1. blackeyed

    RE Zero - IE7 - VSONIC GR07 ??

    Hi guys i m looking for ear phones around £100... I am upgrading from Koss 75 ( i loved these clip on) however killed them while trying to do a kramer mod :P so looking for an upgrade... not a bass head but do like a bit ...   What do you guys suggest shall i buy another pair of KSC75 or...
  2. eke2k6

    Vsonic GR07: Perfection (Added MKII vs Bass Edition 24/03)

    This is not really a review of GR07, it's more of a declaration of love. If you want a typical review, there are at least five others on head-fi that go into the details and use the audiophillic jargon that we're all accustomed to. I'm relatively new to IEMs and I'm not an audiophile by the...
  3. Akella

    Sennheiser IE8 or Vsonic Gr07?

    Hello. Im listening to pop, rap, hip-hop and rnb music and i would to know which one would be best for me? And which one can give more low bass?   Im using brainwavz m2 + iphone 4 now and i dont like much the m2. I like to listen to the vocal and on m2 i got just harsh sound instead of clean...
  4. NinetyOne

    westone 2's vs vsonic GR07 vs ATH-CK10 vs ATH m50 vs HD25-II

    I know the last two are not IEM's but they are still options for me and the CK10's are really more of a maybe option only if their reallllyyyyyyyyyy worth the extra money.   I listen to mostly dubstep/RnB/grime/house/electronic and I'm after something that has deep clear bass while still...
  5. kikonenko

    GR07 or RE0 for quiet rooms

    Hi, i'm considering one of these so i can listen to music at quiet places like my college's library. I'm really not supposed to leak any sound, any kind of noise is really frowned upon. Of course i'm not gonna max out the volume, i appreciate my eardrums, but i'm afraid some frequency range...
  6. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C, Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, VSonic GR07 Impressions to come!

    Next paycheck I will be investing in some headphones, so expect some impressions to come pretty soon! For anyone who's heard of the new M2C (earbud) by BLOX, it's their new earbud replacing the TM5 for a quarter of the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how these sound for 40 bucks! 
  7. kikonenko

    J3 + GR07 unamped, do i need an amp?

    Hi, i just ordered the iem's. I know the j3 is a mighty little player, but i wonder how will it deal with the 62Ω gr07 without any extra help. I've already spent quite a LOT with the j3 + gr07, so the only reason i would purchase it is if it gives some noticeable benefit. And worse than the...
  8. rtorres

    Is there any better iem than VSonic GR-07 in its price range?

    Sound quality wise, is there any? For all-around music use. If there's none, then what are its closest rivals? Just curious.
  9. sulkoudai

    Should i get the GR07?? Just one last check....

    Right now, I've saved up just enough for the GR07, 160 bucks from Hong Kong.    Apparently, they sound better than the IE8 and TF10 technically, the IE8 apparently has more soundstage and bass, and the TF10 apparently is more fun.   I'm currently using the Hippo VB and Cowon J3, there is...
  10. gordec

    Please help me decide IE8 vs Westone 3 vs GR07

    Well I was looking for good circumaurals with active noise cancellation but reading through these forums made me decide to go with IEMs since they provide equal or superior noise isolation but much better sound quality. I have narrowed down to the above 3 choices and trying to pick one out...
  11. blackeyed

    IEMs with better bass then GR07

    I brought GR07 few days back and i really liked the detail, presentation and sound reproduction of these phones however what i felt (IMHO) is that it lacks bass (quality bass but not enough to enjoy), build finish (durabled however finish is below par for that price) and too much detail to...
  12. CJG888

    Suitable Comply tips for GR07?

