1. Zelda

    REVIEW: SoundMagic HP200

    REVIEW: SoundMagic HP200 Short Intro: SoundMagic (SM) is already very well known in the audio gear market as a company that usually provides very nice sounding products for an affordable price. The old PL30 in-ear model was one of the most praised, and the newer E10 and E30 were well awarded...
  2. ostewart

    SoundMAGIC HP100/HP150 Review and Impressions Thread

    SoundMAGIC HP100 review   I would like to thank tony at soundmagic for asking me to review their First full size circumaural headphone, and I must say they have done a very good job.   I will try and write as honest a review as possible, and any opinions expressed are my own and others may...
  3. postrock

    Compact Portable Headphone Roundup (16 Phones including PortaPro, PX-100 II, V-Jays, Tracks, K430, and more)

    Introduction We seem to be in a “golden age” in terms of the number of good sounding, lightweight, portable headphones that are available on the market. Portable music players and digital music files have become the norm. And for many, such as me, IEM headphones are just not an option. In this...
  4. zilla7777

    Should I look at Etymotic hf5's, or something else?

    Hey guys,   I've been lurking for a fair while here, and have been in desperate search of some decent IEM's. What I was wondering is, what are peoples thoughts on the Etymotic hf5's? They seem to be the price range I am looking for, but I am concerned they may be a little lacking on the low...
  5. isaacsultan

    Budget IEM's, Please Help

      I am looking for in ear headphones that cost under $80 but still have good sound quality, a comfortable fit and are not going to break to easily.    I don't really care about mic's or volume controllers.   I have heard good things about the Sound Magic E10 and the Klipsch S4. Which...
  6. mystvearn

    Need reccomendation/short list of IEM's with wired controller/mic use with sgs2 <£70

    Most great earphones do not have controls. The choices are quite limited. Things which I have found so far (not short list) - Sony MDREX38I - NOCS NS400 (not sure if it does work with the sgs2). Works with apple products. No mic, has 3 button remote - Soundmagic E10 - Altec Lansing...
  7. Markery

    Are Soundmagic PL21's from legitimate?   That's pretty much the only vendor for the PL21's, but I've heard mixed thoughts on Focalprice so I wanted to make sure that...
  8. thanboiha

    Soundmagic pl 50 (with fiio e5) or headdirect re2 (with fiio e5)

    Hello guys im new here but i have been reading the forum as a guest for quite sometime and i have decided to buy a new pair of iems. At the same price i have an option of soundmagic pl 50 and headdirect re2. at sound quality, which one will be better? plz help...
  9. psweeting

    Anyone ever bought from... I'm after some Phonek silicon tips for my PFE122's and came across this website but saw the price of the Soundmagic A10 and am tempted by that. I guess I'm pretty secure if using Paypal but any feedback would be great.
  10. Austin Morrow

    Sleek & Powerful: Audinst AMP-HP (Review)

      Audinst is mostly known for there wonderful HUD-MX1 DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) & headphone amp. Everybody loved it because of the performance to price ratio, and still serves as a very good budget recommendation even today at under $200. Recently, Audinst released another product...
  11. jomarr

    Best earbuds for $50 or less?

    Good day, I'm new here and honestly I'm a noob with earphones and sound quality. I am finding earphones (with that price range). I really like balanced sounds. Clean bass not boomy.. Would you guys please suggest some products for me? I was THIS close on getting beats but a lot of Audiophiles...
  12. kiler

    SoundMAGIC EH11 Review

      Introduction – I would like to begin this review by saying thanks to Michael from Soundmagic for making this review possible. As you may already know, Soundmagic is no unknown brand to audiophiles who are on a budget.  This company success goes way back, beginning with the success of the...
  13. ab123

    Someone recommend me some earphones to get

    Hi everyone!   Can someone recommend me some earphones between £15-£30? I'll be using them quite a lot so they need to last, and they need to have be good at noise isolation, also they need to be comfortable and in ear, earphones. I listen to pop, RnB, rap if that helps.   I've looked at...
  14. scuttle

    If you REALLY like the FX67, is there an obvious upgrade to buy?

