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AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
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  1. mrspeakers Contributor

    We actually started this project around when we started ETHER.  It's VERY hard to make design tradeoffs to get the price down without killing sound or comfort and even harder to deal with manufacturing issues that can compromise consistency,...
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  2. Arnav Agharwal
    FWIW, I just wanted to add some perspective to an earlier debate on quoting Tyll that ATH-M50X is 95% Ether C Flow. Note that this is intended more for newbies (like myself) reading these threads. Here are some other quotes from Tyll's YouTube review:

    "This is one of the most outstanding sealed headphones I've heard, one of the best."

    "Audio professionals who are in the need of a sealed headphone that has enough neutrality to work with, I definitely think this headphone does have that... It's astonishingly neutral..."

    "None of the upscale sealed headphones I've heard... the Audeze LCD-XC, for example... I think this is a much better headphone than that."

    "For pros looking for the best sealed headphones that they can get their hands on, this certainly might be the right headphone for you."

    "If you're a headphone audiophile and wanna spend big bucks on a sealed headphone, I would say this is the headphone to go with."

    I feel that it is unfair to tarnish the reputation of a small, local brand producing fantastic products.

    I am an Ether C Flow owner who has owned the ATH-M50X for 4 years prior to it, and I can testify that if nothing else, the Ether C Flow destroys them in terms of the depth of soundstage; I will leave the articulation of other sonic qualities to experienced members. Tyll's point (made amply clear in his video) simply is that closed-back headphones have a lower point of diminishing returns than open-backed due to technological limitations, so we should not expect these to sound like an Ether Flow or HD 800S. That being said, the only people who will be interested in a closed-back headphone would be those whose listening needs will be compromised by leakage from open-backed designs, and MrSpeakers makes a truly worthy product for such customers.
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  3. inthere
    Pulled the trigger on mine, ready to go!
  4. ElectroMod

    We should defiantly have a set for the Milton Keynes Head-fi meet come and have a listen.
  5. alvinmate
    Did anyone compare this to audeze el8 closed cans. Im curious to know
  6. nigel801
    Dan , don't you think it will take away sale of Ether C and Ether C Flow. when you were designing AEON at same time as Ether I presume this thought must have come to your mind. So what argument persuaded to make them at half the price and sound as good as Ether C Flow [​IMG] 
  7. bluesaint
    It's business 101, it's better for you to cannibalize your own product, then have a competitor swoop in and do that. At least this way you control when and how it happens.  
  8. inthere
     Getting Flow quality at this price point is going to bring a lot of positive energy to Mr. Speakers
  9. soundblast75
    Uk people should wait till audio sanctuary gets stock, it'll be cheaper than preordering now for april and paying around £130 on top in fees
  10. inthere

    Not 100% but pretty sure Electromod will get stock before Custom Cable in the U.K.
  11. soundblast75
    Yes, they will, talked yesterday :thumbsup:
  12. Robert777
    So excited to see how much these will be in the UK. I have a sort of self imposed limit on how much I will spend on headphones and I hope these come in just under.
  13. soundblast75
    My guess is £700
  14. Weatherlight

    "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will."
  15. Robert777
    Close. Actually £750. That goes for all my audio purchases. I know I could save longer and get more money but, on my income, I cannot justify more than that on any one thing. Kind of a way of keeping myself in check.
    EDIT: I am very happy that these are priced fairly and are halting the absurd price oneupmanship that has been going on. I think with UK taxes these will be pushing £850 unless I jump on the introductory price.
    EDIT the second: i am kind of slow today. I just realised you were guessing the price, not my budget, which makes much more sense. I hope you are right but I am thinking they will be more expensive. The pound is in the toilet right now due to the implosion of Western civilisation.
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