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1964 Ears

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  1. Brendanz
    Planning on getting new cables soon as my cable has already turn green just shortly after a month of having my Quads. Anyone can recommend me one ? I was thinking of something from plussound audio or Toxic cables.
  2. In Over My Head
    Did you go through Acustoms or direct through 1964 Ears?
  3. MistahBungle
    Direct. Didn't want to have an unnecessary 'middleman' in the process (I pissed myself laughing when I just read your location :-D)

  4. livingthedream
    I paid for rush order and usd45 for international postage (Singapore) took them the 5 days to process my order from when they received my impressions. FedEx picked them up fri US time and Frdex are saying expected delivery Monday SG time

    Happy to post my thoughts but don't know if it will be worth much. The V6 stage are my first customs and my first high end IEMs ... I'm coming from shure 215s ( was about to buy 535 ltd) but last minute went the 1964s
  5. aamaterasu

    I also brought se215 and used it less than a month before getting v6s! Im from singapore too but my fedex cost is 50:frowning2:
    So it only take 5 days for them to come up with the customs after they receive your impressions and 3 days to ship from US to singapore?

    How is the fit and the sound quality improvement from 215? Im listening from spotify:frowning2:

    edited. read wrongly and realised you have not receive your custom yet!
  6. Levanter

    Totally different league from the se215.
    The se215 will feel recessed and muddy in every way.
  7. unknownguardian
    hi there. i am from singapore too and is also planning to get my first ever ciem. so may i ask u the step by step guide to ordering from 1964ears. before submitting my order do i need to go to a polyclinic and get a ear impression for them first?
  8. smoothtalker
    dude. polyclinic is not the place. in Singapore - digisound, the hearing cetre, or if you are rich go to a ENT doctor. These are the places to get ear impression done.
    just complete the order form, put it with the ear imoression and ship it off to the usa. it's pretty much the same for all ciem. :)
  9. hilosxdd
    In short, they're called audiologist :) :D
  10. Duhuj

    1964 ears recommends emailing them photos of your impressions before sending them. I would as well, it's good to know that the impressions you are sending them are correctly done. If for some reason the impressions are not good enough it would be better to find out before you have wasted time and money on shipping.
    MistahBungle likes this.
  11. livingthedream
    Yes the guys are right...
    Place order online
    Get ear impressions done at Digisound ( i went to novena)
    Post pics to 1964 of them
    Get feedback from 1964
    Post ear impressions 
    Receive new 1964s
    I placed my order on Aug 17.
    My first set of impressions i had done at the orchard outlet. 1964 said get another one done, so this time i went to Digisound at Novena who did another 2 sets for me (no extra cost). I ended up doing sending 3 sets to 1964 just to be safe.
  12. Carlsan
    Anybody do self impressions using a kit?
  13. livingthedream
    Don't risk it... For the cost of your IEMs pay to have a pro do your impressions.
  14. MistahBungle
    Average Joe does. If you're planning on going down this route, might want to speak to him to ask pitfalls/what you need to be careful of/etc.

  15. musictom88
    I've done it a couple of times to make generic ear molds for various earbuds. I forgot who offered this service. I think it was $100, and you tell them the diameter bore you want on the outside of the molds. They worked pretty well with a pair of Etymotics I had, but as others have said, if you're going to spend all the money on a set of CIEMS, spend a bit more and have audiologist quality impressions.
    I went to my local audiologist, and it was $40. When he found out my dad was a long time customer, he knocked the price in half for me! Another benefit is that before making the impressions, he cleaned a bunch of ear wax from my canals. That's not something you get when you do them yourself. 
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