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AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
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  1. mrspeakers Contributor
    We are pleased to announce AEON, our latest closed-back planar magnetic headphone.  
    1. All new proprietary planar driver
    2. V-Planar driver processing
    3. Trueflow motor optimizations
    4. NiTinol memory metal headband
    5. Super-comfortable circumaural design
    6. Genuine leather headband
    7. Real carbon fiber cup components
    8. Under 340 grams (12 oz)
    As a special thank you to Head-Fi, preorders for the first 250 units will be only $699.99.  The sale price will be available from a link on THIS PAGE, starting at 5PM Monday January 30.  
    All sales will be final, target ship date is April 30, 2017 (note: we have to date never missed a ship date by more than a day.  While we are confident in our target date, things can go wrong, and some delays are always possible).
    MrSpeakers Make every day a fun day filled with music and friendship! Stay updated on MrSpeakers at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    @funCANS MrSpeakers https://www.mrspeakers.com/ info@mrspeakers.com
  2. mscott58
    Looks interesting Dan! Can't wait to try it this week and CanJam NYC. Cheers
  3. eargasam
    Was going to purchase the new blue planar but looks like I'm going to wait for aeon now
  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    You don't rest, do you Dan? :wink_face:
  5. eargasam
    Love to hear these at can jam unfortunately I can't make it wondering will dan bring these to axpona this year ?
  6. Fearless1
    Looks incredible, just brilliant styling.

    Fantastic work Dan!
  7. Maelob
    Oh nooo my Primes are in danger LOL great news to see a Mr. Speakers product under 1K.
  8. Stillhart
    Spoiler alert:  these are pretty good.  Full review coming soon.
  9. mscott58

    Thanks Dan!
  10. saxophone
    Wow. It feels as if you just released Ether Flow-C. I think it is pretty incredible that your company has been outputting products at such an incredible rate.
  11. jeffri
    Looks very interesting :)
  12. musicday
    Is there a video,or more photos available for the Aeon headphones? Glad to see they are coming with cheaper quality models while keeping the price low.
  13. Shure or bust
    Ill be waiting for 5pm lol
  14. osvaldo

    True! Low price is always nice [​IMG]
    I'm worried though, the headband holds the drivers with just one arm. Is it metal?
  15. Middy
    Good luck
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