1. E

    Cellphone Video/Audio

    The title of this thread covers a lot .... I am looking to use my cellphone (Galaxy S21) as a one-man-band cinema/audio device. I pretty much have the cinema part nailed with the incredible *mcpro24fps* software, which gives me pretty much absolute control over the camera variables. Audio is...
  2. P

    USB 3.1 Type C Will Change Our World

    This is more of a conversation starter. But I think that the Type-C spec of USB 3.1 will change the world of USB Audio. 20VDC at 5A available from a single port!? Designers of DACs and AMPs will have all that power at their fingertips. Can we get 10-15V rails in a USB powered Amp? With less...
  3. MoonAudio

    NEW Bryston BDP-1 USB Digital Music Player - Free Shipping

        Bryston BDP-1USB Digital Music Player   $1,795.00       Bryston BDP-1 USB Digital Music Player       Bryston BDP-1 USB Digital Music Player       Bryston BDP-1 USB Digital Music Player       $1,795.00 Bryston BDP-1USB Digital Music Player   The BDP-1USB is...
  4. T.F.O.A

    Mac Mini usb port

    Hi all, This is probably a stupid question, but i'm thinking of buying a mac mini and use it as a music server. Now the question here is, on the website it said that the usb port is usb 3.0 Does it work with usb 2.0 for audio transfer? Anybody uses the newest updated mac mini?
  5. kar1zma

    USB earth

    Will removing the earth (pin 4) from my USB cable which hooks up to my external sound card work as a solution for my digital noise/ground loop woes?   Also, is it safe to do so?   Many thanks :)
  6. knopi

    Casea Aquila USB audio Interface

    Prototype     and here it is     Based on XMOS XS1-L1 and SMSC USB3318 USB PHY USB 2.0 High Speed compliant Sampling rate up to 192kHz, resolution up to 24 bits Input USB B-Type connector Output S/PDIF (2xBNC / Fiber optic transmitter) Output I2S External master clock...
  7. limdongfi

    Let me send you a usb cable!(finished!!)

    Hi, guys. It's my first post and some present.    It started from a thread quarreling the sonic improvement of usb cable in an forum. I was also in the same situation before but found the improvement from the cable now I use. You can find its picture on my...
  8. JosephsART

    Why are USB S/PDIF interfaces so expensive?

    Hi Head-fiers, I'm a long time lurker first time poster, and this time my wallet is stumped!   I was hoping someone could kindly educate me about USB to S/PDIF interfaces.   I find that the Schiit Bifrost DAC is $450+ and houses a 24/192KHz C-Media CM6631 USB interface, so why would...
  9. hma101

    Android devices compatible with USB DAC Audio-out

    Hi,   I couldn't find such a list anywhere so I wanted to create a resource for people to post android devices that can run USB DAC. So far, I was able to get Nexus 7 tablet to run my Practical Devices XM6, and a cheap-o USB audio plug-and-play device. To do this, I had to:   Buy an OTG...
  10. phier

    length of usb cable

    Hello friends,     I purchased DAC - audioengine D1. My question is if its good idea to connect PC with DAC with 4 or 5m of USB cable. I was looking thru forum for good USB cable (price/quality) and find this oneNewnex USB 2.0 A-B Cable - 4m/13ft (UH2-2414) which is fully USB certified. ...
  11. EndersShadow

    USB DAC and seperate headphone amp OR combo USB DAC headphone amp

    I have a big dilemma on my hands. I am trying to get a good nice hi-fi setup for listening to lossless audio files. Without getting into the nitty gritty, I plan to use a min-itx computer as my source of totally lossless files as a standalone unit (i.e. no networking at all). I want to send the...
  12. leeperry

    Stello U3: async USB to coax & AES/EBU transport <Impressions updated>

    Hi guys, It seems that no one posted impressions about the brand new Stello U3 yet, so I'll give it a shot   I should state that I'm from team anti-purple prose, so I will happily discuss any technical aspect of this new transport and will also try to translate my real world impressions...
  13. asmileforyou

