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GR07 & SE425 - fun and listening ease - what say you?

  1. mickcenary
    The title pretty much covers it. I listen predominantly to Metal and so far, my Radius DDM has been mucho fantastico, purely for the fact that it makes basically EVERYTHING sound nicer. I'd like something similar, but obviously not identical, so the comparative technical pedigree of the GR07/SE425 has attracted me. I've heard that they're both non-fatiguing and enjoyable to listen to, despite being neutral 'phones.
    Anyway! Which set would you describe as being warmer and more bass-heavy? As I understand it, the Radius are pretty heavy on the bass, so I'm guessing that either set will initially seem thinner in that regard. Correct? I quite enjoy the bass levels of the DDM (I have it EQ'd with BBE through my Cowon J3), but I'm not opposed to a little less on that front. What I don't enjoy is over-sparkle and sibilance, as that can get quite grating with screechy guitar leads and crash cymbals. I also tend to listen to my music on the relatively loud side, most of the time.
    I'm leaning more towards the GR07 for the time being, largely due to the fact that I can get it a good $100AUD cheaper than the SE425 and that I find it more aesthetically appealing.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance [​IMG].
  2. Joe-Siow
    I had the fortune of trying both.
    Found SE425 too warm and soundstage was really not particularly impressive. It's a predominarily mids based IEM.
    The GR07 on the other hand was quite easy on the ears and for its price, it punches way above its weight. Sonically quite balanced through the spectrum and and quite neutral. I would not hesitate to recommend it to amyone.
  3. thaddeussmith
    i just got  my se425's yesterday and once I got everything fitted right they seem to be perfect for me. 30+ hours of usage should make them even better .. it's all about preference and how critical you really want/need to be.
  4. tomscy2000
    If you want an IEM with Radius DDM-style bass, the GR07 is the way to go. Although the R07 doesn't have the quantity of the bass present in the Radius, it's similar in that it is focused on bass layering and texture. The GR07 has probably some of the most textured and detailed bass around, the only other two IEMs that I've heard beat it on bass texture are the FX700 and the MD. The GR07 will sound bass light compared to the DDM, the FX700, and the MD, but that will be the only real 'disadvantage' in terms of the bass.
    Sibilance has been an issue with the GR07, although I've personally not had a big problem with it. It was quite present within the first 50 hours of burn-in, but has since gone away for the most part (although my DBA-02 is still better with sibilance control). If you have limited patience, however, you might want to consider something else.
    I haven't heard the SE425, but the SE420 didn't impress me at all. Basically, any Shure product that I've tried aside from the 530/535 has quite a bit of roll off on both ends. The GR07, by contrast, is very well-extended. The advantage of the Shure is that it has replaceable cables and is a bit more solidly build (but not by too much). Both IEMs will beat the Radius in terms of build and definitely in comfort.
    I am normally wary of the quality coming out of Chinese IEM companies, but the GR07 has truly impressed me as a package. It doesn't really lose out to anyone.
    With that being said, I'd recommend you try something BA-based, just to get a good contrast in terms of music presentation. Although it's not my personal favorite, the Westone 4 is a good buy, if you can get over the price.
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  5. mickcenary
    Woah. Much thanks for the replies, guys. I, too, have heard underwhelming things about Shure IEMs; conversely, the GR07 garners nothing but praise, so I think my decision has been made; the comparisons to the Radius are certainly encouraging. Additionally, as coincidence would have it, I'm off to Europe in a week and will be stopping off in Singapore both there and on the way back! A casual half an hour stroll from the hotel and I'll be on the doorstep of Lend Me Ur Ears' store [​IMG]. Nice one, universe.
    Thanks again!
  6. tomscy2000
    Well, in their defense, the Shure line isn't BAD, it's just overpriced IMO. The SE535, for one, is an excellent IEM, I just feel that the GR07 presents a much better value over the SE425. The GR07 has very few 'flaws', and although it's not a world beater in any single category, it is close to the best in most categories.
  7. mickcenary

    Awesome-o. Thanks for the heads up and apologies for my hasty and - for the most part - unfounded presumptions; I've no doubt Shure have some good 'phones on offer, but I don't have circa $400 to shell out - well, I do, but I don't particularly want to/deserve to.
    Any word on the build quality of the GR07? BQ is something I value pretty highly.
  8. tomscy2000
    I was pleasantly surprised by its build quality. It's easily one of the most solidly built IEMs from a Chinese manufacturer. No it's not pristine; there are some places where the polish to the build quality can be refined (this is where the Shure will outstrip the GR07), but it isn't serious and has nothing to do with how well they'll hold up under long-term use. Although it's not enclosed in metal, the plastic it uses strikes a good balance between light weight and solid build. The articulating nozzles are metal, however, and easily the best part about its ergonomics. The only real gripes about the build are the overly stiff strain reliefs. Other than that, they're excellent.
  9. mickcenary

    Good to hear! I've one more question for you, Tomscy and then I'll leave you alone for good: how's the over-the-ear stability and comfortability? I'm yet to dabble in over-the-ear IEMs, but I'm definitely open to it. The only thing, however, is that I wear reasonably thick-armed plastic fram glasses. Troublesome: yay or nay?
  10. dweaver
    I'll step in real quick about over ear and the GR07, guides make it easy to fit and they are a very comfortable IEM and I have glasses. Must now run as I have banned myself until I have all my reviews done :wink:.

    Happy listening
  11. tomscy2000
    I personally don't use ear guides with any of my IEMs and also wear glasses all the time. I personally don't have a problem with over-the-ear IEMs. I find that it makes cord management when on the go much easier; the only time an over-the-ear fit gets annoying is when you want to take them off suddenly, but I tend not to do that. I can't really imagine anyone having any type of problem with the GR07, fit-wise or sound-wise, other than the fact that it might not be 'exciting' enough for certain people and can be a bit sibilant for those sensitive to it.
  12. thaddeussmith

    the se425 is $299 with free 2-day shipping from headroom :wink:

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