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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. koiloco
    I sharing the same feeling and impression about the Quad.
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  2. SomeGuyDude
    IMO the shallow fit is where these sound best. Jamming them in deep makes the bass blow out.
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  3. dragion
    I'm no audiophile and probably closer to being a "basshead" maybe that's more the reason why I prefer the heavier bass.
    I do enjoy my Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium though...which is far from being anything close to "basshead" territory.
    Sometimes it's just what type of mood I'm in and what genre of music I feel like listening to that comes down to which headphone I listen to.

    Choices are good.
  4. dragion
    Finally...Smart Burn In via 1More Assistant is done!
    Now I can just "enjoy" my 1More Quad Drivers...:musical_score:
  5. MonteM
    Hi - relative newbie here and very grateful for this thread. Very interesting to read your collective thoughts and impressions.

    I just got the TRIPLE drivers and they sound really nice, and are very comfortable. I really like the overall presentation of the music; the bass is strong but not at all overpowering, and the highs are nice and distinct, though they do become almost sibilant at high volumes. The mid-range is solid.

    My main beef is that they could use a little more power. So I am wondering if I upgrade to the QUADs, would I get a more powerful presentation? I get that's not what the difference is between three and four drivers; however, I would like to know just because I really like the IEMs and just want a little more "oomph" and volume.

    FYI I use these primarily on my commute, so the noise-isolation factor is one of interest to me as well.

    Thank you in advance for any insights into this question!

  6. gryphon1911
    I'm still waiting on my QUADs to arrive. How do you feel about portable amps? I'm currently using a cmoyBB 2.03 at my work and for light travels around town. The sound signature changed slightly from my mobile devices, but I can tell a difference. If the higher volume is still getting a little too sibilant for you, you might be able to tame it a little more with an EQ.

    Others have noted that a good burn in period also improved the SQ. There is an app for mobile devices from 1More to help with that process. Might be worth a look.
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  7. AlwaysForward
    Quads are less bass heavy in their tuning with more linearity across the spectrum. They’re going to be voiced in a way that sounds less powerful to the vast majority who aren't looking for more mids.

    You probably just need an amp for power. FiiO Q1 gets great reviews!
  8. MonteM
    Thanks - I will definitely check out that app. I've been trying to avoid the EQ route as my commute is a bit challenging but I'm always up to experimenting.
  9. MonteM

    Thank you for the comments on the driver issue. It confirmed what I thought - which is that a 4th Driver isn't designed to raise the power level, but to impact the sound spectrum overall.

    I would be interested in people's thoughts with respect to how the 4th driver impacted the sound, relative to the three driver version.

    Thank you again!
  10. MonteM
    Interesting...do you find the quads have enough "oomph" and power on their own, or do you agree with others here that some kind of EQ is needed?

    As I noted, I am enjoying the TRIPLE drivers, and thinking about upgrading to the Quads. I'm not a basshead, I lean toward a more balanced overall presentation, but I do like to feel the bass in the context of the overall presentation.
  11. gryphon1911
    There are software EQ that might work for you. However, if the burn in process works out, you may not even need that EQ.
  12. MonteM
    that's a good idea....let me know if there's any in particular you favor.

    I will definitely check that out. I used to use one but don't remember which app it was.
  13. koiloco
    For me, the quad have more than enough "oomph". If you wanted more, you would definitely be a bass head. I don't EQ the quad at all.
    As listed, my HPs are HD800 (EQed), HE-6, Focal Clear, so I am not into too much elevated low end. For HD800, I EQ +3db in the low end so you can probably gauge where my preferred bass level is. Bass heads would probably dial in +5 to +10 or more.
    If you have the Triple now, the quad will be an upgrade, but not a huge one, IMO. For the price, the quad are still worth it though.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  14. gryphon1911
    For mobile I'm using Google Music, so it has a built in EQ. I've had no other need to...but I'm sure someone else here has tried some.
  15. coldhart
    How is the 1more quad's Sound quality compare to Audio-Technica Solid Bass ATH-CKS1100iS, RHA t20, vmoda zn, campfire Comet, sienheiser ie80. I'm looking for earbuds with good powerful punchy base without sacrificing beauty of high & mids. I heard very good thing about ibasso it01 but here in India they don’t cover warranty & importing them is out of the question due to import duty & other fees. I'm leaning towards 1more quad's becoz of good SQ & it's remote works with android but I don't want to sacrifice good sound if other earphone have better than 1more quad just for remote
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