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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. AlwaysForward
    Yup. Just tried them with the Spinfit CP155 I was using on the iSine. It's awesome. Really excellent balance that brings out the mids while keeping the sounstage and treble/bass extension on first impressions.

    Edit: I have both medium and large. I prefer the large on these and generally am happy with the 12/13mm stock tips fwiw.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
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  2. radiocalm
    I can’t remember what size the quads come with but I liked the tip size that came on the quad stock. I use medium comply and shure olives as well and the medium in the spinfit was comparable size wise. If you went up a size from what the quad came with from the factory then probably large.
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  3. radiocalm
    I almost feel like I need a large for my right ear and medium for my left actually. I’m going to order a set of the large to try it as I don’t get the same results in each ear. I guess some people have to do that? I’m going to try it out.
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  4. SomeGuyDude
    LMAO the 600 and 650 are nothing alike.


    You probably burn in your flacs, too.
  5. dragion
    For me, the ones that came on the Quads seem to be the better fit.
    The 12mm are a bit on the smaller size, but the 13mm are slightly too big...great seal, but feels a bit like I've got earplugs on and creates a slight "muffle" to the audio.

    So based on this, would the medium spinfit be the correct size to order?
  6. AlwaysForward
    I feel the EXACT same way about the stock tips. Take this as a FWIW but I found the Medium CP-155 to be overly bassy however the large are absolutely perfect.

    IMHO, best thing to do is order both and have peace of mind after trying both.
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  7. dragion
    I guess I'll never actually know unless I try both...thanks for the advice.
  8. dragion
    Question: Has anyone used the 1More Assistant app's Smart Burn-in feature...all 4 of them?
    I've already finished the 1st of 4...12hrs and begun the 2nd of 4.
    I have taken several breaks and listen to some actual music from time to time in between...just couldn't sit there and not do it.
  9. squee116
    After a week of use, the right channel started cutting in and out... moving the cable seems to set it off and fix it.
  10. dragion
    Warranty should cover that issue.
    Loose connection on the earpiece end or the jack end?
  11. squee116
    Not sure, it doesn't feel loose, but when the cable is at the wrong angle, i lose sound.
  12. dragion
    Does this happen on all your players?
    I'm wonder it could be the contacts on the jack.

    I would contact 1More and see what they say...it's still new.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
  13. dragion
    Spinfit CP155 ordered and received, medium and large.

    Comparing the 1More stock tips with both Spinfit tips, I'm not sure which is the one that fits the best.
    The stock tips are shallow compared to the Spinfit, which creates less of a seal. They seem to sound well balanced...not too much bass and smooth mids with a slight cut off in the highs.
    The Medium Spinfits definitely goes deeper into the ear canal and has a better seal then the stock, but produce slightly more pronounced bass...mids and highs are about the same.
    The Large Spinfits have the best seal. Bass has less impact than the others and mids are the same, but the highs are clearer. The sound has a wider soundstage.

    Now the dilemma...
    I can't seem to decide figure out which ones to use.
    I've tried several types of genre of music and each one has it's pluses and minuses.
    There is either too much or too little bass according to which Spinfit I use...the 1More tips work fine with pretty much all the types of audio and I just wished that they weren't so shallow and had a slightly better seal.

  14. AlwaysForward
    Yup. I thought the large might be it. I put mine fairly deep into the ear to get the best results. Play with the insert depth and you’ll find your sweet spot.
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  15. dragion
    Not sure if it's the audio from the LG V30, but the large Spinfit tips seems to be lacking bass...most of the low end has disappeared and only mids and highs are noticeable. The tight low end is now missing except if I turn the 1More Quads upside-down with the wire over the ears and then the bass is back. The issue is that it isn't that comfortable and with continues listening periods, the pressure starts to be noticed.
    At this moment, I've gone back to the medium Spinfit tips and see if they will grow on me...worst comes to worst, I'll stick with the stock 1More tips.
    If there was a tip that had the low end of the medium and the fit and clarity of the large...it would be perfect.
    If that is the case, a set of each of the medium and large tips will be available for sale...still brand new. The ones I've tested with, I'll keep as back ups.
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