Xiaomi Mi A1 Post December 31st Oreo Update Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Daniel750, Jan 3, 2018.
  1. Daniel750
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your time here.

    Umm..... So, I bought the Xiaomi Mi A1 to drive with my headphones, primarily the SoundMagic E80 (no microphone) and the Creative Aurvana Live. So, the E80 is really really clear sound. And that part is really important for me. The previous driver (phone) I used to own was a Vivo smartphone, and it was complete and utter crap. It was really nice upgrading to the A1.

    So, some of my friends are talking about a reduction in the clarity of the music after the oreo update that it received in December. He uses the same phone with a SoundMagic E10 and listens mostly to instrumentals like Piano Guys or Lindsey Stirling et al. I am rather scared of because of what he said. If my audio quality goes down, I would not upgrade to oreo. On the other hand, I would not like to miss on the subsequent upgrades either. And I cannot use his phone as a reference to check for myself because he lives in another city.

    Can any knowledgeable person in this forum with some insight into the matter confirm me to any extent regarding this issue? Thank you very much.


    For reference, there is no particular genre that I adhere to, so we're ranging from dubstep, dance, to rock, to classical, to fusion, even some prog rock and even eastern classical. So, it's like most of what is out there except perhaps hiphop or rap.
  2. m00ndancer
    Just got the Mi A1 and updated the phone to get the LDAC support (using a MDR-1000x when I'm traveling). I think your friend experienced a placebo effect. Unless you can do blind-test A/B you can't really be sure. I tested my Mi A1 before the update using my Sony MDR-1A and my MDR-1000x (powered on with cable) and I can't tell any difference. I do have the same eclectic music taste as you. If I compare the Mi A1 with my Moto Z Play, I prefer the sound from the Mi A1, the Moto is a bit lifeless and harsh. When I tested my now dead Nexus 5x with the Moto Z play I had a similar experience.
    The Mi A1 can even power my hard to drive Sennheiser ZERO game headset (Can't use them any more, other than as Voip headset. Sounds terrible). If I compare the sound on the MDR-1000x with cable or with LDAC on the Mi A1 I can't tell any difference, not an obvious one anyway.
  3. nunomeneses
    What about Xiaomi Mi A1 vs player like Sony NW-A35? cabled or using LDAC

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