    USB Audio Interface Recommendation

    I've had for several years some Altec Lansing MX5021 2.1 speakers. They were quite nice and for me they were a best-buy at that time. Since I had felt that they could sound better with a dedicated sound card, I had bought an M-Audio Transit, USB powered audio interface. The difference was...
  14. Kurotetsu

    Passive Volume Control w/ USB DAC

    I'm moving from a sound card to a dedicated USB DAC. The DAC has no volume control and I'm using a pair of M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors. Controlling volume from Windows is a pain and adjusting the volume at the back of each is worse. I was considering a USB knob like the PowerMate one when I...
  15. ksvieb

    Android 4.1 FINALLY USB Audio

    Looks like golden times for audiophiles:   USB Audio USB audio output support allows hardware vendors to build hardware such as audio docks that interface with Android devices. This functionality is also exposed with the...
  16. jude

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Review : Affordable, Outstanding, Tiny DAC / Amp

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Review : Affordable, Outstanding, Tiny DAC / Amp   (above) The AudioQuest Dragonfly USB DAC/amp, uncapped, with its included drawstring carry pouch.     Is that a USB DAC/amp combo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? In the case of the new...
  17. 0sync0

    USB sound card hijacks all audio

    I just got a Asus Xonar U3 to get an idea of what Dolby Headphone is like. When I plug in the U3 Win 7 shows that my onboard optical out is still the output device. But with the U3 plugged in I can only get sound from the U3 despite what Win 7 shows.   Is there some way to get sound out of...
  18. NZtechfreak

    Android phones and USB DACs

    Wow, it was three years ago I started this post on Head-Fi about USB audio on Android...   I thought I would update the first post today to point to the post that contains all of the most up to date resources for this topic, from the fantastic and dedicated DanBa here. EDIT: Updated to DanBa's...
  19. bukujutsu

    Want to bypass hissing on laptop and maybe Galaxy S. USB sound card/DAC under $50?

    My IEMs are the Vsonic Gr06s. I definitely prefer a technical/analytical sound as opposed to warm sounding.I don't need an amp.    Any recomendations? 
  20. blackstar84

    USB headphone AMP with Android Phones, possible ???

    Is it possible to use USB amps with android phones ??? I think I Read somewhere that Ice cream sandwich does support it, but the phone I am going to buy have 2.3x Could any one confirm that ? usb would be the best since the sound chips in phones are not very I would prefer to have...
  21. HIRVI

    Headphones without soundcard

    Hello, My old headphones just broke so I am in need of new ones. The thing is that the headphones/set I am going to buy must have good positional audio since it is most used for gaming and I don't really use them for anything else. My budget is something like 150euros but I can extend it...
  22. trampicus

    USB Amp/DAC Recommendation

    I'm looking to get away from using the onboard soundcard an my PC and also from the horrible tinny speakers in my laptop. I'm thinking the best route to go would be would be a USB amp/DAC since i would be able to use the DAC to take an output from either my PC or laptop to my amp or use it as a...
  23. rahzim

    USB DAC recommendation????

    Hello,       So I just bought the minibox-ES for my ipad/laptop and it definitely improved the sound/quality of mp3's using my Etymotic ER4S IEM's.  Since I went with a standalone amp instead of the amp/dac combo, I'm now looking for a standalone dac to pair it with.  Do you think it's worth...
  24. 22906

    REVIEW: HRT HeadStreamer Asynchronous USB DAC/Amp

      HRT HeadStreamer Review   Introduction   The HeadStreamer by High Resolution Technologies (HRT) is a USB DAC/Amp combo device. It has one USB input and one 1/8" stereo output. The USB input accepts up to 24-bit 96 kHz audio. The device is powered from USB and has no external power...
  25. ohhgourami

    Thunderbolt interface?

    Seems that Thunderbolt is finally accessible to PC users now and I'm wondering if Thunderbolt will be the replacement for USB?  Thunderbolt itself delivers 10W of power, so would that also mean that products like the audio-gd DI and the Audiophilleo (Thunderbolt successors) would not require...