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1964 Ears

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  1. chezhed
    Great review, thank you for sharing. I am curious about the quantity of the bass compared to the Quads. I assume it is deeper and more detailed but does it hit as hard? 
  2. aamaterasu
    dang the wait is excruciating! I find myself refreshing the usps status page for my ear impressions every two hours lol.
    Anyway it left the LA sort facility on 9 September so i guess it will probably reach oregon tml! After they get my impression, it would be another round of waiting!

    Hopefully all the anxiety would be worth it! Bought this w/o demoing!
  3. Levanter

    Lol that's what I used to do too..
  4. rawrster
    That's different than when I bought a JH5 and it just showed up one day :p It may have been because I ordered it at a meet however.
  5. tke743
    This I fully understand. I've been a long time lurker and now I'm finally jumping in with both feet (a major thanks to all of you for the info here to help a noob figure all this stuff out).
    I travel for business and I'm upgrading from a set of Bose QC2's to 1964 ears V6-s. They got my impressions yesterday and I have to admit I was very excited when I got the email that mine were in queue.
    Let the wait commence...
  6. davidcotton
    Welcome to Headfi.  I'd say sorry about your wallet, but I think it's a bit late for that!  Still not a bad upgrade.
  7. musictom88
    I couldn't wait any longer, so I emailed Alex at 1964 Ears, politely asking if he had any rough estimate on how my order was progressing. He answered me very nicely, and said they should be shipping the end of this week!
    For others who are waiting, if it does ship Friday, means that 1964 Ears will have had my impressions about 3 1/2 weeks. I didn't pay for rush order. I'm sure with the introduction of the new V6-Stage, they're probably getting hit up with a lot of orders.
    I'll definitely give my thoughts on these CIEMs when they arrive. :)
  8. rawrster
    I think it's a sign. I tried to submit the order form twice and there was some kind of server error so I don't think it went through :p
  9. paradigm82
    Jumping on the bandwagon too but I'm selling some home audio equipment and iem's to get a pair of customs. The reviews about the wooden faceplates are helpful. I figure might as well splurge on it with some custom artwork and wood. Just trying to decide if the triple drivers are the best choice vs the quads when using just an ipad.
  10. tke743

    Thank you for the welcome. As to my wallet, I wish this was my only vice... But I have the means. I really have high hopes for this upgrade.
  11. mBcHc
    Unmmm may I ask what is the differences between v6 and v6 stage?
  12. Levanter
    V6-S has bigger soundstage, bassier and forward mids
  13. mBcHc

    Mids you mean the vocal or a richer mids details? Now v6 stage with an special offer price , seems quite favorable
  14. aamaterasu
    omg i feel so bad. First I emailed 1964 to show them the specific color I want, then after thinking through and realising my color might be too feminine, I asked them to change the color again. oh god im so fickled minded

    hopefully they have not start on my customs as my usps status revealed that they should have received my impressions 2 days ago:frowning2:
  15. AN0INTD
    I wouldn't feel too bad. It's probably more a frequent occurrence than you might think :)  I actually called and caught them literally moments before they started making the shells for mine and gave my NEW specifics to the extremely kind and patient gentleman helping me on the other end of the line. These guys are VERY nice and definitely try to help the customer get what they are looking for.  I had changed my order from a Quads with a custom teal faceplate and smoke shells (L&R) to trans purple (L)/smoke (R) shells and clear tips :
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