in Vienna.
    The price was a steal...
    After all those weeks today I found some time to enjoy them. 
    Those headphones have the red drivers so I guess they are an early model right?
    I do not have a big headphones collection and I do not consider myself as an audiophile but I like the sextett more than the AKG K550 and the K141 studio (Made in Austria version) that I own.
  6. tdogzthmn
    How does the Sextett compare to the K240DF?  I've head the K241 before and found it to be warmer with a bit more bass than the K240DF but the DF had better clarity detail and speed.  Overall I preferred the neutrality that the DF offers.
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  7. larcenasb
    Hello everyone :)
    I wanted to share a unique experience I recently had with the K240 Sextetts. I'm curious if anyone else has done this: I converted my AKG K240 Sextetts into AKG K140 Sextetts. Wait what!? Yes!
    A solder tab irreparably broke off one of the drivers on my K240 Sextetts. I was devastated, and in my anguish I remembered my K140s sitting in a box in my closet. The drivers are the same dimensions as the K240s', so they were a direct replacement. I thought it more a shame to waste the Sextetts' passive drivers than to disembowel the K140s. So I got to work.
    Well, wow, if you're familiar with the K140s, you know the highs are ethereally pure and far-reaching, whereas the K240s' highs are more subdued -- listen to Norah Jones' 'Don't Know Why' and discover what I mean. The bass is stronger in this circumaural version as well compared to its stock form -- it's now about the same as the K240s in terms of impact and quantity. Mids are very warm and have more body than my late production K240s did. Though the K240s were clearer and more neutral, the K140s are more musical, punchy, and engaging. I love the idea, while I'm listening, of the synergizing of the passive drivers with the K140 drivers. Very musical. :)
    Anyone else ever done this!? Take care and happy listening everyone.
    Lowell B. (Seattle, WA, USA)
  8. Armaegis
    Is it possible they are the same driver? What's the impedance?
  9. GREQ
    I thought the K141 (original silver) was the only other AKG with the same driver as the Sextett?
  10. larcenasb
    Interesting... after a bit of searching, I see a lot of people saying the sizes are the same. Not sure other than that. Where did you find that info GREQ?
    The sound is clearly different to me though: for example, when I said "listen to Norah Jones' 'Don't Know Why' and discover what I mean," at the 1:55 mark, Norah sings "You'll beeeeeeeee on my mind foreverrrr." With the AKG K140s in stock form, I always noticed how the "beeeeeeeee" part made my spine tingle with the range and purity, the K240s were clear and warm and as I said above a little subdued in comparison. When I planted the K140 capsules in the K240 shell, that same pure treble carried over. There are other differences as I state above, but that one is unmistakably evident.
    Perhaps they are the same and there are just variances from capsule to capsule? Or no, that would make for some mismatched pairs. Anyone know if the drivers are different from K240 ep, mp, and lp, or are just the passive drivers different?
  11. larcenasb
    Hi! The impedance is the same, 600ohms. Works fantastic with my Bottlehead Crack amp :D
  12. GREQ
    I definitely read it quite a number of times in various threads on head-fi... can't remember any particular source of the top of my head.
    I do currently own a K141 (and 2 K140s) and have owned (and refurbished) 2 sextetts in the past, I'm pretty sure I did a physical driver comparison at some point too.
    The K140 drivers are normally grey, and have a single 'dot' on the very top of the diaphragm dome: (red driver on the right is from a K241 - notice the 5 'dots')
    K240/K140 drivers should have more than one dot in the center of the dome.
    (amazingly I can't find a single K240 sextett or K140 driver pic anywhere 0_o ... I might have to fix this myself :D)
  13. larcenasb
    Thanks for the info! My drivers for both the K240 and K140 had the covering over the actual diaphragm, so I didn't see the dots. I want to check now, but also don't want to take out the drivers as I'm listening at this very moment! Maybe in the future :)
  14. GREQ
    I pulled my K141 out of storage, and luckily one side is dead - this means I actually have a good reason to open it up and fix the loose connection.
    I'll get back to you with a K141 driver pic.
  15. larcenasb
    Sounds good, have fun working on them!
    Btw, imagine if AKG kept making the K240 Sextetts, along with the K340, and improved the materials; replacing much of the plastic with metal. Giving the drivers more sturdy solder tabs. Still crafting them in Austria. Sigh, one can dream :)
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