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Vsonic GR-07 = WOW

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  1. miow
    Just got mines today and I'm absolutrely wow'ed by the sound of them. ALMOST (and I said ALMOST) as good as the triple driver, 3 way, UM3X and better than the SM3 on my opinion. Vocals are lush and sweet, forward and natural like the UM3X/SM3, with outstanding definition and texture, bass is as good as the UM3X in definition (a bit better than the SM3). UM3X have more quantity (especially sub-bass). UM3X/SM3 have better treble definition and the UM3X don't congest on tracks with many layers of instruments (instrument separation), but GR-07's clarity is as good as the UM3X and much better than the SM3 which are way too dark for my taste. I have just noticed them congesting on Metal compared to the UM3X, but this is a track where even the UM3X have to do a hard work to render all layers (Silent Out Loud - Gronholm). They sound more 2D whereas the triple drivers give you a more 3dimensional sensation and emotion (which I personally love). Imaging is just different due to the 3 way crossover and driver placement. One can have a more emotional/involving listening experience with the triple drivers, others don't. It's up to personal preference.
    The GR-07's deliver LOTS of details, amazing clarity, high-end midrange and great bass and fairly good instrument separation for the price range. Definitely the best dynamic IEM I have ever heard period. Have had Sony EX1000 and the likes and the GR-07 are better on my opinion. They sound full bodied (unlike the EX1000's that are too lean), mids are top notch, bass is good and they deliver punchy, well defined sub-bass as well. Treble needs improvement, but it's not bad at all, just not at the same level of the triple drivers that cost 3x as much. Will see if it improves with burn-in. Will give them some 200 hours or so to settle down. Timber is a bit more realistic on the GR-07. The most noticeable difference for the triple drivers is the 2D imaging vs 3D imaging, instrument separation and treble *quality*. Bass and mids sound pretty much like the same IEM which is very interesting for a 150 EURO single driver IEM. The same for clarity/detail. Simply amazing at this price range.
    At this price (around 150 EUR shipped), they are a no-brainer and from my experience including high-end universal IEMs, you won't find any better. Totally forget Panasonic HJE900, IE8, Monster Turbine, DBA-02, etc (and even the 2 driver j-phonic K2 SP), they can't compare.
    Of course this is just my opinion, your mileage may vary. |Joker| for example, gave the j-phonic K2 SP a 9.4 and 9.1 to the GR-07, where I would definitely lower the j-phonic K2 SP rate below 9. The same for the SM3, I would give them a 9.1, would give 9.4 to the UM3X and 9.2 to the GR-07, so this is very subjective.
  2. eke2k6
    Welcome to the family/cult [​IMG]
    Once they surpass the 200hr mark, the only word I could use to describe them is beautiful. Also, you may want to invest in the Jays large silicon tips to help with any treble spikes you may experience.
  3. miow
    No treble spikes at all to my ears. And I'm sensitive to that. [​IMG] I'm using the fischer audio DBA-02 large black silicone tips, which are the best on my opinion. They make them sound larger, with more air and space and I can hear more details. Treble also improves considerably. If you got them, give them a try ; )
  4. eke2k6


    That's probably why you don't hear any [​IMG]...I'm glad you like them. I think you'll grow to love them soon enough
  5. miow
    Whats the difference that you notice from those Jays large silicon tips and the Sony Hybrids?
  6. Nulliverse


    I'm glad you're liking them my friend.
    The Jays increased treble a bit too much for my tastes, and although soundstage got noticeably bigger, the GR07s sounded less punchy and impactful. Also to me, the Sony Hybrids sound very similar to the stock tips, but with even more comfort. That said, the stock tips are still very comfortable. Or course, my ears probably differ in size and shape to your ears, so you may have a completely different experience.
    I'm waiting for my Ts-400s to arrive, which should be interesting.
  7. eke2k6