    I am extremely satisfied with the sound of my GR07s (on the end of a QLS 350 Mod. V2 or iPod Classic 160GB / Meier Audio Corda XXS), but am having trouble finding comfortable tips for them. The stock ones are of poor quality (frankly, I worry about the foam ones coming off in my ear!), and the...
  13. kikonenko

    Recommended volume level iem gr07&j3

    Hi, i do notice the difference in isolation of my iems vs earbuds, they rock at semiquiet places where i can feel all the detail at very low volume(6 to 8). In the train, even though they isolate quite a lot, i loose much detail, whisperings being very hard to hear I wonder how much volume would...
  14. jetset 01

    Vsonic GR-07

    Hello all. New to the forums and interested in purchasing my first ever IEM. I've read several reviews posts by numerous posters whom I'd like to thank for taking time to type up such detailed reports and have decided on the GR-07's. But I have a few questions, aside from color scheme is there...
  15. Pattonromell

    Selling the Vsonic GR07

    I have been trying to sell the GR07 on Ebay, but no one is buying it. Any other ways of doing it?
  16. SplashArtist

    Wearing the GR07 upside down?

    Funny story here. I showed my friend my Vsonic GR07's and when he put them in he inserted them upside down and put the right driver in his left ear and vice versa. At first I laughed but when i tried it I actually liked it better. Wearing the earguides i find annoying because the cables are...
  17. whitefroded

    Atrio MG7 vs VSonic GR07

    I am trying to decide between these two IEM's. I currently have the Atrio X but realize that I want something more revealing ( ie more up front vocals, clearer mids) for lack of a better term. I am leaning heavily towards the Gr07 but am worried about being disappointed with the bass. I dont...
  18. jiff

    FXT90, GR07, or Yamaha EPH-100SL which would be best for EDM?

    I have the TF10's which I love but I'm looking for a good dynamic driver IEM in the $150 range and these 3 are what I've come down to.  As it stands now the FXT90 is the front runner with the GR07 in a close 2nd but the Yamaha looks good to.  Since EDM is all I listen to I want one with good...
  19. vinnykris

    VSonic GR07 vs Klipsch Image X10 vs Shure SE215

    Title says it all. I am looking for an IEM that is fun to listen to, while staying in the 100-180 price range. Any other suggestions would be helpful. I mostly listen to rap and hip-hop music. 
  20. ryanki

    Need some help - Eytomic Research HF-5 v ShureE215 v VSonic GR07 v Soundmagic E10 v HiFiMan RE262

    So I got some money for christmas and have upgraded my headphones (Creative Aurvana Lives - Love them!), and now it's time to look at earphones.   At the moment I'm using Sennheiser CX 400 II, and I do like them, however, I've had my eyes on Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 and the reviews on here...
  21. eke2k6

    Thermaltake Isurus Review, and Comparison to the GR07

                   Build and Comfort:      The Isurus is built very well. It's almost funny how much on an improvement the cable is over the MP 8320. It's sturdy, and thick enough without being as unwieldy as the Shure cables. It's a very ergonomic fit, and I find them more comfy...
  22. WaLaoEh

    Need help finding a portable amp for VSonic GR07 and SoundMAGIC PL50

    I have never owned or used an amp before,so this would be my first portable amp I'm buying.   My source would be the iPod Touch 4th Gen.   Almost all my songs are mp3 320kbps with some being 256kbps.   IEMS : VSonic GR07 and SoundMAGIC PL50 I also use a Sennheiser HD419 ( I know...
  23. Mr Ben

    IEM Upgrade Advice - GR07 / Atrio M5 Shortlisted

    Howdy,   I'm looking to upgrade from my current slightly modded V-Moda chrome rouge (not difficult according to various Head-fi comments!). the V-Moda does sound very boomy and uncontrolled in a quiet environment, however I quite like the sound for using outdoors as the bass cuts through...
  24. getter033

    finding the best dap for my vsonic gr07

    hi, i'm looking for new mp3 player to replace my ipod nano 5th gen. for now i'm interested in cowon series. currently i'm using vsonic gr07. can anyone recommend the best mp3 player for me? under $200 if possible. Thanks!  
  25. miow

    Vsonic GR-07 = WOW

    Just got mines today and I'm absolutrely wow'ed by the sound of them. ALMOST (and I said ALMOST) as good as the triple driver, 3 way, UM3X and better than the SM3 on my opinion. Vocals are lush and sweet, forward and natural like the UM3X/SM3, with outstanding definition and texture, bass is as...