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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. radiocalm
    I have really enjoyed these, think they are unbeatable for the money. My only complaint is the fit, I come from cable over ear shure designs so these always feel like they are going to fall out. I put the spinfit tips on them and it helped a bit... I love the way the comply tips feel and fit but I find they kind of kill the sound in the upper mids and highs. So yeah, spinfit’s help a bit and sound great. If they made these cable over ear I’d be so happy but I think with the driver compliment that’s probably not possible... all in all I love the quads, been very happy with them, just a little niggle with the fit. I have a thousand dollar pair of inears which shall go unnamed and I’ll tell you this, they don’t sound 800$ better than these!!
  2. squee116
    I don't know about the best for the money. I think for many purposes, the RE600s v2 is better, and is going for around 100.
  3. SomeGuyDude
    If the RE600 sounds anything like the RE400 I'd call $100 overpriced for them.
  4. squee116
    That's kind of like saying "If the HD650 sounds anything like the HD558, they're overpriced"
    AlwaysForward likes this.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    More like HD650 to HD600. Or the iSine 20 to iSine 10.

    Reviews do suggest they're incredibly similar, and boy howdy was I disappointed in the RE-400. I'd spend $20 for them, maybe.
  6. dragion
    New to the game...
    Just ordered the 1More Quads for $130 and impatiently waiting for their arrival.
    When it comes to headphones, I'm a mixed bag and not an audiophile to say...just enjoy listing to good audio.
    I have been interested in trying a set of BA or Hybrid IEM and 1More seems to fit the bill.

    I will be using the Quads with my LG V30 and was interested in any feedback regarding the combo.
  7. radiocalm
    One of the things I love about the quads is how great they sound right out of my phone which is an iPhone 7 Plus. So I think you will really enjoy them. I have only had multiple ba designs thus far and I really do like having a dynamic driver doing the bass. It’s more physical sounding. I love them.
    dragion likes this.
  8. squee116
    It's really nothing like comparing the 650 to the 600. The original launch price of the re600s v2 was WAY higher. And their sound signatures are nothing alike. I compared the 650 with the 558 because they're in different product lines, designed differently, were segmented differently, and sound nothing alike. The only similarity is the "HD" in the front and basic aesthetic. If you haven't actually heard the re600s v2, then this comparison is moot to begin with.
  9. squee116
    I think they really benefit from 3d party tips, but I did notice a boost in performance from tossing them onto an actual amp. They still sound great out of phone though.
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  10. AlwaysForward
    Which tips have you found for these wide nozzles?
  11. radiocalm
    I agree with the third party tips big time. I’m running spinfits on mine. I love comply’s but depending on the iem I find they really kill the highs. That’s not always the case, comply’s really killed the sound on my SE846 but they sound great on the 530 and a couple others I have. I’m going to try the comply on the quads just to see as I find them to be the most comfortable of anything available. I do like the quads with the spinfits, they sound great, are more secure and more comfortable than anything it came with stock.
    dragion likes this.
  12. radiocalm
    They make comply and spinfit for this nozzle size.
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  13. dragion
    I'm now intrigued about going with a set of spinfit tips...care to share the link where I can find them?
  14. dragion
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