1. E

    SHP9500 vs. K701/K702 vs. AD900/ADG1X vs. AD700X

    Hi everyone! Which of these 5 headphones/headsets are the best for FPS competitive gaming? - AKG K701 - AKG K702 - Philips SHP9500 - AD900X/ADG1X (have been in talks with Audio Technica and ADG1X is confirmed to be a AD900X with a microphone attached to it. :) - AD700X (edited) I don't mind...
  2. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana settings and a question regarding DSD

    Hi. I configured my A+ SoX settings using people's settings from across the internet. But there's one thing none of them mentioned: The delta-sigma DSD filter type (the one with letters and order (eg. A (5th order))). 1) What is the best delta-sigma filter setting? Does it do anything drastic...
  3. R

    Are bluetooth headsets today able to to do stereo sound and microphone communication simultaneously?

    It seems I can only post here. I have a bluetooth headset and when I play games with it, it can either produce stereo sound or allow microphone use, but cannot do them both at the same time. I found this post:
  4. I

    Question about the OneOdio A70

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking of buying the OneOdio A70, but it'd have to ship from very far away and the shipping costs are a little high. The OneOdio A70 has a feature where you can use a wire to plug it into another headphone, my question is, can this connect only to another OneOdio or to...
  5. Peter Z

    How should I route my setup?

    Hi! I just received my ESP-95X, which is a fantastic pair of electrostatic cans powered by an energizer with a 3.5mm input and only one RCA input, which is problematic. It's problematic because I have two sources--a turntable and a Schiit Modi 2 Uber, both of which produce RCA outputs. Why not...
  6. solfanger

    amp/dac questions+recommendation

    hello everyone i am fairly new to the audio world and i am looking for an desktop amp/dac combo with a remote i looked around a bunch and just found topping stuff and thier low end ones have some issues from what i read anyone have any recommendation maybe some smaller companies or less known...
  7. Olafcx

    Questions about digital coax/optical

    Hi I use a mojo as a portable DAC. Unfortunately for some reason it's breaking down crazy fast and the micro USB input won't last much longer. Durability is awful. Got an early model I think. USB needs to be angled just right and even then I need to put a lot of force on it for it to not...
  8. Pinkomeno

    New to remixing, any help?

    So I've been lately on doing some remixes, like 20 or so but never actually get to end them. Not until this last one:!Wbg03Yaa!7rYT_cwdllbQ7rOLW4rGppZ1R2oBpM3yrRyBW3j84l0 So my question is: what do you think of it? P.S.: I know I could just upload the file to Head-Fi but it...
  9. kofa

    NVX XPT100 - how to fit replacement earpads?

    Hi, I've bought a pair of replacement ComfortMax angled earpads. How do I install them? I thought they'd come with the plastic 'ring' (more of an oval) that I can just install by twisting the old earpads off, put the new ones in place, then twist them to lock in place; but these are just the...
  10. JustASnack

    Is it safe to leave my portable headphone amp plugged in?

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this. I couldn't figure if there was anywhere better. I've recently purchased a used Oppo HA-2 for use at my office desktop and for when travelling. Considering that plugging into a PC for audio input also charges the device, would it be wise to leave...
  11. JustASnack

    Does lowering DAC volume compress music?

    My hypothesis is this: Let's say that my DAC normally outputs a signal which can reach a maximum voltage of 3 volts. This way, I understand that the DAC 'represents' the signal's dynamic range with a bandwidth of 3 volts. Now I lower the volume of the DAC (either through hardware or software)...
  12. ionite

    LEAR BD4.2 vs Shure SE846? +1 'subwoofer' or +2 Dynamic?

    As title suggests, wondering if anyone owns both pairs and can comment on how they compare. Lear Audio's BD4.2 (Custom) and Shure's SE846 (Universal) Pricepoints are similar and they both have got their special thing going for the bass. Shure's got their 'true subwoofer' driver and the BD4.2...
  13. Z

    Closed/ Resolved: How to tell sound signature from relative response graphs (in db) for iem's?

