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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    So it looks like my V6 Stage order went through. I emailed them about it and apparently something was going on with their submission form or something but I'm excited for them and these will be my first set of customs with artwork on them :) The plan is to have my UERM with my Fiio X3 and then these with the iBasso DX50. Impressions will be done next Thursday so shouldn't take too long after that hopefully.
  2. faithguy19
    Awesome! Congrats. Keep us posted with your impressions when you get them and perhaps a pic with your artwork.  I'm loving my V3's and can't imagine how good a V6 Stage would sound.
  3. boleh7
    Received email of my shipment and tracking info for my V-6 Stage :) Yes !!
  4. rawrster
    Your V3 should be good as well! IMO the sweet spot in terms of price to performance in around the price range of your V3. My JH5 sounds great even when compared to my UERM and the JH5 is at $400 while UERM at 1k. I just got a payment request from 1964 Ears so hopefully it won't be too long now. I got my cc bill statement today in my email as well..hate when that happens :p
  5. aamaterasu
    yay changed my custom to trans purple shell and white solid faceplate. Hopefully will turn up nice...Fingers crossed:d

    anyone knows roughly how long is the wait for the customs to be completed after they got hold of our impressions?
  6. davidcotton
    The average seems to be (and you'd have to check) 3-4 weeks right now if you didn't go with rush.

    Why do I find myself tempted by a 1964 ears v3 universal??!
  7. rawrster
    That sounds about right. I have other stuff to play with so I usually don't keep it on my mind until I get a shipping notification from them.

    I went for smoke trans face plates with ice blue trans shells with some artwork so hopefully it comes out the way I imagine it.
  8. musictom88
    (warning: long winded review ahead!)
    I received my V6-Stage in ears Saturday (9/14), literally minutes before leaving for a rehearsal. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to try them out. 
    Unlike some others on this forum, my main mission for these IEMs are as stage monitors. I lead worship on Sundays at my church, and also play in a Styx cover band. I will use these for recreational listening, but other than my studio, I don't have any pro headphone amps, etc., to listen through.
    I will also throw out this caveat that these are my first pro CIEMs, so take my impressions with whatever size grain of salt seems appropriate.
    As others have mentioned, the packaging is all first rate, so I won't bore you with the details. The fit and finish appear to be top notch. I didn't notice any flaws or bubbles in the shells. The fit of these was nice and snug right out of the box. I've had semi custom in ear molds made in the past, and one of the problems, (as well as with wearing universals) as a vocalist, is that the seal tends to break when you start singing, especially on certain vowels. The V6-Stages seem to go deep enough into the ear canal, and are a close enough fit that this has not yet been an issue. I believe the key is to make sure you use a bite block when your molds are made. 
    I had these IEMS in my ears for the better part of 5 hours, and during that time, I felt no discomfort, no ear fatigue. In fact, they more or less "disappeared", simply leaving me with a great monitor mix. The sound of these are, in a word, incredible. Again, realize I've never had anything close to this quality before, the closest being a pair of Etymotic Research ER-4s. The low end is extremely deep, without getting loose at all. Our bass player plays a 5 string, so the lowest fundamental is right at 31Hz. Even hitting that low "B", it was strong, and nice and punchy, not jiggly or weak at all. The mids are nice and up front, great for allowing vocals to cut through the mix. The high end is nice and smooth, almost glassy, never harsh until I purposely went crazy with the treble on my Aviom personal mixer. 
    Like I mentioned, after 5 hours, my ears still felt fresh, not fatigued at all, and there was absolutely no discomfort. I did notice I had to do a bit of remixing on my Aviom personal monitor. The way the Aviom system works is each musician has their own personal mixer, and has control of volume and pan over 16 individual sends, or channels. The way we're set up is 5 vocal channels, 3 guitar channels, a stereo keyboard feed (me) one bass channel, one channel for kick drum, one for snare, and a stereo pair of drum overheads. In the past, I never really bothered putting too much kick drum into my mix, as it was more of a 'click' than anything else. With the V6-Stage, I get a nice, low warm 'thud', in addition to hearing the 'thwack' of the beater. As I mentioned, it took a while to dial in my mix, but once I did, I was quite pleased.
    Yet another benefit of these IEMs is the stereo imaging. Again, in the past, the sound mostly came from the middle of my head, extending out almost to where I felt my ears were. With the V6-Stage IEMs, the stereo stage feels much wider. I can hear sounds quite a ways to the left and right of my head. As a musician, this is a great benefit, as it allows me to pan each instrument exactly where I want, making it much easier to hear the entire band, rather than having all the guitars bass, etc., stacked right in the middle of my head. Perhaps this contributed to the lack of fatigue as well.
    I used these IEMs this morning while leading worship at my church. Again, the level of detail I experienced was much greater than I've heard in the past. The acoustic guitar was quite a bit brighter than I've been used to, the bass much rounder, and I could hear details in my keyboard patches that quite simply were missing previously. Small changes in volume and panning were readily noticeable. In fact, between services, I told my sound guy that the send on my vocal mic was just starting to break up. He backed it off, and it was crystal clear. Again, this is something I would have not ever heard in the past. 
    My only other experience with the V6-Stage was going out for a jog this afternoon, with my Samsung Galaxy S4, obviously, not a great audio source, but not horrible. I mostly listened to Brian Culbertson's XII album, playing AAC files. Once again the sound was clear and present, never hyped, and the sound stage quite a bit wider than what I'm used to.
    If I had to find a negative, my left ear started getting just a bit uncomfortable about 30 minutes in. However, as I won't normally be using these for exercise, that's not an issue for me.
    Once again, prior to these IEMs, the best I've had were my ER4s. Suffice it to say I am more than pleased with the fit, finish, comfort, and sound quality of these IEMs. It's alway a bit unnerving to spend close to $700 on something you're pretty much jumping out in faith on, but I have no regrets with my purchase. I am more than satisfied with my V6-Stage CIEMS.
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  9. In Over My Head
    Thanks for the review Tom, I'm glad you are pleased with the sound and fit of the V-Stage. I can't wait for mine to arrive:)
  10. baxter97
    Do the details of the highs suffer from it being under-emphasized compared to the mids and lows, and how does it suit Rock? Thanks. 
  11. MistahBungle
    Good stuff Tom :wink:)
  12. fluffyberry
    Glad you like them:)
  13. adhara

    I plan to replace my Westone 4 by a pair of custom IEMs.
    Who already compared 1964-V3 or V6 to the Westone 4 ? Is there a quality leap in term of SQ moving to 1964 ?
    Other point, is what are the differences wetween V3 and V6 (excepted the price range) ? Are they sound the same ?

    I'm looking for musical (warm) IEM for vocal / acoustic / electro music.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  14. tke743
    Got my V6-Stages today. First off, they are beautiful. But regrettably I appear to have a fit issue. They will not maintain a seal unless I clench my jaw, so they are going to have to be refitted. (That said when I clench my jaw they sound amazing.) I'll refrain from a full review until it is all sorted out. 
    In the interim (when I clench my jaw) they sound much more like a large home system then any headphone I've ever tried. I own a pair of Etymotic ER4's and these are the first monitors I've tried that I can clearly hear the difference between MP3 and FLAC recordings from the same CD. 
    To say they will be a big upgrade from the Bose QC2's for travel is a minor understatement. Now I just have to wait for the refit.
  15. fluffyberry
    Ooh they look pretty...any impressions sound wise?
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