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1964 Ears

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  1. Ivabign
    I agree that there is a hierarchy with their CIEMs - more drivers pushes down distortion and increases headroom - the V8's feel unfettered by whatever I throw at them - the bass, while big, is nimble and doesn't smear the other frequencies. I owned the Heir 8A's - their lush signature often led to a place where the details in the lower mids/mids seemed to be glossed over (although they were really there when you focused) I enjoyed them a great deal and only sold them due to an unexpected cash crunch last year. The V8s' don't have that warm, lush presentation - although there is great coherency, the higher frequencies are very present - the details are very apparent - not smeared or congested in any way. 
  2. dwins050
    That's the information I was looking for. Thanks, I think I'm sold on the V8's and can forego the demo.
  3. ScreenKiller
    currently own the v3's and would like a upgrade along with my DX50 to DX90. i like a tad more bass. but i was wondering how does the v6 vs v8 compare? is the bass not overwhelming on the v8's? 
    i listen to the new songs (top100 ) pop etc. 
    and is the improvement even that significant?
  4. dwins050
    I don't have the V8 so I can't comment on it. I just demo'd the V3 and currently have the Qi and V6 for demo. I can give you my take on the V6 compared to the V3 if interested.
  5. zeppu08

    I just pulled the trigger yesterday and decided to get the V6 after 3 days of demoing and a/b-ing the V6, V6-S and V8.. My source is a DX90. I find the V6 just perfect for an all rounder.. The V6-S is a good choice too with a bit of bass but it goes sibilant at times. For the V8, its also a good one if you really like bass.. But for me its too much.. Even the bass of the V6-S is already too much for me.. And to say that the bass will be more enhanced by the finish custom product because of the isolation and seal, you will still have more added bass.. And thats why I went on the V6 which is very natural sounding with a punch of bass than the 2. Actually what's really great is that you get that punchy bass only when its needed..
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  6. evanatch
    Thinking of making my first foray into the world of true high-end audio with the V6, and would probably purchase an iBasso DX50 to go along with it. Currently using a Sansa Clip+ with the Brainwavz B2, which I enjoy a lot, and M50s - so this would be a pretty huge step up for me and I'm a little apprehensive about dropping so much money on earphones. 1964 seems to offer a lot of bank for the buck, though, and looks to be a great company. Has anyone else made a jump from a budget-fi setup like mine to a higher end custom IEM from 1964 recently? If so, do you think the jump was worth it?

    I'd also be very interested to here the impressions of anyone who has the combo V6 + DX50! Do you feel these synergize well for someone who likes neutrality, with a little bass punch and treble sparkle?

  7. MistahBungle
    @evanatch - I came from the B2's as well (to the V3's), and if you like that sound then yeah, if you can spring for the V6's you'll probably like those more than the other 1964Ears models based on what people here who have them say (and who have heard the V6's and some of the others). The V3's are not as bassy as the other 3 (Quads/V6S/V8), but do have a bit of mid-bass warmth & have less top end (treble a little rolled back ?) than the B2's (based on my experience), they're probably a bit 'mid-centric' (which is not a bad thing by any stretch, they're great to listen to - a really 'musical' enjoyable sound).

    I also went from a Cowon X9 (used with both the B2's & V3's) to an AK100 MkII. The V3's were pretty good out of the X9, but out of the Ak100 there's just no valid comparison.

    Was the whole upgrade thing (both the CIEM's & DAP) worth it ? Hell yes :wink: I get more than enough usage out of both to have justified the outlay.
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  8. eaglex3
    My V8s came in yesterday :) 
    Rushed order, waited for about 3 weeks to get here to Australia. oh wow... these are amazing. Bass heads will love these. Will be writing a review soon, as there aint many reviews on these bad boys.
    I am coming from Shure SE425s, Sennheiser momentums. HD598s, and beyerdynamic Dt990s
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  9. Ivabign
    Very niiiiice....[​IMG]
    I know you are gonna love them.
  10. zeppu08

    Initial comparison with the most neutral HP you have versus the V8? By the way, are those black shells? Looks great!
  11. eaglex3
    My most neutral HP would be my Beyerdynamic DT990s - I know they completely different zones - full size vs in-ears - however sound wise. Holy, these are alot more fun. I have never heard bass like these in a pair of IEM or Headphones before. They sure are punchy with deep base however controlled. The treble on these are near perfect for me, where the dt990s seem to be harsher. With vocals, these highlight very slight details that I had not noticed on my DT990s. such songs as above and beyonds acoustic album. ( will go into further details in my review ). 
    Yep they are black shells. I should have gotten the logo instead of my custom design tho. :frowning2: only regret.
  12. zeppu08

    Looking forward to your review mate!
  13. DaYwEeD
    Hi eaglex3, did you choose solid faceplate colours? I went with translucent black for the faceplace of my recent V6 Stage order and was wondering how it'd turn out. The solid blue on yours looks a whole lot better in real life than on 1964's design simulator.
  14. eaglex3
    Yep. Solid faceplate colours. The design simulator isn't all that special but allows you to get some idea. Nice choise on V6S. Im sure youll love them as much as I do my V8s :)
  15. DaYwEeD
    Thanks! [​IMG]
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