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AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
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  1. HK_sends
    I just popped for a pair. I was planning on getting rid of my Audeze Sines anyway since they are very uncomfortable for my ears. If these come with a travel case, they will be my travelling cans while the Ether C Flows (that are finally opening up) will be my at-home cans. There are very few companies that I am willing to blindly buy a new product from but Dan's is one of them.:D
    Looking forward to late April!:popcorn:
    Cheers and All the Best!:beerchug:
    -HK sends
  2. HK_sends
    How do the ear openings in the pads compare to the Ether Flows? Will big ears fit?
    Inquiring minds...

    -HK sends
  3. Stillhart
    I answered this a few pages back.  The openings on the Aeon are significantly bigger than the ones on the Ether.  I'll get some measurements for my upcoming review.
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  4. MattTCG
    Good point, I forgot about that. But even then if you didn't like them you'd likely be able to get most of your $ back on the used market. But point well taken. 
    Hybrids amps like Schiit makes, lyr2 and mjo2, are wonderful. Crack, not so much. Most DAPS with any decent power output work well...fiio x5, Dragonfly Red, Sony wm 1z are all good. 
    I think that the new cable is great. More flexibility is always a good thing. The 1/8 plug fits seemlessly to the 1/4 adapter. In fact for quite a while I didn't realize it was a 1/8. [​IMG]  The flexibility makes a perfect complement to Aeon. 
  5. HK_sends
    Sorry about that, I just saw your previous post and was about to delete my question. That's what I get for asking questions before finishing the thread.:xf_eek:
    Thanks much!
    -HK sends
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  6. krumley7882
    Congrats MrSpeakers- Hope to hear the sonic goodness of the AEON in time- Making some mighty fine phones'!
  7. Phoebus7
    thank Dan for clarification
  8. Zachik
    @Stillhart  - I was also asking several pages ago about fitting big ears.  I never tried the Ether, but own Ether Flow.  Can you confirm the openings for the ears are not smaller than Ether Flow?
    Also, can you please answer a question re: sound signature?  I absolutely love my Ether Flow, but was NOT impressed with the closed Ether C Flow.  How would you compare the sound signature of the Aeon to those 2 big brothers?
    I am looking for a closed back for late night listening, but Ether C Flow is too expensive, and not to my likings... Hoping the Aeon would sound better to my ears (mostly listening to rock music, BTW).
  9. ToroFiestaSol
    I've asked Dan about this via PM, and he said:
    "Approximately 1 3/4" wide by 3 1/4 tall"
    Good to know that there's plenty of room for the ears.
  10. Byronb
  11. Zachik
    Thanks!  and I agree - good to know my ears would fit in there... [​IMG]
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  12. Sir Gaben
    So the Aeon would not work so great with a Elekit Tu8200
  13. Stillhart
    Yes, confirmed.  As far as I know, the Ether and Ether Flow have the same opening inside, it's just the pad material that changed.  Trust me, it's bigger than it looks from the outside... this is no PM-3.
    Regarding the sound signature, it's been a while since I've heard the open Flow but i have a closed one here.  From memory, they're pretty similar with the closed one being a little warmer?  I'm not going to go into sound signature right now since I'm working on that section of the review atm.  But I'll say that Dan is definitely going for the current "house sound" of the Flow headphones.
  14. Zachik
    Thanks for the quick response, and for confirming my ears are good to go...
    As for the sound signature - I have tested the open and closed Ether Flow headphones, and think the open are the best I have ever heard. So much so that I bought them.  The most expensive (by large margin) headphones I own...
    My issue is:  I need a 2nd headphone, closed back, MUCH cheaper than the Ether C Flow (for late night listening).  Ether C Flow did NOT impress me (regardless of price).  
    So... "Dan going for the current house sound" does not help me, because I LOVE the open but not so much the closed Ether Flow "house sound".......
    Unfortunately, my earliest opportunity to just try them would be in CanJam SoCal (in 2+ months).  By then, no $100 discount, and probably 2 months backorder waiting time  [​IMG]
    Tough 1st world problems... I know...
  15. GLowaslike
    Are these going to be on ear or over ear?
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