ether c flow
  1. ScubaMan2017

    ScubaMan’s First Headphone “Review”

    I had a minor windfall… enough to buy another NICE headphone (not Audeze’s latest and greatest). My story: I met my first LCD… at a downtown HiFi shop near Yonge & Bloor (Streets). Frankly, I was underwhelmed. I made a rookie mistake - I listened to it on a noisy showroom floor (and not in an...
  2. ZzBOG

    Stellia vs ZMF VC vs Sony MDR Z1R vs ...?

    I am looking for a closed back headphone to go with my HD800s which I love, but can't use sometimes when it's too loud in the office. I have Z7M2 and while they are very comfortable and alright-sounding, I need more soundstage. Also Z7M2 suffer from a weird bug - they hiss (I am using Topping...
  3. fuzecap

    Ether C Flow 1.1 for making Music?

    Hello all, I have been on a bit of a can bender after buying my pair of LCD-X and am looking for things to balance out the collection. I currently have a T50RP Mk3, DT770, AD900X, and ESP 95X. I just ran my 770 into destruction and while I should probably just fix it first I have been looking...
  4. S

    ZMF Eikon vs Ether C Flow sound?

    Hello. Can someone that has had both the Ether c flow by mrspeakers and ZMF Eikon give me a sound comparison between the two? I know the Ethers C are way more comfortable and arguably better built quality, but I just want to focus on the sound please. Quick background: I have had the Ether C...
  5. lemarsghast

    ZMF closed dynamic lineup vs Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the right area to ask, but I'm interested in hearing a detailed and direct comparison from people who have owned both the Ether C Flow 1.1s and 1 of (or more) the closed ZMF dynamics (Atticus, Eikon, Verite Closed). The reason I ask this is because I am unable...
  6. mrspeakers

    ETHER C and ETHER C Flow FIFA Tournament Headphone Clearance, 33% off

    We have a number of headphones used in the Electronic Arts FIFA tournament. They have one or more minor blemishes and are branded "MrSpeakers" in red on the sides of the cups. They're on sale at 33% off, with full warranty, your choice of cable termination, and fresh ear pads. If you're...
  7. deafmonkey

    Dac/Amp recommendations for Ether Flow

    I just bought a Ether Flow and need a better amp. Currently using like a 5 year old E09k/E07k that has a slight channel imbalance LOL. I'm in China so stuff from Mayflower and Schiit are hard to find. I'm not too familiar with dacs/amps but I would prefer a setup with just 1 unit (dac/amp combo)...
  8. mrspeakers

    AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

    We are pleased to announce AEON, our latest closed-back planar magnetic headphone.     All new proprietary planar driver V-Planar driver processing Trueflow motor optimizations NiTinol memory metal headband Super-comfortable circumaural design Genuine leather headband Real carbon fiber cup...