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to identify the sound signature from the relative response graphs. Both graphs are for iem's produced by the same company and same product line. I'm essentially looking for a bass elevated iem with relatively good mids and highs. Can anyone kindly help in...
  14. ClementNerma

    What makes the price of a DAP?

    (I don't know if this is the right place for such a thread, if not feel free to move it) So, today I was looking for great DAP in the sub-300$ range, and I ran into a review about the Cowon Plenue V which stated it was using a CS43131 chip (a DAC + amp combo). As written in this same review...
  15. nitrokojote

    Can't find how to edit or create my signature. Help.

    Hey there, I joined this forum a while back but I've mostly lurked, now I've been wanting to post more, but I can't seem to find the options for editing my signature. I can only edit the "about author" page. There any reason why this doesn't work for me? Thanks!
  16. fredsun925

    Open back headphones around $400?

    Hello, I'm looking forward to buying an open-back headphone, and I can't decide which one to buy. I have listened to the sr325e and I really like them due to very clear mids and treble. I do not like the Sennheiser headphones because they do sound a bit "boring". The HE400i is on sale at a...
  17. Thenewbie76

    Why and 'how' do people use digital audio players?

    Ok so I just went to a local audiophile store in Singapore. I noticed while I was trying out their headphones A LOT of people were trying out their digital audio players. The only thing I can guess why people use digital audio players is that they have a better DAC and would most likely be able...
  18. Hicamajig

    Schiit Questions

    Currently looking for a new stack as my desktop one both has major interference and has started pushing my headphone jack out of itself making for a great excuse to get some new gear. I currently have a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 SRs which I have heard are very easy to power but might be picking...
  19. Warder45

    ATH-M50 Upgrade Question

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a common question. I've had 2 M50's for years and love them (one for home and one for work). I've cut wool socks to cover the ear pads for extra comfort and longevity. With the holidays coming up I've been trying to think of gifts and started wondering about an...
  20. theaudiologist


    Hey there. I have a linux distro called nitrux OS running on my Macbook pro (based off ubuntu with KDE Plasma home). so one day I connect my external hard drive to my computer, and listen through ANY music player and NOTHING comes out. on deadbeef, i have to resample to 48khz max to be able to...
  21. RayTrace77

    Asus Essense STX II 7.1 Line-Out question

    Hi Everyone, I got an Asus Essense STX II card and can't find any information regarding the RCA out, I want to connect it to a Little Dot MK II using Phono - Phono cables but I'm aware you shouldn't connect an already amplified source to another device than can amplify again. I've searched...
  22. D

    Computer settings for headphones

    Hello, I'm new to DACs, AMPs, and headphones... to things like equalizers, configurations and all kinds of settings. What I own are: Hifiman He-400i DAC/AMP: Herus Plus Wires: Impact SE Headphone Cable - 3.5mm Mono I have concerns about my He-400i. In that i'm not sure if i am getting the...
  23. Daniel750

    Xiaomi Mi A1 Post December 31st Oreo Update Sound Quality

    Hey Guys, Thanks for your time here. Umm..... So, I bought the Xiaomi Mi A1 to drive with my headphones, primarily the SoundMagic E80 (no microphone) and the Creative Aurvana Live. So, the E80 is really really clear sound. And that part is really important for me. The previous driver (phone) I...
  24. FelixAr

    Uproar wireless, T450BT or something else (30usd)

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to ask about what headphones should I buy, but I don't know what of those two, to pick. The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless or the JBL T450BT. I listen some electronic music, so bass and clarity are my priority here (I also hear some rock, so clarity should...
  25. gaiastar

    Audirvana 3 and windows alternative ,help

    hi under macos ,i use Audirvana 3 and the output is really amazing i 'm not sure, maybe are my ears ,but it sounds better then other players is it true? are their encoder/decoders? and is there a windows alternative ? i use foobar ,but it doesn't play like Audirvana 3 thanks