1. seeteeyou

    $74 USB Stick Mini PC + M2Tech hiFace Two

  2. benzoylmethyl

    Win! DAC that LOOKS like a vacuum tube No specs or anything listed, and very mixed reviews, but it do look cool.      
  3. hddoc

    E-MU 0204 USB: Damn, They've Done it Again! And for $129!!!

    Just when I was starting to consider the Grace m903...          USB 2.0 Audio Interface E-MU's new 0204 USB Audio Interface is the ultimate portable 2-in/4-out USB audio interface for PC and Mac, offering pristine...
  4. mrip541

    USB Dac and Windows volume control

    I recently read that you should max the volume in Windows (If your dac doesn't bypass it altogether) in order to get the full bitstream to your dac. I've been using my dac with the Windows volume at whatever level it happened to be at which is usually around 50%. So I gave it a shot with the...
  5. wolfetan44

    MacBook pro sound card

    Does the MacBookPro have a good sound card?
  6. Sergedc

    Volume difference between PCM 5.1 and AC3

    Hi,    I have a USB 5.1 sounds card based on CM108 chip which has a AC3/DTS internal hardware decoder. The sound card is HF-D1B.   When I play a movie, I have 2 options (using AC3filter): 1. Use AC3 encoder in AC3filter: the sound is encoded in AC3 format and passed on to...
  7. zachchen1996

    monoprice v augioquest and other "audiophile usb cables

    Sooner or later I'm going to have to build a desktop system with a dedicated Dac and the such. I will be needing a usb cable for the system to connect the computer to a usb to spdif converter. I was planning on ordering some usb cables from monoprice, then I started reading that many people had...
  8. A

    Any affordable, musical USB cables out there?

    I just purchased the iBasso D-Zero, and I would like to start trying to use the DAC part of it, so I would need some options on a USB-to-MiniUSB cable.  I understand that the included cable is actually not that bad, but I like choices. Can anyone recommend a musical, affordable...
  9. moonsetflies

    USB vs Optical vs Coaxial (w/ converter) for Mac w/ Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    Hello, I did a search on the forums and am having trouble finding much info. I have the Grant Fidelity tubeDAC-11, and I am wondering what is the best way to hook it up to a 2011 Mac Mini Server or 2008 Macbook Pro laptop?   I see a lot of people who have PC's on the forums are using a USB...
  10. jorts21

    Homemade Computer Speakers

    Hi, I have a pair of seven ohm bookshelf speakers and I wanted to turn them into computer speakers. The speakers need speaker wires to work and I wanted to terminate the two speakers to either USB or 3.5 mm headphone jack. What would be the best way to do this and drive the speakers at the same...
  11. Guest1212

    Portable USB Audio Interface

    Hello,   I am looking for a light-weight, portable, USB audio interface for my laptop. I need an interface that can handle playback of large (50 tracks +) midi files, using Kontakt as a software sampler and Sonar as a Sequencer. I would prefer to keep the cost at $500 or under but want the...
  12. D

    TAS1020B vs Tenor 7022L USB.....Which is Better?

    As the title states, which USB is better TAS or Tenor???    
  13. bleudeciel16

    Need explanation of SPDIF vs USB vs COAX

    I'm considering buying the Schiit Bifrost.  The USB addon is $100 extra.   So... the point of using an external DAC is to get it outside of the noisy pc case, right?  So through the usb, you get un-touched un-altered pure sound.  Right?   so, if you use spdif, that comes from either the...
  14. Misconstruction

    Can two DACs interfere with each other?

    I did a search and my problem didn't come up. However i figure with all the expertise present in these forums, somebody might have an answer...   I recently got an NAD amplifier with a MDC DAC built into it. It sounded great running from my laptop via USB.   When i'm on the move i use a...
  15. MattTCG

    **Help finding RCA/usb high quality cables**

    I've finally switched over to a dedicated amp and dac. I've always had a combo unit until now. I need the following:   *a very short, say 1.5 ft, rca cable   *a 3-6 ft. thick usb cable   I want high quality flexible cables. It would be nice if they were the same brand to give a nice...
  16. hitmanx

    Bladelius USB DAC?

    Hi, apologize if there are existing threads about Bladelius USB DAC, but I could hardly find any reviews here from searching.   To me, it's a quite portable, well designed and manufactured DAC, its portability is clearly what I'm after. But also, I want a asynchronous USB DAC that could be a...
  17. fonesgonewild

    Stereo-link USB DAC

    Just curious that using the USB DACs with amps would improve the music quality over the soundcard mini out. Some say that USB ones don't benefit as much, that just using amps directly from the soundcard can do better. As I was searching, most of the head-fiers prefer to use the DACs with...
  18. HedsFi

    Where oh where is my Headstage USB DAC Stick? (link to main thread)

    Hi   I've started a thread over on the Computer Audio section of the forum that may be of interest to some of the Headstage Arrow amp owners, who like me, ordered a USB DAC Stick many, many, many months ago...   Cheers   clicky
  19. HedsFi

    Where oh where is my Headstage USB DAC Stick?

    Hi   long time lurker first time poster (so go easy on the noob!)   I've searched the forum for other threads on this subject without any luck, so thought I best roll up my sleeves and get stuck in.     Ok, in Sept 2010 I ordered an Arrow amp and USB DAC stick from Headstage...
  20. KimChee

    Upgrade to Fiio E10

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for a usb DAC/amp that is an upgrade to the E10 that I can listen to music on my computer.  Ive been reading through a lot of threads but not really sure what to get.  Preferrably under $200, less is better.  Thanks.
  21. supra1988t

    Loss of dynamics through optical out on desktop, help please

    I have been using an iBasso D10 Cobra as a USB DAC and recently discovered my computer has an optical audio out and have heard that optical is almost always > USB.  When hooked up this way I do notice it sounds "airy'er" with more separation around the instruments however I am having major...
  22. CB3874

    Transparent Audio USB vs Cardas Clear USB vs Audioquest Carbon USB

    Hello,   I'm currently using a 0.75 meters Audioquest Carbon USB cable to connect my Apogee Duet 2 to my iMac. This cable is a huge improvement over the stock Apogee USB cable. The soundstage sounds wider with no clutter and clearer. I need to get a longer cable to tidy up my desk space so...

    M2Tech HiFace 2?

    I was surprised nobody seemed to have mentioned this yet. According to the information, the unit supports USB Audio 2.0 so is supported out of the box.  ASIO is also supported and you Linux guys are in luck also.   Is anybody here interested in this?
  24. CB3874

    cheaper alternative to the Vaunix USB Hub?

    Hello,   Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to the Vaunix USB Hub?   Thanks!   CB
  25. CB3874

    NAS device suggestion

    Hello,   Can someone recommend a NAS drive that has USB ports? I had a ED MyBook Live that took forever to copy & paste media to and was buggy?   Thanks !   CB