1. SoundMagic E90C

    SoundMagic E90C

    More information here
  2. H

    Soundmagic E50 vs E80 for more bass?

    Hey guys! I'm now trying to decide between buying a Soundmagic E50 or E80, but mixed reviews are making me confused: in short, I prefer stronger bass as opposed to a neutral sound, but some reviews says the E50 as more bass, others say the E80 does, and I don't know who to believe. Anyone who...
  3. H

    SoundMAGIC ES30 experience?

    Hi! In search for a new bass-focused budget IEM, the Soundmagic ES30 caught my attention for just 12€, but searching for reviews lead me nowhere, but reviews of the different E30. Does anyone have/had the ES30? How do they sound for the price?
  4. H

    Best sub-$50 IEM for VR Gaming

    Hello There! I'm currently looking to buy a wired IEM to use with a Quest 2 VR Headset, mainly for Beat Saber, so music performance(especially EDM and pop) is important, alongside a secure fit and minimal cable noise. My budget isn't really high, $50 tops, and I'm in Europe, so choices are...
  5. R

    Soundmagic A30i VS Apple Lightning to MiniJack ?

    hi everyone, i want to buy a Soundmagic A30i portable dac, and i dont know if its worth buying when comparing to the apple lightinng to mini jack. anyone compared the two, how the soundmagic sounds compared to the stock apple dac ? thank you very much.
  6. SoundMAGIC P23BT

    SoundMAGIC P23BT

    Features & details 🎧 Super Stable Connection: Equipped with Qualcomm Chip QCC3034, Bluetooth 5.0, more stable transmission, lower power consumption, more stable signal, making the wireless connection faster and stronger. 🎧 Amazing Stereo Hi-Fi Sound: 40mm high quality dynamic drivers deliver you...
  7. SoundMAGIC TWS30

    SoundMAGIC TWS30

  8. SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    The SoundMAGIC A30 features a powerful A30 Amplifier that unleashes the true potential and performance of your high-end headphone. Allowing you to experience clearer sound with a great amount of detail and audio separation. So if you are looking for the high-quality sonic experience this might...
  9. SoundMAGIC HP1000

    SoundMAGIC HP1000

  10. Brave Heart

    Soundmagic E11 - my first review

    I have long used this forum as a source of recommendation when buying new headphones, so I guess that it's about time that I gave something back! I am surprised that there has been no discussion here about these, as the E10 model earned rave reviews and is considered by many to be one of the...
  11. B

    KOSS KSC75 vs Soundmagic E10C

    I am in a need for a new daily driver after I lost my E10Cs a few days ago and I've heard quite a bit of good things about the Koss but how do they compare to the E10Cs. I liked them well enough for outside stuff because of the decent sound and reasonable price. The Koss cost less and supposedly...
  12. R

    SoundMAGIC ST80 - The purpose of utility

    I’ve rarely heard about SoundMagic pushing the boundaries regarding technology but in the same breath I can say that I have never been disappointed with any of their mid or high end products. I’ve lately come across a very interesting product which is the ST80 by SoundMagic. Besides the cool...
  13. Dobrescu George

    SoundMagic P22BT Portable Wireless Headphones On-Ear Discussion and Reviews

    I am making a thread about those headphones, I am a reviewer who will review them, but not affiliated with Soundmagic or anyone else. They can currently be found here, although they should become available in other places as well...
  14. SoundMagic P22BT

    SoundMagic P22BT

    To enable high fidelity sound, the drivers of the P22BT have been tuned for a dark and warm sound concentrating on a deep and pleasing bass response with balanced midrange and distinct instrumental separation. It is a feat of engineering of SoundMAGIC to achieve sound of this degree in such an...
  15. R

    For the ones that love music but are not sure where to start

    For years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing music. I have been able to take on multiple headphones, earphones and speakers and I have been able to experience truly wonderful things. From noise isolation to cancellation; from basic headphones to 7.1 surround sound :ksc75smile::o2smile...
  16. S

    Question about Soundmagic, the HP151 and HP150, and their return policy

    Hello, Do you think that if I buy the soundmagic HP150 from Amazon then find out that I like the DT770's sound better, I can return the headphone even if the brand is not well known (amongst the general public I mean) ? In the Soundmagic's website, they say that the sole difference between the...
  17. Daniel750

    Xiaomi Mi A1 Post December 31st Oreo Update Sound Quality

    Hey Guys, Thanks for your time here. Umm..... So, I bought the Xiaomi Mi A1 to drive with my headphones, primarily the SoundMagic E80 (no microphone) and the Creative Aurvana Live. So, the E80 is really really clear sound. And that part is really important for me. The previous driver (phone) I...
  18. Mustainized

    Soundmagic E80s vs Havi B3 Pro I

    Hello everyone, I was using my Havi with my Fiio X3 2nd Gen and I was really happy at all. Both of them are real beasts in their own ways. But my Havi iems are cracked quite a long time ago (actually just two weeks after I bought) and I started to tape them but it's getting closer to die at some...
  19. A

    Soundmagic E10Cs vs M6 Pro vs Beyer Byrons vs...

    Hey everyone So I'm looking for a pair of ~$65 CAD~ (minor flexibility) IEMS. I just bought a pair of Sennheiser 598Cs for at-home listening, so these will be for my commutes/gym/studying at uni. Here's a list of the IEMs I've been interested in, any recommendations from you guys would be...
  20. SoundMAGIC US

    SoundMAGIC Canada Pop-Up Shop and Demo Event - Saturday April 23, 2016 from 11am-4pm, Ontario Canada

    Nexus International and Summit Hi-Fi are excited to host our first ever pop-up shop and listening event. Come try some awesome headphones and earphones from SoundMAGIC. Also available are gear from such brands as FiiO, Emotiva, and ELAC.   On top of getting to demo some gear, it is a great...
  21. nmatheis

    SoundMAGIC VENTO P55 US & Canada Review Tours

      Hello Head-Fi community,   Being a happy SoundMAGIC HP200 owner, I was quite excited to see the recent VENTO teaser. Thanks to @SoundMAGIC US, @hakushondaimao and I will be kicking off parallel US & Canadian tours for the SoundMAGIC VENTO P55 On-Ear Headphones in December, giving several...
  22. SoundMAGIC EU

    Introducing the Vento P55 On-Ear Headphones

                                              SoundMAGIC have today announced their first premium portable headphone, the Vento P55 On-Ear. Best known for their award-winning E10S earphones, the Shenzen-based company celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2015. Founded by lead designer Tony Xu...
  23. SoundMAGIC EU

    SoundMAGIC Vento Speculation/Discussion Thread   Speculate away...
  24. SoundMAGIC EU

    UK Head-Fi'ers - Do you want to see a new, mystery SoundMAGIC product?

          SoundMAGIC are looking for Head-Fi users in the UK to review a new, mystery product. This product, being launched later in the year is set to cause serious disruption in the headphone market, and SoundMAGIC want an exclusive group of UK Head-Fi users to get a sneak peak before launch...
  25. Gary Lau

    SoundMAGIC release E50S and E80S In-Ear Reference Series

    Thanks for the client’s love and support for E10. To extend the successful and awards* of E10, SoundMAGIC has based on this successful model to further develop E50S and E80S in 2015. They are imbued with SoundMAGIC on acoustic know-how.   SoundMAGIC E50S and E80S which is now available for...