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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. dweaver
    Based on your liking the Quad and finding your Klipsh to not be the right signature or lacking I think the Etymotic's will similarly be lacking.

    Brainwavz is currently coming out with a Quad BA driver IEM that early impressions suggest might have a more bass oriented signature you might like. Pioneer CH9T might also fit the bill. Or you might want to consider the Fiio F9. Finally there is the original audiophile based bass oriented IEM Sennheiser IE80 or the IE80S which is just about to ne released.
  2. jkjk123
    I currently use them with Rebound Comfort tips. The foam tips do help with the isolation, but I'm not sure they can ever get to high level isolation on par with the Klipschs or Shures, partially due its design not allowing for deep insertion.

    I noticed they now have a noise cancelling IEM available! Unfortunately, it seems to only currently be with a lightning cable.
  3. jkjk123
    I do enjoy the Klipsch X10/X11 signature but am looking for a little more bass impact and texture, and also slightly more highs. Yes, I don't think the Etymotics will be a good option for me.

    Cool, thanks for the recs, I'll checkout those IEMS!
  4. Toom
    What's wrong with the Quads' isolation? Man some people here are either way too fussy or they live on a runway.
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  5. euge
    The TFZ exclusive has great isolation and comfort, I only own the e3, which is bassier and thicker in sound probably due to the deep fit and isolation.

    Jimster480 likes this.
  6. Jimster480
    Yea I believe they have pretty decent isolation and I use them almost daily.
  7. jkjk123
    Thanks for the recs! I like to listen at relatively low volumes, and the quad does not isolate that well for me - at least in comparison to a sealed BA like the klipsch x11 which also allows for much deeper insertion.
  8. Jimster480
    I listen at semi low volumes and the isolation isn't perfect but its fine for me, especially since I cannot wear any deep IEMs. Even the quads are tough for me because of my ear wax that i have to clean my ears multiple times a day to use them :/
  9. MichaelOH

    Love these IEMs a lot!

    But - has anyone else notice that sometimes vocals skew far to the right? Sometimes it seems like there are two things going on in a track on both sides - instruments mixed to the left, vocal mixed more to the right. It's not every track - is this just dependent on each individual mix?

    Is it something to do with how the four drivers process the track?

    Thanks! Forgive my ignorance. Curious to see what others think.
  10. Jimster480
    Do you have a specific track where this happens? I've never heard this myself across multiple genres.
  11. MichaelOH
    Hmmm...I should have done this to begin with. Playing one of the tracks on my Fiio X5 the vocal is WAYYY over to the right side, but playing the same track on a computer, vocal is dead center.

    I guess the problem lies not with the IEMs but with the Fiio??
  12. OakIris
    Interesting. I am glad it does not appear to be the IEMs that are at fault, but sorry you seem to be having problems with your music player. I take it you didn't notice this problem when using other IEMS?? Odd that only the Quads picked up on this, though...they must have better resolution (not sure that is the right audio term; forgive me if it isn't) than I thought!

    I use a FiiO E18 with my Quad IEMs, haven't noticed this at all. The E18 is a DAC/Amp, not a music player like your X5, but FiiO's do have some similar characteristics - a "house sound" if you would, at least from what I have read - and I could be wrong, but I think both units use the same DAC chip. You would think that such a skewing of the vocal track would be immediately obvious but I will take a closer listen to see if I can detect anything similar on my E18. Hopefully someone with experience with your music player will respond.

  13. Jimster480
    It could be an issue with the output on the FiiO.
    It could also be the tuning of the FiiO, but it sounds more like an issue to me.
  14. MichaelOH
    Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

    Another question I have for quad owners - how are you cleaning them? The grates seem like they can get pretty gunked up.
  15. Jimster480
    My shirt or a tissue. I haven't had any grates get mucked up yet and I wear them almost every day.
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