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AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
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  1. MattTCG
  2. solco

    ​That's great, I'll definitely try to make this. Many thanks for the heads up.
  3. musicday
    Planning to use itnin balanced mode with your DX200?
    Do you own the gold Walkman? I am interested to have a listen on the 1Z.
  4. soundblast75
    1A only, no intention to get Z, 1A is awesome enough for my bass tastes,
    Balanced is a total unnecessary gimmick in my book,have heard it in AK,pioneer xdp300, now ibasso, prefer SE by far
  5. soundblast75
    Yes, miss the days buying US products when dollar was in our favour:blush::thumbsup:
  6. soundblast75
    Really looking forward to it:thumbsup::beers:
  7. guerph
    Bought em!
    I have been enjoying a pair of AQ Nighthawk that I got for a steal couple months back. But I can't use them at the office, so I needed a closed back headphone. I like the Nighhawks alot with my Mojo, so I had been looking at the Nightowl. These came along at just the right time. Hoping the AEON will pair nicely with the Mojo. I'm not ready to spend $1000+ for headphones just yet. Glad to see some options in the sub-$1000 category. I'm buying these blind...obviously. I've never tried any other MrSpeakers headphones. The only other "high-end" headphones I've listened to were the LCD-X...which I loved, but felt they were too heavy and uncomfortable.
  8. Fastnbulbous
    From your path of thinking it seemed like NightOwl would have been your purchase. What changed your mind? I too was considering upgrading my old Denon AH-D2000s that I use at work to the NIghtOwl, then these came along. Hard to decide without hearing!
  9. guerph

    Impulse...pure unadulterated impulse
    441879 likes this.
  10. Kavalier
    Lol, so far an issue on the Shipping method in MrSpeakers website has made my "pure unadulterated impulses" unsuccessful... and I appreciate that! Lol I need to think first.[​IMG]
  11. Stillhart
    I haven't heard the "revised" EL-8 closed, which by all reports is significantly improved from the original.  But FWIW this crushes the original EL-8 closed.
    Yes, it pairs quite well with the Mojo.
    TjPhysicist likes this.
  12. earnmyturns
    Ordered them as soon as I got the email for my work setup, to replace a pair of Alpha Primes that I like but are rather heavy. Paired with a Liquid Carbon 2.0 fed by a DX90. Home setup is C Flows paired with Jotunheim fed by Bimby.
  13. nigel801
    Good Point, I hope it will start price war and hifiman and audeze will be sweating :wink:
  14. foreverzer0
    Just hopped on the Aeon train. The Ether Flow is also one of my favorites that I've listened to, so hopefully this can be as well. @mrspeakers would it be feasible to have an option for the cable to be terminated with 4-pin XLR such as the DUM cables on the Ether series?
  15. EddieE
    Well priced, and based on my audition of the Ether Flow C, I expect it will sound great too. 
    It's so close to being a product I want, but just doesn't fit the bill. 
    It's closed back, it looks like it should be efficient enough to be run from a portable device...
    ... but it's form factor does not seem convenient for portable use.
    If it had a folding and rotating headband/gimble system, it would be perfect higher end portable option. That's a category of headphones that is very light on the ground. 
    Shame that with the very home-listening focused headband design it wouldn't be collapsable and packable into a bag. 
    Ah well, looks like a great product all the same. Just a shame that its only almost something I want to buy. 
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