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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. George Taylor
    I don't think I'll be switching to the foam tips. If anything I'm finding these a little too bass heavy. Trying to give them burn in time, as little as I believe in that.
  2. antdroid
    Foams are great for comfort but it bloats the mid bass a bit and muddies it. I recommend trying the new SpinFits CP155 with these. They sound great with them.
  3. AlwaysForward
    Indeed, I put the Spinfit CP155 on both my iSine and these and feel like it's been the best tips I've tried with both. I've done stock, all versions of comply, MandarinE. I've realized I prefer a silicon sound but sometimes miss the great fit of foam. These seem to deliver the best seal while maintaining the lovely silicon performance characteristics.
  4. AlwaysForward
    FYI - The Advanced AAW Accesport Lightning DAC/Amp dongle is a really fantastic pairing with these for $60. Absolutely crushes the lightning dongle. Better soundstage, better resolution and the bass is less "shouty." It gives a nice extension and really brings these to the next level if you're plugging in directly.
  5. cathee
    Anyone have a rec for comfort tips?

    I have particularly small ear canals and the oem foam tips are all really fatiguing - after about 45 to an hour of listening I'll start to feel my pulse inside my ears. I understand the larger nozzle size might be the problem but I really enjoy the sound of the Quads.

  6. nort ycagel
    I've been using the triple driver for a good 4 months and I've been testing the Quad for 2 weeks.
    The quad driver wins design and construction wise. It's really a big improvement and overall they are a pleasure to look at.
    The sound is quite different from the triple and I can't say I prefer it.

    Compared to the triple the quad sound is a lot more bassy, to the point a lot of songs actually sounds worse, less energetic and more muffled.
    If I focus I can sometimes hear some stuff I previously (on the triple) didn't, but that's about it, the songs don't actually sounds better or more detailed.
    Certain songs sound better on the quad but I prefer the vast majority of them when coming out of the triple.
    Also they don't fit as good as the triple.

    I think they still sound fairly decent but I woudln't recommend them to anyone with the Triple at half the price.
    I'll do some additional testing and burn in (even tough I don't really believe in it).
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  7. radiocalm
    I just recently added the quads to my collection and I really enjoy them. The fit is shallow and I come from using various shure with comply so the quads feel a little loose in the ear to me. I’m going to try the spin fit and see if that helps. Other than the fit I couldn’t be happier with these. They are incredibly fun to listen to. They have this crazy soundstage and holographic type of thing they do with the sound that is super cool. I’m completely happy with them. I have several headphones that I have paid over 1000.00 $ for and these make me question that a little bit. I’m no expert but I have been into the headphone game for a lot of years and these make me very happy. I just love listening to them. They are both revealing and articulate but also totally fun to listen to at the same time. Wish the fit wasn’t so shallow and I’m getting used to wearing an iem in the down position so that feels weird to me, everything else I own is cable over ear. This aside I really dig these. Best 200 bucks I’ve spent on a headphone bang for the buck wise over the 10+ years I’ve been into this awesome and expensive hobby.
    koiloco likes this.
  8. MichaelOH
    This is pretty much EXACTLY how I feel about these. Love the soundstage.

    My advice about the shallow fit with the silicon tips is try to go smaller at first and move up. That's what did it for me - found the perfect fit, and they stay in well.
  9. nort ycagel
    I honestly don't get those earbuds at all.
    I can hear more details compared to the Triple Driver but the treble sounds really bad unless I use an EQ with some highs.
    One thing I'm certain of is that they don't sound like the Triple Driver at all, it's totally a different sound for me. I don't get all those reviews saying they're a more refined version of the Triple.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
  10. SomeGuyDude
    So the weirdest goddamn thing happened.

    I've been upset because my Quads were going bad, the cable was messed up for the left side to the point of being really hard to listen to. With a non-removable cable, this is highly upsetting. I dunno why, I just felt like tossing them in and... they work. Perfectly. No issues with the Dragonfly or my phone.

    Friggin' self healing cables, I tells ya...
    BunnyNamedCraig likes this.
  11. AlwaysForward
    Ha! Yeah I actually just put mine down for the evening. Still enjoy them quite often a year later. Sometimes I'm tempted but then I kinda realize my next logical upgrade is the Andromeda which probably isn't as good as the isine20 I have so I'll keep rolling with these as my very pocketable and IEM that sounds wonderful and I can beat up a bit compared to my other headphones.
  12. SomeGuyDude
    If the iBasso IT03 is any indication, the IT04 could certainly be endgame for those not wanting to spend $1000+ as it feels like a Quad with better treble.
  13. AlwaysForward
    I'd be interested in a quad with better mids.
  14. squee116
    I allowed about 24 hours of burn-in before testing the quads, and coming from the re600s v2, noble x massdrop, noble edc, and shure 535, I'm confuzzled.

    The bass has surprising extension and impact, but the treble can sound tinny, and the mids are just super recessed. I had a similar issue with the shure 535s when I first got them, which leads me to believe this is an issue of fit in the tips. I played around with the tips provided, and got decent results out of the smallest silicon, but then my left ear just started hurting after about 2 hours of use. It's still kind of sore, even after transition to over ears. Normally, the complys work great with me, but neither foam or silicon tips provided were of much help.

    Do the complys or other tips remedy this, or is it just because the stem is so thick combined with the fact that I might have smaller ears?
  15. squee116
    I ordered the comply t600 and spinfits. Tried on the spinfits first, in small, and they solved just about all my complaints. I noticed the bass tamed down a bit, and the treble cleaned up quite a bit. I'm going to really give these a listen over the next few days, and see what happens from there. :)
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