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AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jon l, Jun 15, 2007.
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  1. truly194
    So regular k240 also had 6 passive radiators?
  2. troymadison

    The current production studio has no passive drivers and has completely different drivers alltogether. The nice thing about the current production studio is that it can be driven without a dedicated amplifier without a problem. The newer studios are now made in China I believe. All the other K240 versions have 600ohm drivers including the sextetts. My favorite K240 is probably the diffused field version. I really love the 600ohm monitor but it is a tad too dark for my taste.
  3. truly194
    No, i'm asking about old production k240 - mine are sextett or they are not?
    I have not bad OTL amp which should work well with 600 ohms, but the plug is break in my k240 so they need rejacking. 
    I'm little confused because i was always thinking that i have sextetts, but people are selling k240 looks exactly like mine and call them "k240" without any information about that they are sextetts.
  4. troymadison

    Yeah, I think any K240 with the silver rim and branding are sextetts. The gold version are monitors with just two drivers. The sextetts don't say sextetts on them, it is more of a nickname because AKG abandoned the passive drivers and kept the same model number.
  5. vid
    Unless you have a monitor with sextett drivers and a sextett with monitor drivers.
  6. truly194
    Can i past link to k240 deals which made me confused?
  7. Tiemen
    I can't see how disambling can lead to a definite conclusion. Where to look for if disambled?
    And how big is the chance for having a Sextett  with monitor drivers?
  8. troymadison

    The only chance is buying a pair from an owner who was bored enough to modify them like that
  9. vid
    Monitor drivers were used as valid replacements for the sextett. You get one if a previous owner sent theirs in for servicing after sextett drivers were off the shelves. Given this situation, if you can't see the driver, you don't know which headphone you have.
  10. Tiemen
    As in removing the screen?
    BTW: what is your source for knowing this?
  11. Triple X
    I just finished my removable cable mod (MP Sextetts), thought you guys might like to see.

  12. RUMAY408

    Nice DIY, are you going for a balanced cable?
  13. Triple X

    No, I can't personally tell the difference in sound, and so it seemed far too much hassle (especially for a very beginner such as myself).
  14. Tequilasunriser
    Does anyone have any suggestions for the foam that goes behind the passive radiators? From the images it looks like a rather porous foam.
    Also, the foam is a buffer for the driver rings to pivot into and not for acoustical properties, correct?
  15. DisCHORDDubstep
    I've been told it is just a buffer and has no impact on sound from people here.
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