1. Goofyboy84

    Westone UM3X RC question..

    Hello!! I have been browsing the forum for quite some time and I have received a lot of helpful information. =) I have a couple of questions regarding the Westone UM3X RC please. I will be purchasing a set of these soon. 1) If I want to upgrade the cable, who makes them? 2) portable amp.. Can...
  2. bobozhang137

    Whiplash - have they gone missing?

    Apparently I sent back my TWCU to them for RMA almost 3 months ago, and they haven't replied any of my emails regarding the status of my RMA. The only email i got from them was the first one when they sent me the RMA form which i filled up and their address.   I emailed...
  3. 4

    Whiplash still in business? Or they don't care?

    I've order some cable about a week ago but the seller refused to communicate with me. I was wondering if they're still in business? Some search later on revealed they're notorious for not sending out purchases.
  4. average_joe

    19 custom IEM/TF10/Shure/IE8 cables reviewed (Effect Pearl, Apollo, & Odin added 3/20/13)

    Multi-aftermarket cables for custom IEMs and TF10 evaluation thread   average_joe’s (my google+ page) custom IEM aftermarket cable thread:  Many custom IEMs come with detachable cables, and as I own many custom IEMs that have detachable cables such as the JHA JH16, Rooth LS8, Starkey SA-43...
  5. jrkong

    Sennheiser hd 558 cable replacement question

    Hey everyone, i just got a pair of sennheiser HD 558's and i love 'em but where can i get a shorter cable for them 3 meters is just too long i want a cable i can use for an ipod/iphone   I really need the help   Im an audio noob. XD
  6. snuffkin

    Alternative cable for AKG K450/Q460

    Hi, I've recently purchased an AKG q460 headphone. While  I am pleased with the purchase (I will post a brief review once I have some spare time), I am not pleased (to say the least) by it's cable. The cable is detachable, but the quality of the materials is questionable. Another point of...
  7. SACD-Man

    All NEW Prototype TWspc and TWcu OM IEM replacement Cable

    Ok, this is a trial run, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT. The purpose of this is to offer listeners a chance to hear what could be a possible candidate for an over mold IEM replacement cable.  The strain relief will not be part of the final design. I'm mostly looking for the sound quality when...
  8. SACD-Man

    ECLIPSE. The name of the NEW TWAG v2 black translucent wire!!

    **UPDATE June 2nd**   After about 500+ emails, threads, posts and brides (lol), I have decided to make TWag v2 in a black color wire called Eclipse. This wire has a black translucent appearence and it comes with the same characteristics and incredible sound of TWag v2!!   There is no...
  9. SACD-Man

    ALL NEW: TWag v2 OM IEM Replacement Cable~~~

        After hundreds being sold and many manufactures joining the concept, the already amazing TWag OM IEM replacement cable gets even BETTER!!!   Announcing TWag v2 OM cable.......   Here are the details.      The "OM" stands for over mold. A process where the wire is solder...
  10. SACD-Man

    Website issues

    USPS changed its pricing and package API creating a major problem with our site. In fact you are not able to check out because of this. This is across the industry and many are trying to integrate USPS pricing into their cart. Some with success while others have to build the proper tools to...
  11. SACD-Man

    TWcu goes COTTON!!!! A must see....

    Ok, CryoParts creates another masterpiece especially for for copper lovers.   For those of you who understand wire, one of the common problems is trying to maintain isolation. When you take this issue seriously, one solution is to add cotton to the outside of the wire.   So, we took TWcu...
  12. SACD-Man

    Ultrasone Edition 10's recabled with TWag v2

    A perfect marriage.   When you take the newest headphone to be released; Ultrasone Edition 10's with AMAZING sound and a design so new and attractive. Add TWag v2, the latest in CryoParts wire, than you sprinkle Whiplash Audio engineering, than you have the next marriage that will stop...
  13. SACD-Man


    Mike and I will be attending the Consumer Electronic Show!! Looking for the latest and great stuff....   We will be out of the office from 1/6/11 - 1/10/11. I will be checking emails daily!!   Also trying to get all of the TWag v2 up on my site. So stay tuned!!   Thanks. Craig
  14. SACD-Man

    NEW TWag v2 Micro and the ALL NEW TWag v2 Ultra Micro!!

