AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

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  1. phthora
    Whether they are worth keeping or not will depend upon your own means and priorities. Of course, you are on a site filled with people for whom having only three headphones would seem like a cruel punishment. If you can tell the difference between them soundwise, appreciate that difference, and can afford to keep a harem, I say keep them.

    If you can't keep all three, I would keep the MrSpeakers. In fact, if I could only have one of the headphones that I have ever owned, heard, or heard of, it would be the AEON C's. For me, they are exactly neutral and excel in every aspect. Now, I don't want to come off like I am exaggerating. There are headphones that do specific things better or that have a different flavor that I like as much, but these are by far the best all-rounder, everyday headphone and by far the most comfortable. Because of their exceptional isolation, they also have a very high Wife Acceptance Factor. (In fact, my wife will often bring the AEON C to me and demand that I listen to them instead of whatever open headphones I'm listening to.) Of course, that is only my opinion. However, the numerous, seemingly endless accolades that these have received back up that opinion.

    Anyway, welcome aboard!
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  2. Boogee134
    Thanks a lot for your answer !
    Yeah I would LOOVE to keep all three. TH-X00 for bass-cannon purposes, AEON C for all around purposes (and they are planar !), and HD 6XX to have an open headphone. Can't wait to receive them ! But my girlfriend seems to think this is a little excessive (but I guess we are a lot in this situation haha). It will all come down to her, if I can make her accept the fact that I want 3 headphones (that are expensive in her mind), bingo !

    Anyway, I read so much about the AEON C, they are the ones I'd keep too (from what I've read).
    Can't wait ! :D
  3. phthora
    That is the perennial issue. It's always difficult to understand someone else's hobby. I have friends that spends thousands on trips a couple of times a year or drop a couple hundred bucks every at a bar every other weekend, but are appalled by the idea of spending $400 for headphones. Just different priorities.

    If it helps convince your girlfriend, your headphones will retain most of their value if cared for properly. So, you can always unload them later for minimal loss.
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  4. Shawnb

    Welcome to the community. What made you buy 3 at once? I'd suggest keeping the Aeon's and getting rid of one of the other pair and using that to buy yourself a DAC and Amp next, if you haven't already.
    The Aeon's are amazing and will blow you away after the Beats.
  5. Iluin
    Hello everyone! I am very new to this community but I love the conversation that's going on here. Thank you for all that great insight!

    Anyway I just purchased Aeon closed cans and I was wondering if that would be a good match with my Fiio X7 MKII. I already own Oppo PM3 and Fiio has no problem with that.

    Thank you and have a great day.
  6. Boogee134
    Thanks for the answer !
    What made my buy 3 at once ? My reward for finishing my master's degree next april + unexpected money and a well balanced budget. Also, my passion for music (I have an Excel sheet of every album I listen to, I rate them, etc.) made me want to experiment with great headphones rather than good ones. Can't really buy a speaker since I'm still in apartment. Anyway, kept reading about all kinds of headphones and decided to pull the trigger. I don't really wanna be stuck in mid-fi hell so I bought 3 at the same time that I think could complement each other well. Wanted a fun headphone for hip hop (since it's my favorite genre of music) (TH-X00), a planar and great all arounder (Aeon C) and an open back for easy listening (HD-6XX).

    I still don't know if I'm gonna keep all 3, but I wanted a setup that could last me for years. And as phtora said, the risk is minimal since I could unload one for minimal loss.
    For a dac/amp I bought the e10k, I know it's entry level stuff but I can already hear the difference with my current headphones. I'll use it with these 3 to : 1. decide if I keep all 3 (if they complement each other really well) 2. if not, which one will I sell ? 3. what will I buy to upgrade my "collection" with the money.

    I'm really, really excited. I'm supposed to receive de TH-X00 next monday et the AEON C friday next week. I expect to be blown away.
  7. Shawnb
    Congrats on passing. Good for you for jumping all in on 3 at once. I'm sure you will be blown away and will have a difficult time deciding on any to give up. What TH-X00's did you go with? Purplehearts look the nicest to me
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  8. Boogee134
    Thank you !
    I went with the PH, I think they look the nicest too. I will probably buy used for the next few years though (if I have too), I'm getting destroyed by the customs (Canada). :frowning2:
  9. Zachik
    When my GF asked me why do I need so many headphones, while having only 2 ears - I reminded her that she only has 2 feet... Never heard a comment since!! :wink:
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  10. BunnyNamedCraig
    first off congrats on the masters degree! :beerchug: I think its cool you have the excel spreadsheet to rate and keep track of your albums. With you saying that, it makes me wonder if you enjoy bouncing between the headphones more then sitting down with one pair for long listening?

    I have a friend that I consider to be the "Mid-fi King". He has about 12 headphones and a lot of them are in the $200-$450 range I would say. I tell him, "you know, if you took all that money on midfi you could easily have a TOTL flagship by now." Something that I realized over the friendship is that he LOVES to listen to each and bounce around a lot of them for different genres. So if that sounds like your cup of tea then just upgrade your Amp and DAC and have fun with all of them!

    If you want 1 or 2 headphones to "rule them all" then listen to what you have an develop your tastes more.
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  11. VandyMan
    Now that the Aeon Open is done and the Voce is getting ready to ship, how about a wireless Aeon Closed?
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  12. shuto77
    Does anyone know which pre-order units (serial number range) had the inconsistency? I'm about to pick up another pair, and I'm very excited excited. I sold my last pair, and I miss them! They were my favorite headphones I've ever owned.
  13. meomap
    There you go.....
    Good for you.........
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  14. TSAVJason
    I’m warming up to the 400i myself’s definately a nice choice in its price range. It drives all the current MrSpeakers really well.
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  15. TSAVJason
    Come on man! You gotta give the guy more love for an accomplishment like that. “Good for you” ?? I’m like saying DANG! That’s flipp’n awesome!!!!! The dude is my KING!! lol

    PS; I think his wife is going to go with it and spend more on shoes but hey if she does OUCH!
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