    For me the Jays provided increased extension on both sides, and opened up the soundstage by a good bit. The hifiman biflanges can provide about the same effect, but they create a nasty spike/resonance in my ears.
  8. miow
    They are VERY VERY good. They don't have the instrument separation of the UM3X, but they are close in pretty much every aspect. Outstanding clarity and detail, vocals are wonderful. Sound signature is very similar to the UM3X. Wish they had better treble though, but lets see after the 250-300 hours, although I know in advance that it won't ever get to the UM3X's refinement (this is result of the crossover and of course, Westone's touch). Also a bit more sub-bass punch would be welcome as well, as the UM3X do deliver. But again, burn-in can bring it up. Let's see. Cable also need to be burned-in and from my experience with custom cables (not the case, but applies) they use to reach the sweet spot at around 200 hrs. I'll keep you guys posted.
    @eke2k6, where can I get those tips?
  9. miow
    This bio-cellulose thing changes dramatically with burn-in. 24 hours and already notice results on sub-bass, treble (the most noticeable) and instrument separation. Even timbre sounds more realistic, as good as the UM3X. Treble sounds more realistic now and less congested. It's being a pleasure listening to jazz with them. Cymbals and high hats are getting closer to the real thing. But definitely not there. These IEMs are something. They are growing on me.
    Very good IEM, the best dynamic I have ever heard, competing with triple driver, 3 way crossover IEMs that cost 3x as much. Amazing. For me they are as good as the Westone 3. Very very similar IEM.
    Silent Out Loud - Away (Gronholm)
    The voice of the singer sound better on the GR-07, with the best definition and timbre I've heard on a IEM. Trully amazing, so engaging and beautiful. The UM3X puts more weight on the mid-bass, so the mid-bass will overlap the voice. The result is not as satisfactory. The same happens to the piano notes for my admiration. GR-07 wins in this song.
    Haken - The Mind's Eye (Visions)
    Treble's poor on the GR07's. Noticeable difference to the UM3X in this specific track. This huge difference does not happen on other songs I've heard, including jazz, it's strange. Vocals are excelent on the GR-07 as well as all other instruments. But treble really declines here. I'm talking about cymbals. Percussion instruments are always excelent on the GR-07. But the UM3X wins here. Also their capacity of rendering more layers of instruments (aka instrument separation).
    Haken - Visions (Visions)
    They sound pretty much like the same IEM here except for the treble that is more realistic and refined on the UM3X. Not a huge difference as on the other track, but for me, it makes a difference. I'm a treble-head and love realistic highs. Of course we are talking about 300+ EURO IEM treble ; )
    Shadow Gallery - Act III (Boom V)
    Don't like the voice here with the GR-07's. A bit thin. It's warmer on the UM3X due to coloration given by the mid-bass hump. Sometimes results, sometimes not. It works here. Also treble is better and I can notice it perfectly, so I prefer to listen to this song with the UM3X. Although the GR07's are very good if you don't know any better than that. As for bass, its pretty much the same thing. Soundstage's wider on the UM3X. Guitars and all the other instruments feel good on both. No noticeable differences. Instrument separation is the same thing in this track. If you don't hear it with the UM3X, you will love this song with the GR-07's. Similar enjoyable listening experience. I'm just looking for small details.
    Shadow Gallery - Act IV (Boom V)
    They almost sound like the same IEM in this track. I'm perplexed. I think I prefer the timber of the GR-07 and think they sound more lively in this specific song, but nothing that would make me choose one over the other. Vocals are superb on both, but I prefer the GR-07's on this track by a slightly margin. You can't notice the treble differences due to the nature of the recording/song.
  10. soundbear
    They are quite awesome!   I was a DBA fan till I tried the GR07 and noticed how thin sounding the DBA's were plus while DBA fans swore that the bass was fine with proper fit, I had that fit with Klipsch gels and still found the GR07 kills the DBA's on bass quality and especially impact, IMHO.   Careful about the Jays tips, I use stock GR07 and got all 3 sizes of the Jays and none fit quite right, they are slightly different in width.   I will try the DBA tips if I can figure out which ones they are in my box of tips, L0L!!   I was also quite pleased after I got to the 250hr burnin mark, timbre improved significantly.
  11. nikp
    @miow Hey, how's the soundstage on the GR07 compared to the SM3? 
  12. miow
    Hi nikp. Wider on the GR-07.
    Hey soundbear, try them out and let me know what you think (they are the larger ones, very soft). The DBA-02 are junk compared to this ; )
    EDIT: The provided Sony Hybrids with the foam inside are the ones that give the best sound, since the DBA-02 tips make them lose some bass. And you don't lose any detail/micro-detail with the Hybrids. Pretty much the same sound, but with more bass/sub-bass, which is a good thing, at least for me (strangly, the DBA-02 tips give loads of bass to the UM3X, so I presume that the UM3X have more bass).
    EDIT 2: Just tried those Hybrids on the UM3X and boy, what a bass!! The UM3X are bass-heavier. But they suffer from that mid-bass hump which sometimes affects vocals (for the better or for the worse), so I prefer the GR-07's on that particular aspect. Vocals are always lush and crystal clear, with outstanding definition and timber. I even risk to say that they deliver the best vocals I have ever heard on a IEM.
  13. soundbear
    How did you get DBA tips to fit, tire iron?   The nozzles are much bigger on the GR07
  14. eke2k6
    Hey miow, check out Hometown Glory by Adele on both the GR07 and UM3X, and tell us what you think
  15. miow
    Hi eke2k6. Will let you know ASAP :)
    @soundbear, with some gymnicks and patience they go there. lol.
    EDIT: Adeles voice is very similar in this specific song. Great definition and texture and the mid-bass on the UM3X doesn't overpower Adele's voice, so its very natural on both IEMs. They both give the same enjoyable listening experience and immersion on the song. There's not a winner here. UM3X have a bit more bass, but I don't like it more because of that. At least on this song. GR-07's bass is sufficient.
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