    So, as I update my entire lineup with TWag v2, and I have decided to start with the Micro and the ALL NEW very low profile bottom exit TWag v2 Ultra Micro!!   First: TWag v2 Micro.     Information from the designer; Cryoparts on the new and improved TWag v2!!   A quote from...
  15. SACD-Man

    Whiplash Bands are back in stock!

    All orders will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Whiplash Audio band!!   Whoa. Craig
  16. SACD-Man

    INTRODUCING......TWag v2!!!

      I'm very very proud to introduce the impossible; a better TWag? YES! TWag v2 is NOW available.   No pre-orders, no waiting (except OM cables)...It's HERE!~!   Quick summary on the changes.   ~ Improved soundstage ~ Improved transparency ~ Even better bass response ~ Liquid...
  17. SACD-Man

    Current WhipMODs status.

    Due to Innovative Audio Design lack of maintaining commitments, bad business practices and many other issues, I have ended all business association with them and have filed the appropriate actions to regain what is rightly mind.   This product will continue since we have started to build...
  18. SACD-Man

    My Apologies. Please read.

    Hello everyone,   I must apologize for our current lack of response, shipping late and overall customer service that you are custom too.   My reasons may be many, but I will spare your the list.   I will however do my best to correct this.    Please, when emailing...
  19. SACD-Man

    Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALES EVENT!!!! Nov. 26th - 29th

    Stay tuned for BIG savings on selected Sennheiser products, Whiplash Audio cables and much more!!   Details:   https://app.e2ma.net/app/view:CampaignPublic/id:1355971.6197094806/rid:beccd34250c386551b1661fb92171aad   Thanks! Craig
  20. SACD-Man

    HD800 Promotion....get it while its HOT!!!!!

      Ok, the exciting news is that I just became an authorized Sennheiser dealer and I can now sell the HD800!!   Limited promotion:   Buy a new pair of HD800's and receive an 8 feet TWag replacement cable for FREE!!!!!!!!!!! That is a $450 value. If you would like a different...
  21. SACD-Man

    HD800 Promotion....get it while its HOT!!!!!

    Ok, the exciting news is that I just became an authorized Sennheiser dealer and I can now sell the HD800!!   Limited promotion:   Buy a new pair of HD800's and receive an 8 feet TWag replacement cable for FREE!!!!!!!!!!! That is a $450 value. If you would like a different termination...
  22. SACD-Man

    News and upcoming events!!

    Well the word on the street is that I have been sick and delays are related to that. Thats partially true however my new trusted employee Mike is doing an excellent job with keeping up!! So please don't hesitate to contact us for product questions and other related issues.   We have been...
  23. wwyjoe

    Earphone cable for JH Audio: Whiplash TWAG Elite vs ALO SXC Cryo

    I noticed these two cables share similar characterics, such as both are 99.99998% pure Copper mono crystal with silver plating, Cryo-treated, and over moulding.   Any thoughts if they're actually using the same cable? I guess the only difference is the choice of plugs which Whiplash offers?  
  24. SACD-Man

    Website Issues - New products that are available that are not on my site.

    We are experiencing website issues currently. Please be patient since we are fixing the problems and working on adding all of the new products that we have to offer.   Many new products that are available but have not been added are:   HD800 TWag Replacement cable   HD650/HD600/HD580...
  25. SACD-Man

    New TWag Micro with Oyaide Right Angle Connector!!

    The new an improved Micro has just gotten better!! Take one amazing compact low profile line out dock and add the best right angle rhodium Oyaide connector!!   **TWag stranded 26awg UPOCC Cryo'd from CryoParts http://www.cryo-parts.com/cryoparts_twag.html . **All Parts are Cryogenically...