    I'm one of those people - like Katun - who REALLY like the sound the 67 makes. More than my Ety HF5s in my case. This is probably a pointless and masochistic question, as well as an expensive one, but given the above - and that I'm using a Cowon J3 and listening mostly to FLAC high bit rate Ogg...
  15. challapradyumna

    Sony MDR E11 OR Soundmagic P11

    I am trying to get buy my first earphones cuz the earphones that came with my sansa clip plus just broke and also i dont want to spend a fortune on earphones. I narrowed it to the Sony MDR E11 and Soundmagic P11. I guess thy dont qualify into quality earphones but still Which one is better and...
  16. failexander

    Best in-ear earphones priced at £45 or less.

    Hi.   My in-ear earphones just broke and I need a new pair. I bought the Sennheiser CX 300 II which I was very satisfied with, but since they broke I figured I'd try a new pair.   Which is the best pair priced at £45 or less? I will primarily be using them for music and/or phone...
  17. keanex

    [Review] SoundMagic E30, A Great Budget IEM For the Bass Lover

              SoundMagic E30, A Great Budget IEM For the Bass Lover This review is written from the perspective of the E30 stock, no external amp or DAC, to give readers an idea of what to expect if they buy these without an amp/DAC. I wanted to thank Tony at SoundMagic for the...
  18. jaybz

    Looking for a portable amp to use with a DBA-02 + Cowon J3 that's around $100 or less

    Hi, Head-Fiers.  I'm currently looking to replace my FIIO E5 with something better and also more durable for use during commutes.  My E5's output jack is no longer properly connected to the circuit board so I figured it's time to upgrade.  I also own an RE0 and a SoundMagic PL20 as backup so...
  19. MetaLicca

    Best Amp for Around $100?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 428's (my first pair of "audiophile" headphones), and now I'm looking to get a portable amp to go with it. I know absolutely nothing about amps right now, as I just recently started getting into high quality audio. I was wondering though...
  20. FER18

    soundmagic pl18

    What do you think of this earbuds? are they similiar in sound quality to de pl30?  
  21. ljokerl

    Review: Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p - Pretty in Red

    Competing against the likes of the Sennheiser PX200-II and Soundmagic P20, the DTX 300 p is Beyer's new mid-range closed ultraportable. There is no doubt that Beyer can make a great-sounding headphone but the new 300 p is Beyer's cheapest ever over-the-head set. What does one of head-fi's most...
  22. popcorn

    HeadRoom AirHead, SoundMAGIC A10 OR FiiO E7?

        Newbie here looked at budjet portable amp, narrowing it down now to:     HeadRoom AirHead, SoundMAGIC A10 or FiiO E7   this is to go with AKG K240-MKII headphones   Thanks for your help everyone.....   (alternative amps welcome)
  23. WakiDabeast

    Fio e5 vs Srs

    Which fio portable amp is best and which is best for Srs iPhone "amps". Are they even amps Or just an eq modifier I know the fiio is an amp but wat is the difference with that and the Srs "amp"
  24. lorriman

    FYI: pure_tone UK ebay seller of soundmagic (PL50 &PL30)

    For those interested. When I was looking around for where to buy some soundmagic IEMs I found pure_tone on ebay selling at a discount to amazon. So I emailed soudmagic to find out if pure_tone was bonafide. Soundmagic replied and it turns out that pure_tone is an official seller. So there you...
  25. psgarcha92

    Soundmagic or Fischer earhooks for RE0

    Hey Guys, I've been using my RE0s Over-The-Ear style, and i am afraid that it might be straining the wire, and want to get Earhooks for that reason (i walk alot wearing my RE0s). i saw those Audeo Phonak Ear Guides, but the Fischer Earguides and SoundMagic Earguides are readily available and...