Review: xcape impressive edition ( with some comparism to gr07)
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Mar 15, 2009
This is my review of the xcape impressive edition. Special thanks to for the earphone sample. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to help :D
Accessories: The unit comes with a Shirt clip, S/M/L tips and a small round case to carry the iem around. The build quality of the case is superb and will be able to protect the iem extremely well. Its not too big and just nice. Unlike the xcape v1, the IE comes with the brand imprinted on the casing so no worries about losing the sticker. You can use de-cored shure olives or the sony hybrids with the iem. I’ll give it a 3.5/5 for this.
Build Quality: the driver casing is quite solidly built. The train relief does it’s job well and I don’t see it spoiling anytime soon. The wire is tangle free. The only worry is at the y splitter. Right after the splitter the wire becomes thinner but I guess it might be purposely build this way to prevent the wires from snapping out when bending. So far it has withstand abuse for the past one month and its going strong. For this I’ll give it a 4.5/5
Isolation: I must be lucky cause the supplied tip fit my ears perfectly. When I put on the IE, I got perfect isolation and can barely hear my surrounding. Compared to my gr07, the IE isolates more and the tiny body fits in the ear perfectly well. 5/5
Sound signature:
Out of the box 0 hour burn in: The sound is quite clear but the bass is a overpowering. Soundstage is small but the separation is good. Initial impression is good but with burn in it should become better. (3/5)
After 200 hours of burn in: WOW. The sound changed for the better. The bass is tighter and the bass presence is more obvious compared to the gr07. There is a good balance between quantity and quality with no bass bleed. The mid is luch and more forward compared to the gr07. Treble is there but might be overshadowed by the mids and the bass. To me it is quite a detailed iem but not as analytic as the gr07. Soundstage is above average after burn in. separation is one of the best especially at this price point, the positioning and imaging is good. Im not sure why but this iem is a little fatiguing, something which I don’t encounter with my gr07. Compared to the gr07, the music portrayed by the IE is more exciting and in your face while the gr07 is more mature. Its not a case of which one is better but rather which sond you prefer. Sound (4.5/5)
The IE is indeed a very exciting iem. The sound signature is different from the v1 and at this price point, its one of the best bang for buck iem out there. Compared to the gr07, its really a case of which sound signature you prefer. The IE reminds me of the hd-25
while the gr07 reminds me of the dt1350. Overall I’ll give this X-cape impressive edition a 4.5/5
pictures will be up soon!

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