AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
  1. mrspeakers Contributor
    Just contact and we’ll take care of it. Any cable problem that isn’t the result of genuine abuse is obviously covered, so no problem at all. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  2. harris4crna
    I have the AK70, Chord Mojo and Hugo 2 and both AFC & AFO. Here is the ranking in sound quality:

    1. Hugo 2
    2. Mojo
    3. AK 70 (solo)

    No surprise huh? I only listen to AK70 solo if I have to. I personally do not like any HP with AK70 solo, but will compromise when traveling on the train or heading to the gym. Otherwise I match it with the Mojo or Hugo 2. I highly recommend spending a few extra dollars and purchasing a HP amp with either of the AEONS.
  3. Lelouch
    Hi Dan, thank you very much for your responsiveness! :) I sent a mail to about this issue.
    Huge kudos for being that close to your community!
  4. freitz
    Anyone else notice on low volume the left channel is slightly louder then the right channel? Also at really low volume levels the left channel is all I hear nothing coming out the right channel. Using Black Label.
  5. BB 808
    I've noticed that using my micro – iDSD BL with IEMatch off (high gain) my lower impedance headphones have a channel imbalance with the left side louder than right and you need to raise the volume to even things out. Putting IEMatch on High Sensitivity (medium gain) or Ultra Sensitivity (low gain) removes that imbalance at low to medium volumes.
  6. mrspeakers Contributor
    Volume dependent channel imbalance in amplifiers is usually caused by poor tracking of the L/R wiper on the volume potentiometer. Generally the solution is to switch to lower gain so that you can move the volume pot into a more linear region.
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  7. bearFNF Contributor
    LOL, no imbalance on my LAu... :smile_phones:
  8. BB 808
    Why are you laughing?
    What is a LAu?
  9. Schwibbles
    Cavalli Liquid Gold
  10. bearFNF Contributor
    I'm laughing cause I'm happy the LAu has a good volume pot and no low level imbalance, LAu is a Liquid Gold amp by Cavalli.
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  11. Zachik
    A collector's item :wink:
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  12. freitz
    Would Aeon's really be lower impedance headphones though? There is definitely a imbalance that levels out when you raise the volume. Seems counter intuitive to turn on IEM Match Medium gain for full size cans no? Just want to make sure its working ass intended.
  13. BB 808
    AEON Flow impedance is 13 ohms. Try some other headphones with higher impedance and the imbalance should go away. There's a TURBO mode, NORMAL mode and ECO mode. Try the NORMAL mode.
  14. freitz
    13 ohms is not hard to drive so High Sensitivity IEM selection and normal mode seems to have solved the issue. Just seems odd to put in IEM mode. I am not thinking of it as Low , Med, And High Gain. Don't really need high Gain for these.
  15. gibby
    Is anyone using the Cayin N5ii with the AFC? What gain setting and EQ settings are you using? I've been listening to a few different headphones lately and trying to dial in the Aeon again.

    How about the Cayin iHA-6 amp? How's synergy?

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