Jan 19, 2012
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    Headphone Inventory:
    HE-6, Beyerdynamic T5p, Momentum 2.0, PM-3. Stuff I used to have: HE-400, fully balanced Jaben-modded T5p, Ultrasone Ed8 and Sig Pro, Grado RS1i, W3000ANV, LCD2.2c, Polk Ultrafocus 8000, UE900, HD800, Grado GS1000i, Beyerdrynamic T1.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Auralic Vega, HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp, Apex Glacier DAC/amp, Oppo HA-2, Geek Out 450, Dragonfly 1.2
    Source Inventory:
    Desktop PC, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (via USB audio out)


    Headphones: HE-6, MHP1000, Ether C, Ether, T5p, FAD Pandora Hope VI, PM-3 SOON: ...LCD-4!  
    DAC/amps: Questyle CAS192D, Questyle CMA800R monoblocks, HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp (portable), Apex Glacier (portable), Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 (portable), Oppo HA-2 (portable), Chord Mojo, SOON: ...???
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