1. legendcheater

    Should i exchange my VModa M80 for GR07

    I love my M80 but i've been using it for quite a long time so i just thinking maybe now it's time to look for a new headphone. I listen to all kind of music but most of them are old Pop/RnB/Ballad. The GR07, from what i've heard, has the M80's sound, but better in some points. I'm happy with my...
  2. maxloubet14

    Looking for some IEMs with deep bass (<$350)

    Hey guys, so I've gotten a lot of use out of my Westome UM2s and am ready to upgrade. I'm looking for some IEMs that deliver deep bass that hits hard but doesnt take over the music (ya know, like the b word). I can sacrifice some mids, but trebles and highs would be ideal to keep (I listen to...
  3. paintedr3d


    I'm new head and I think I just started an exspensive but very rewarding hobby I recently purchased a pair of sanheiser CX 300 ear buds and a pair of klipsch image one's and I'm loving the klipsch but I was thinking about buying the audio technica HT50 would these be a good pair? I like to have...
  4. DaBomb77766

    Huh, right cable for GR07 longer than left?

    I just noticed that the right-hand cable on my new GR07s are a few millimetres longer than the left cable.  And that the right ear guide is made out of a different material than the left one (softer, more rubbery as opposed to harder, more plasticky.)  Anyone else notice this with theirs?  Not...
  5. cramkay

    moving from sleek audio sa6 - vsonic gr07 or something else...help!

    hey guys,   i have been a sleek audio sa6 user for about 7 months now. i like the sound quality and prefer to listen it with bass= and treble+ ports. i find that the sound quality over all is quite good.    ive had major cable damage issues. i had to change 3 cables in 7 months. its crazy...
  6. tomscy2000

    Comparison -- Russia-China Showdown: DBA-02 vs. GR07

    Two IEMs have arisen on Head-Fi lately as products that offer top-tier sound quality for mid-fi money --- they’ve received very high marks from several veteran reviewers and have gone on to become hot topics of discussion, including the age old question of “Which should I buy?” This comparison...
  7. Yoguurt

    Ultimate ears HiFi 10 VS Klipsch Image X5 VS Vsonic GR07 R07 VS Etymotic Research HF5

    Hello im pretty new to the world of earphones and head-fi and ive been searching for my first pair of high quality IEM's for around 100-200 dollars and so far the ones ive found are:   Ultimate ears HiFi 10...
  8. mickcenary

    On the prowl for VSONIC GR07s; how do they compare to the Radius DDM?

    Hey, Head-fiers.   I'm considering picking up some GR07s (my avenues for doing so seem very limited, however; does anyone have a reliable vendor?) and am wondering how they sound compared to the Radius DDM. I love the Radius' signature and I hear that the GR07 is similar in the sense that...
  9. mickcenary

    GR07 & SE425 - fun and listening ease - what say you?

    Dudes.   The title pretty much covers it. I listen predominantly to Metal and so far, my Radius DDM has been mucho fantastico, purely for the fact that it makes basically EVERYTHING sound nicer. I'd like something similar, but obviously not identical, so the comparative technical pedigree of...
  10. Austin Morrow

    VSONIC GR07: Steal of the Century (Review)

    Removed until I post the updated review.
  11. esanthosh

    VSonic GR07: Exquisitely Balanced

    Disclaimer   This is my first review in head-fi. While I do own many IEMs, I'd say my observation capacity and analysis of sound signatures is certainly basic. Similar is the case with my 'audiophile vocabulary'. I've tried to use jargon, which I hope I have understood correctly - through...
  12. Alondite

    GR07 Seller?

    I'm looking into buying a pair of GR07s on ebay and there are two different sellers. One is www.earphone for $160 with free shipping, and the other is bigbargainonline for $170 + shipping.   Has anyone bought anything from either of these sellers? Are they reliable? Is there a better seller...
  13. Gossling

    CK10; GR07 -- Classical Music?

