Headphone Inventory
Focal Utopia, HE-6, Pandora Hope VI
Stuff I used to have: HE-400, fully balanced Jaben-modded T5p, Ultrasone Ed8 and Sig Pro, Grado RS1i, W3000ANV, LCD2.2c, Polk Ultrafocus 8000, UE900, HD800, Grado GS1000i, Beyerdrynamic T1 and T5p, McIntosh MHP-1000, Ether C 1.1, Ether
Headphone Amp Inventory
Questyle CAS192d, CMA800R monoblocks, HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp, Dragonfly 1.2
Source Inventory
PC 9900k/RTX2080Ti, Huawei Mate 20X (via USB audio out)


Headphones: Abyss Phi TC, Focal Utopia, HE-6, FAD Pandora Hope VI, Sennheiser Momentum 3, Sony WH-1000XM3
DAC/amps: Questyle CAS192D, Questyle CMA800R monoblocks
Sources: PC 9900k/RTX 2080Ti, whatever Android phone currently has my attention
Speakers: JBL LSR305P MKII
Guitar rig: Variax Shuriken, Helix-LT