1. CaptSharpe

    Considering GR07 yet unsure of over-ear design...is it comfortable?

    Giving serious thought to these headphones among others   I think the GR07s (either the mkii or BE) fit what I want ( a good all-rounder but some decent enough bass with good clarity)   I listen to a lot of soundtracks - by John barry (e.g., bond soundtracks, ipcress file etc), zimmer...
  2. Baycode

    My GR-07 died, Please Help me Choose my New iem!

    After 2 years of excellent service, my Vsonic GR-07's right earpiece suddenly died. I have opened and re-cabled it but had no chance   I really liked their sound. Matches my preferences very well. The only one thing I need more were the sound-stage depth and may be a little bit more...
  3. VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

    VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

    Driver: 11mm High Dynamic CCAW Drive units Ÿ Diaphragms : Bio-cellulose diaphragms Ÿ Rated impedance: 40Ω±15%(Rated impedance) Ÿ Sensitivity: ≥105dB(at 500 Hz) Ÿ Frequency Response: 5Hz-22,000Hz Ÿ Distortion: <1% 105dB (20upa) Ÿ Channel imbalance: <2dB(at 5000Hz) Ÿ Rated Power: 10mW...