    I've been doing some research and the CK10 seems like it may suit my needs.  However, I have not found any opinions regarding their ability to reproduce "classical music" (orchestral, chamber, vocal, piano, etc.).  My primary concerns are timbral realism and imaging; not so much soundstage. ...
  14. mickcenary

    What would you say is the best affordable, portable amp to drive the GR07 and/or RE-626?

    Hey, guys. The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking to invest in both of the abovementioned sets in the near future and am curious as to which portable amp will tick the most boxes for the two. I'm thinking either the PA2V2 or the Fiio E11. Any other suggestions are welcome! Also, which...
  15. Alondite

    GR07 Worth Amping?

    I just got my pair of GR07s about a week ago, currently have about 50 hours on them and I am really, really impressed with how the sound is shaping up.   I have one question though: would it be worth it to buy a portable amp for them?   The reason I ask is because I'm noticing a pretty...
  16. deepanshu830

    RE262 VS CK10 VS GR07 VS DBA-02 VS TF10 VS FX700 which has more of a soul???

    I need an iem which should have more of a soul and convey emotions to me.I should feel strongly connected to music.
  17. r31t0

    Review: xcape impressive edition ( with some comparism to gr07)

      This is my review of the xcape impressive edition. Special thanks to Lendmeurears.com for the earphone sample. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to help :D     Accessories: The unit comes with a Shirt clip, S/M/L tips and a small round case to carry the iem around. The build...
  18. Berkovajazz

    VSonic GR-07 vs Westone UM3x

    I've read lot of posts and noticed that lot of people say that R-07 are quite similar to UM3x. Any opinions?
  19. MRiNiCK

    Headphones that has same sound as the VSonic GR07 or Ficher DBA-02

    So I got my dba-02 for a month and im loving it.however the fit isnt working out for me. Left side keeps coming off for some odd reason. but anyway Is there a headphone that has the same sounds as the GR07 or DBA-02. Looking for a price of 200$ Max. Thanks Also, Ins
  20. Alondite

    Lost the right channel in my GR07s...

    I've only had my GR07s for about 2 months. I don't abuse them, and already I've lost the right channel. I don't know how this happened, but I'm pretty pissed. What could have possibly caused this to happen so soon? Hopefully I can get them replaced.
  21. AstralStorm

    Upgrade from GR07

    Hello, I'm really looking for an upgrade from VSONIC GR07. If you've followed my eq curves, you'll know what I'm looking for signature wise, but here's the text: - more extension - lower subbass (<30 Hz), a lot more extreme high end (>=15kHz) - quite a bit more ~10kHz - somewhat less...
  22. JusticeForAll28

    Vsonic GR07 or Atrio Pro MG7??

    Ok... So i've done some mega research on these IEM's. Reading countless threads on each and I really can't make up my mind. Which is the best value for my money? Someone just give me a push in the right direction so I can pull the trigger and order tonight.   The things that worry me about...
  23. nkdi2211

    VSONIC GR07 vs. ATH-M50?

    Hey guys,  I have a M50 and I want to know how is the gr07 and m50 compared with each other.  I love my M50 by the way, the only thing that make me consider an IEM is the isolation. The M50 isolation is not good enough for me.  I ride the bus everyday and the M50 could not isolate the...
  24. AndImObama

    About to purchase VSonic GR07's.

    So I've heard great things about these IEM's. However, what I'm worried about is bass. Currently, my Klipsch S2i's have trouble replicating some songs, the bass becomes distorted. Does anyone know what the bass is like on these, and if I'll be disappointed when I drop $170 on them? They're...
  25. Alondite

    Looking for a pair of full-sized headphones to go with my GR07s

    So after putting it off for a long time, I'm finally ready to throw down the money for a good pair of full-sized headphones. Right now my primaries are my GR07s, which I absolutely love. I love their speedy, controlled, but punchy and full-bodied bass, as well as their overall balance and...