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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    We at Head-Fi are no strangers to 1MORE, having covered both their E1001 Triple Driver and iBFree wireless IEMs in our buying guide. It's clear the community enjoys them as well because every month we see more and more reviewers talking about 1MORE's products. Today 1MORE announced their newest product, the Quad Driver In-Ear headphone.
    1MORE says that the Quad Driver's housing was styled after a jet engine, but mercifully the sound doesn't appear to follow suit. Inside the slipstream body we find a diamond-like carbon dynamic driver and three balanced armatures, each dedicated to their own independent frequencies. As the icing on the cake, the Quad Driver - like its siblings - was tuned by the Grammy Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi.
    "1MORE believes there should be nothing between you and your music – with the Quad Driver our goal of having our technology disappear leaving nothing between you and your music - is realized."
    They'll be available at the end of January for $199 USD.
    For more information be sure to check out the official press release here.
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  2. akg fanboy
    So this is their new flagship now I presume? I don't necessarily think more drivers equals better so I would definitely like to see an unbiased shootout against the triple drivers. 1MORE and soundmagic are two heavily hyped brands on headfi that I haven't tried ever since being mislead with dunu and zero audio. Hopefully these can bring some competition into the $200 segment
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  3. meringo
    Oh my. Can't wait!
  4. Niyologist
    Wow. I gotta get this.
  5. Sil3nce Moderator
    Have a feeling the triples might still have the preferred signature, if this goes down the path of the Shures or Earsonics. 
  6. Peddler
    I think that 1More genuinely deserve the hype they're getting.I have four pairs of their headphones and they are all utterly superb at what they do at the price point they're at.  I've had zero problems with their stuff and their attention to detail - from the packaging to the headphones themselves is first class - exceeding many of the known brands.
    I'm hoping they start to produce some really high-end stuff - at a sensible price. 
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  7. dpump
    I do wish there was an option to get these without the inline phone control. Would be nice to have removable cable also but I would settle for straight wires with no controls.
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  8. sunneebear
    I have three of their products.  I can see why they are considered the Apple of China, exceptionally made products with tons of accessories and top notch presentation.  I have the ear bud, the double and the triple.  Over all the sound very good for the price but I am not a bass head and I consider all the items to be bass heavy.
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  9. akg fanboy

    I might try the triple driver one day and if I don't end up liking them then I'll swear off any headfi hype that ever comes my way again. But if I end up loving them then that's great for me lol
  10. haiku
    Hope they do a better job with this than with the E1008 earbud, which imo sounds much worse than the EO320.
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  11. borjok536
    design could have been better, with a replaceable cable too. :)
  12. Trager

    I am a bit of an IEM snob, and the 1More triple drivers blew me away at CanJam last year. Super impressive, especially at the price point. In fact, I bought a pair for my girlfriend this year for Xmas, and I did a little listening with them and was surprised anew by how good they are. IEMs that make me sit up and notice, when I'm used to my Westone W60s?? Hopefully that says something right there.
  13. Tehshower
    They should have the tagline "Don't like three drivers? How about 1MORE?" when they advertise it.
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  14. akg fanboy
    nice one lmao
  15. mochill
    Would love to review these beauties:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
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