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1964 Ears

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  1. fluffyberry
    whoa just reading through the past few posts haha...to all those Singaporean headfiers, were there any problems getting your customs done? i live in Singapore too but i really have no idea what the process( and costs involved )arelike getting a pair of ciems here
  2. iamdacow
    I know impressions cost 50 dollars from the hearing center and his impression taking skills are very good, got both my rooth and my westone customs right on the first go twice in a row XD.
  3. Carlsan
    My area, central NJ, has plenty of audiologists but they all want to charge $150 -175 plus, that is if they do it at all.
    One offered to do it for $150 if I come in for a hearing exam/ear cleaning and agree to charge my insurance for the extra services (not the molds). Thought that was fishy.
    The two that are recommended by 1964ears are close to an hour away, plus not sure how much they would charge as well.
  4. faithguy19
    Wow! That is ridiculous. I would consider doing it myself as well.  Mine were only $50 which I thought was pricey.  Carlsan there have been several who have had good success with doing there own impressions.  Swimsonny is one you may want to contact.  He has a video up as well in the Cosmic Ears thread I believe.
  5. headphone-jack
    I called a lot of places about impressions and pricing. The ones who DID understand what I was wanting charged up to $75 per ear. The place for my area on the 1964ears map turned out to be the best by far. Very helpful and friendly, and only $35 total. They even made me another set for free when during my refit process 1964ears decided a remake was necessary.
  6. tm.chen
    The order process is quite straight forward. Download the form, fill it up and email it to 1964. They will get back to you about payment and when they have received your impressions. Impressions, I got them done at Novena Square, Digisound. They charge about 60sgd.
    Total costs:
    Cost of  CIEM
  7. fluffyberry
    oh ok thanks so much :)
  8. hilosxdd
    Have you received the V6-Stage ? 
  9. livingthedream
    You bet ya, arrived via fedex at 10am this morning. Unfortunately I was at work so had to wait till i got home.
    Lets start from the top.
    They now use Fedex for international orders and the speedy postage was outstanding. Friday US time picked up from 1964. Arrived my place in Singapore Monday AM hrs - 5 stars
    1964 ears say they send invoices for the true value and as such you should expect duty in your country (if relevant). Upon opening the documents they decalred at a level that was not taxable in my country - 5 stars
    Received mine in the new 1964 case, its solid, the new foam inside where each item has its own cut out space is brilliant. The faceplate is just classy and something you would expect from a very high end product - 5 stars
    Firstly i must say my 1964 ears IEMs are sexy. I am sure everyone thinks that about their new IEMs but for me personally they ooze class and look high end. Sure i splashed out for the wood faceplates with basic art work but I am a huge believer in less is more and i think the design i picked shows that.
    The wood is perfect and they even made sure the grain of the wood ran the direction i asked. Cant fault it.
    The finish is outstanding, smooth i cant see any bubbles, but it looks like some of the drivers only just fit but man they are a lot of drivers in there!
    The in ear fit is also perfect, once i mastered getting them in and out and the seal i can do almost instantly now. This  kaes a hige difference, something slightly not in place and they are not as comfrotable and the sound not as good.  Really really great with  the sound isolation is scary. I cant wait to get on my next international flight to really test them out properly in this department as i travel a lot.
    One downfall is i dont think the chords have the same quality as the rest of the kit. seem thin and a little plasticy at the jack end. Maybe ill get used to it but i can see a cable upgrade in the future if nothing else but for the sturdiness.
    Source: Iphone 5
    Tracks: ALAC
    IEMS: 1964 ears V6 Stage
    Burn In: None, first hours of owning.
    Disclaimer: I am not a harcore audiophile. I just like nice, clean sound with tracks i love!
    Tracks listened too
    Emili Sande - Our version of events 
    Rudimental - Free
    Mumford & Sons - I will wait
    Few remixes by Finnebassen
    Collective Soul - Shine
    Probabaly the part most of you are waiting for since i am probably one of the lucky few to get the V6 stage so far.
    I imagine from reading reviews that the V6-S are the quads on steriods. If you like lows then these are for you. I listen to alot of progressive house music (rudimental, finnebassen etc) and these bad boys just eat it up with no issues. Its like being in a club and just having that bass rock through your body. For this reason alone i dont want to take them out of my ears. That said these tracks are very bassy to start. It just means the bass is crisp and punchy without taking away from the top end.
    Moving to tracks less bassy like Emili Sande, you really get an appreciation to the lows/mids/highs being delivered at a different time. The vocals are so much further forward here and the lows arent overpowering. The Collective Soul track was similiar, almost felt like you were at the concert, which is ultimately what  a lot of people are after. Handles this track exceptional well actually.
    Mumford and sons was the one track i was on the fence about. It was good but not great and not bad. Dont know why yet but it just didnt seem to stand out in any aspect. May change the more i listen to them but there is also a lot going on in this track.
    The clarity is very very good, the sound is not muddied and there is a decent sound stage, Make no mistake these will not be to everyones taste, you will need to like a certain type of music and or sound. but if you do, then you are in for a treat. A real treat. I am one happy customer so far and am looking forward to getting on my subway each morning with these to keep me company.
    I probably haven't answered everything so if you have a question PM and ill try my best o give an honest response
    NB. My iphone never had to go about abt 70pct volume - i dont think they need an external amp to power them. It would only maybe help add some clarity by using one.
  10. Levanter
    I think you need to upgrade your source to bring out the V6-S full potential :wink:
  11. livingthedream
    HAHA yeah thats next.
    CDs through my Rotel RCD1072 via my AVR in direct mode - need wifey to go to bed though :)
    Since this was my fathers day present maybe i can swing an Alo for xmas [​IMG]
  12. In Over My Head
    Congrats bro, glad you like the V-Satge. I can't wait until I receive mine. I only ordered last week, so I shouldn't get too excited yet.
  13. hilosxdd
    Wow nicely reviewed ! Quads with steroids are amazing ! :) well now I'm fretting over the V6-Stage and the ES5 :frowning2:

    Is the bass deep ? Ooh and the sound stage as well , how wide is it ?

    Did they claim it just under 400SGD ?

    YMMV :frowning2:

    EDIT: Some pictures for us ? :D
  14. Carlsan
    I checked with one of 1964's recommended dealers, one was $70 the other was $50.
    Needless to say, in about 3 weeks, I'll be driving an hour for $50 ear impressions, [​IMG]
    V6-stage are in my future...
  15. rawrster
    That's about standard for ear impressions. There's a couple I can go to in Manhattan and they range from $50 to $75 usually.
    I made an appointment for ear impressions next Thursday. I think I'm going to get the V6 Stage. I'm just going to use photoshop a bit tomorrow and do a mock up of what I want them to look like so they have a good idea of the custom art.
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